The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 443

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The Lester family broke into an uproar.

Brandon had invited all the influential, wealthy people in Seacisco to his wedding, except the Lester family.

When Elissa went to play cards with her friends, her fellow wealthy ladies mocked her, saying the Larson Group didn’t respect the Lester family.

Although Lester Silk Fabric and the Larson Group were rivals, Patrick still wanted to make peace and ensure the development of the two companies. If Lester Silk Fabric and the Larson Group joined hands, they would undoubtedly monopolize the economic lifeline of Seacisco.

However, Brandon’s enigmatic personality irked him. Although the Lester family belonged to the wealthiest strata of society, they never interacted with Brandon. They didn’t even know what he looked like.

“How come Brandon got married all of a sudden? I haven’t even heard of him being in love with anyone before.” Elisa grunted angrily and took a sip of the tea. Her nose scrunched up with disgust as the horrible taste spread in her mouth.

Ritchie slept all morning and finally woke up in the afternoon. He went downstairs, yawning, and turned on the TV in the living room.

“Why do you care about Brandon? Our Lester family is in no way inferior to him. His invitation means nothing to us.”

Ritchie scoffed disdainfully as he sat on the sofa, cross-legged.

“You don’t understand. Brandon has invited all the famous people in Seacisco except our Lester family. You have no idea how those b*****s insulted me while playing cards. They want to defeat me in everything, so those ladies took the opportunity to mock me by talking about his wedding the whole time. It was horrible!” Elissa was fuming with rage.

She glanced at the entertainment news on the TV. Suddenly, her face turned pale, and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Seeing the horror in his mother’s eyes, Ritchie also turned to look at the TV.

“Mom? What happened? D**n it!”

They were broadcasting Brandon’s wedding on TV. However, the couple getting married was the coward Ethan and his humble wife.

Just then, Patrick came downstairs. He was equally shocked. He stared at the TV with wide eyes.

“Oh my God! It’s Ethan.” Patrick couldn’t believe his eyes.

He repeated the words over and over again as he stared at the TV.

No two people in the world would look this alike. Brandon was none other than Ethan.

No one would have thought that a loser like Ethan would establish a business empire like the Larson Group, which was as powerful as the Lester family, and become a successful CEO. Nobody had a clue about his secret life.

Elissa couldn’t deal with, the shock. She didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, Patrick was here; she couldn’t even show her resentment. She turned. around and winked at her son, secretly expressing her feelings.

Patrick picked up the newspaper on the table and unfolded it. A slow smile emerged on his face. “This boy amazes me.”

Looking at Ethan’s achievements, Patrick realized he was more smart and outstanding than his eldest son, Seth Lester, who was in charge of a branch company of the Lester family in a different city.

Patrick regretted kicking Ethan out of the family. It had been a hasty decision. If he had known Ethan’s potential, he would have never asked him to leave.

Elissa’s heart sank when she saw the smile on Patrick’s face.

She should have k****d that boy when she still could. Ethan was wealthier and more influential than the Lester family now. He wouldn’t bother acquiring their property, for his assets surpassed theirs. She couldn’t bear to watch him, an illegitimate child, grow right before her eyes.

“D**n it!” Ritchie angrily stomped his foot.

He threw the remote and stormed out of the room.

Elissa followed him out to the garden. “Things have gotten out of hand. We should get rid of Ethan!”

Ritchie’s head throbbed. He looked at Elissa and scoffed. “Do you think he is still a loser whom we could mess around and get away with it? He is now Brandon Larson — the CEO of the Larson Group!”

“So what? Just because Ethan has another identity, doesn’t mean we should just give up. The Larson Group and the Lester family are enemies. The only solution is to get rid of Ethan.” Elissa fisted her palms as anger coursed through her veins.