The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 438

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It had been showing in Seacisco the past few months. Today, however, was a rare sunny day.

Hand in hand, Janet and Brandon made their way down the carpet covered with white rose petals. The whole wedding venue was decorated with white roses and lilies of the valley. As soon as they got out of the car, they felt as though they had stepped foot inside a sea of flowers. The whole place was filled with the sweet floral fragrance.

With her head slightly lowered, Janet held Brandon’s hand tightly. Everyone immediately turned to look in her direction, as they were curious to see who had won the heart of Brandon, one of the richest golden bachelors of Seacisco

“Who is she? She’s gorgeous!”

“I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere, but I can’t remember exactly.”

“I think she hit the headlines recently. Isn’t she an Internet influencer or something like that?”

All the guests discussed their theories amongst themselves, curious about Brandon’s bride.

The Lind family was by no means prominent in Seacisco. It was normal that the upper class had no idea who Janet was.

They only knew the successful Brandon Larson-not Ethan Lester, an illegitimate child who had once made his vows in a church wearing a cheap suit.

Brandon, on the other hand, led Janet to the priest, with their friends standing beside them.

Laney, Tiffany, and Gerda were Janet’s bridesmaids.

Laney in a dress was a rare sight. She was a petite girl, and the light blue bridesmaid’s dress made her look gentle and lovely.

Tiffany, on the other hand, was like a wild rose on the steep cliff. Even the elegant light blue long dress couldn’t dampen her charm. Many of the male guests couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

Lastly, there was Gerda. She held the bridesmaid’s bouquet happily, grinning from ear to ear. The only problem was that she had been eating a lot lately. After gaining an extra ten pounds, her bridesmaid dress was nearly ripping at the seams.

On the other side of the priest was the groom’s wedding party: Garrett, Frank, and Sean.

Sean had burst into tears. He felt so lucky to be Brandon’s best man. He could boast about it for the rest of his life.

Then, the priest began the ceremony.

When Janet said “I do”, Brandon’s heart skipped a beat.

He took out the ring he had prepared.

“Is that the ring I bought in the department store before? When did you take it off my finger?” When Janet first saw the two simple wedding rings in the counter in the department store, she had taken a liking to them. Seeing it in Brandon’s hand now, she felt moved. She had thought that he would dislike them since they were two ordinary rings.

“Let me put it on you,” Brandon said softly. A gentle smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

Last night, he had secretly taken it off Janet’s finger when she was fast asleep.

Today, she was probably too nervous to notice it was missing.

Brandon carefully slipped the diamond ring on her finger again. He swore to himself that he would never let Janet leave him again.

After they recited their vows, the crowd burst into thunderous applause.

The sudden marriage of the Larson Group’s CEO had caused a sensation in the upper-class circle of Seacisco. All the major media outlets were there and snapped countless photos of the newly-weds.

Except for the notorious Lind family and the Lester family, the vast majority of the nobles in Seacisco had come, whereas the Turner family had declined the wedding invitation.

During the wedding, many guests approached to give gifts and congratulations.

Most of them were strangers to Janet. Talking to them tuckered her out. Her weary eyes looked around the venue and finally, she saw a familiar figure in the distance.

With a gift in his hand, Kent was leaning against a table, sipping some champagne leisurely. His cheeks were slightly flushed from the alcohol.

He was looking back at Janet with mixed feelings. He wanted to say something, but stopped on second thought.