The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 439

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It had been a long time since Kent tried pursuing pretty women.

A few days ago, he and his old friends got together at a nightclub. When he mentioned his plight, they recommended that he see a doctor.

Only Kent knew that his lost s****l drive was because of his anxiety.

Today, he had been to represent his family at the wedding.

The wedding of the Larson Group’s CEO was by no means a small event and had caused quite the sensation in Seacisco.

That was to be expected. After all, given Brandon’s wealth, it was only natural that countless rich people wanted their daughter to marry him.

Kent had no idea what Brandon looked like. He came here today to socialize with other wealthy families and to satisfy his curiosity about this man. He had even prepared an excellent jade antique as a wedding present.

When he saw the groom clearly, he was shocked. It turned out that Brandon Larson was Janet’s poor husband Ethan.

And the bride was none other than Janet herself. Seeing this, Kent grew depressed and was in no mood to socialize.

He drank glass after glass of champagne, trying to s*****w his anger.

During the whole ceremony, he was in a bad mood.

He knew that after today, it’d be even more difficult for him to alleviate his anxiety.

“Mr. Larson, congratulations!” When Janet and Brandon came over to thank the guests for coming, Kent forced a faint smile.

Brandon nodded, looking at Kent calmly. He clinked glasses with him and said with a somewhat smug smile. “Thank you, Mr. Perkins.”.

Janet, on the other hand, stood beside him quietly and took a sip of her wine. Given the occasion, she didn’t have anything else to say to Kent anyway.

Just then, Garrett dragged Laney over to propose a toast to the couple. Laney was not a talkative person, nor did she have many girl friends. When she approached Janet, she simply lowered her head apologetically. “I’m sorry again for lying to you. What can I do to make things up to you?”

Seeing the desperate look on Laney’s face, Janet chuckled gently.

Last time, she was so angry that she had lost her mind.

But now, she had obviously already forgiven Ethan. As a result, her anger towards Laney had also diminished.

“Oh, just let bygones be bygones. You work for my husband; you were just doing your job. I should be the one saying sorry. I was angry at the time and I said some hurtful things. Please don’t take it to heart.” With a bright smile, Janet whispered, “Friends?”

Laney’s eyes lit up instantly. The two clinked glasses and downed their drinks. At this moment, silence was better than speech.

After mingling for a while, Janet caught a glimpse of an old woman with grey hair sitting at a table.

“Ethan, why didn’t you tell me that Hannah was here?” Janet scolded, making a beeline for the old woman.

It was the first time that Hannah had been to such a luxurious and extravagant place. She was even amazed by the tall hedges which were taller than her.

She had never seen such a grand scene in all her years. She didn’t know much about Ethan’s true identity. She only overheard the guests saying the groom was the CEO of the Larson Group.

Hannah didn’t know what that meant, but she could tell that Janet had married a very rich and powerful man.

“Janet, did Ethan win the lottery? Why does he suddenly own a mansion? And the car by the gate looks so expensive!” Hannah reached for Janet’s hand nervously.

Her confusion was warranted. After all, how could an ordinary young man become rich and powerful overnight?

Janet was at a loss as to how she should answer Hannah’s questions. “I’ll explain everything later,” she said helplessly.

Tears welled up in Hannah’s eyes and she smiled wistfully. “All sufferings end in rewards.”

Then she sighed again, murmuring, “But rich families are trouble. Be careful, Janet.”

On the one hand, she was happy for Janet, and on the other hand, she was worried about her.

Hannah used to work as a servant for those wealthy families. As an outsider in the background, she could see the conflicts, deceptions, and entanglements in those families.

“Hannah, don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” Janet said with a reassuring smile.