The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 444

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After a week, Ethan and Janet returned from Europe.

Seacisco had grown quite warm by then.

As soon as the two of them stepped foot outside the airport, countless reporters swarmed around them.

“Mr. Larson, when did you and your wife fall for each other?”

“Why was your wedding so out-of-the-blue? Are you two expecting a child?”

“May I know what Mrs. Larson does? Our source said that she’s an employee of your company. Was it an office romance?”

The reporters bombarded them with a barrage of questions.

Covering half of Janet’s face with the scarf, Ethan held her in his arms protectively. His cold gaze swept across the sea of reporters and he didn’t say a word.

Perhaps it was because Ethan’s face was bone-chillingly cold that the reporters didn’t dare to ask any scandalous questions.

When they made it home from the airport, Janet couldn’t hold her curiosity at bay any longer. “Ethan, I noticed that although our marriage is a trending topic, all the media’s reports on me are simple and objective. They were never judgmental with me. Did you put any pressure on the media?”

Ethan put his suitcase down and began to sort out the luggage. “It’s their job to report the truth. I just reminded them that.”

With a sweet smile on her face, Janet suddenly walked over and threw her arms around Ethan’s neck. “Honey, I want to go back to work.”

While she had already resigned from the Larson Group, she hadn’t found a new job yet.

And she had no plans of becoming a full-time housewife.

Ethan’s heart instantly softened when Janet called him honey.

He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “What do you mean? You want your job back? Or do you want me to support your search for another job?”

Swirling her finger on his chest a few times, Janet said in a pouty tone, “I don’t want to go back; I don’t want to work for you either.”

In a word, she didn’t want to rely on him.

Ethan understood what she meant. He pondered for a while. “In the design industry in Seacisco, the biggest and the best two companies are the Larson Group and the Lester Silk Fabric. You can’t join Lester Silk Fabric of course.”

He held Janet even tighter and said possessively, “You’re not leaving Seacisco either. I refuse to be in a long-distance relationship.”

Leaning against Ethan’s chest, Janet smiled and said, “Then give me advice.”

A thought occurred to Ethan and he suggested that Janet open her own studio. With his help, she didn’t need to worry about reputation or clients.

But she didn’t think she was experienced enough to be an independent designer, nor did she want to rely on Ethan to develop her career.

So she decided to talk to Tiffany about it


Tiffany was surprised when Janet came to her for help.

After all, Janet was already the Mrs. Larson. Tiffany doubted there was anything in this world Brandon couldn’t give to her.

“Wait until I get off work. I still work for your husband, remember? I can’t just sneak out and have dinner with you,” Tiffany whined jokingly on the phone.

She was a professional and drew a firm line between work and personal affairs, a line she refused to cross.

“Okay. I’ve booked a table in the French restaurant downstairs. Focus on your work first. I’ll see you later,” Janet said with a smile.

After tidying up at home, Janet headed to the restaurant and waited patiently for Tiffany.

When she and Ethan had visited Paris, she fell in love with French cuisine.

Just as she was scanning the menu and thinking about what to order, a voice interrupted her thoughts.

Try the foie gras. This restaurant is known for it. I myself find it the most delicious dish in the whole world.”

The woman’s voice was lively and crisp, sounding very youthful.

When Janet looked up, her eyes met that of a beautiful girl in a white dress. She had long, dark hair that hung over her shoulders. Her outfit and accessories were all from designer brands, and she was carrying two Hermes shopping bags. The Cartier necklace resting on her clavicle twinkled brightly.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Janet smiled politely. “I’m sorry, Miss. I don’t think we’ve met.”

Who I am is none of your business. Are you Janet, Brandon’s wife, from the news?”