The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 44


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Thinking the client was unhappy, Janet quickly sent a message. “I’ll finish the design. I promise. I’ve brought my laptop to the hospital. You don’t have to give me an extra day. I’ll finish it today, I promise.”

Rich Party A replied, “I don’t need it for the time being. Don’t worry. You’ll still get the payment.”

Janet clapped her hands excitedly as her heart swelled with gratitude. She quickly typed, “I’m grateful and moved. You’re the best client in the world!”

Ethan turned off his phone and walked into the bathroom, holding his clothes.

A small smile stretched across his lips as he recalled what happened in the living room.

It was Friday, and the weather was relatively hotter and humid. It felt as if the entire city was set ablaze. Everyone was sweating profusely, and the scent of sunscreen wafted in the air.

After work, Janet took the bus back home. She gazed out the window, listening to music and watching the scenes whizzing past. Suddenly, her ringtone blared, interrupting the music.

She looked at the phone: It was a call from the hospital. Her heart tightened.

“Hello, Miss Lind. We are speaking from the municipal hospital. Hannah Stone is on the top of the waiting list for liver transplantation now. Please arrange the expenses for the operation as soon as possible. We can perform the surgery as soon as we find a suitable liver for her.”

It was the best news she had heard in a long time. Janet wanted to scream with joy. “Okay, okay. Thank you. Thank you so much!” Janet hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

Hannah had been waiting for the transplant for a long time. It was finally happening. Janet prayed for Hannah to find a suitable donor and get better.

Now, all she needed to do was arrange the money. Fiona owed her a large sum anyway for marrying Ethan in place of her daughter.

The next day, Janet went to the Lind family’s villa again.

“What the h**l are you doing? If you break into the house again, I’ll call the police!” The maid tried her best to drive Janet out.

“I’m here to see Fiona. Let me in!” Janet tried breaking into the house.

“They haven’t come back yet! Get out of here! Or I’ll call the police!” The maid stood by the door like a human shield.

Janet sneered and pointed at the window upstairs. “Do you think I’m an idiot? I saw through the window. Fiona is right inside, walking around.”

Fiona didn’t even bother hiding when she wanted to deceive Janet. Perhaps she thought Janet was a fool, whom she could easily deceive.

Sound of laughter and the muffled voices of Fiona and Bernie came from the house. The maid rolled her eyes to hide her guilt and tried shutting the door. “They’re not here. Is something wrong with your ears? If you don’t leave right now, I’ll ask the security guards to drive you away!”

Janet quickly hurried to the door. Her heart sank with dejection.

It looked like Fiona didn’t even bother to lie or come up with an excuse this time. Now that Janet was married to Ethan and her plan had succeeded, she didn’t feel the need to pay her anymore.

“No. I’m going to wait right here. You go in and tell them if they don’t give me the money today, I’ll tell Ethan that Fiona asked me to marry him in place of her daughter Jocelyn, and this wedding was a hoax. Ethan was supposed to marry Jocelyn in the first place. If he knows the truth, he won’t spare Fiona for deceiving him. If I can’t get the money, I’ll make sure she doesn’t live a peaceful life either.”


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