The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 445

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What an arrogant tone!

The girl standing before Janet was indeed beautiful, but her voice dripped with arrogance and contempt.

Janet put the menu down and rested her chin on her hand. “Yes, I’m Janet. If you want something from me, at least tell me your name. Otherwise, I won’t know how to address you.”

The girl pursed her lips and raised her chin slightly. “Heard of Mooney Mart? It’s a national chain supermarket owned by my family. Other than the famous Lester family and the Larson Group, our company is the biggest and most well-known.”


This girl was too silly.

She had given Janet so much information—but still not her name.

Janet’s smile faded away. “I’ve heard of Mooney Mart, but I still don’t know your name, Miss.”

“I’m… I’m Cindy Mooney of course!” Cindy didn’t like Janet’s expression. Was she mocking her?

No one in the world dared to mock her, the daughter of the Mooney family.

Janet smiled again and turned to the waiter. “Foie gras, please. Good for two people.”

Noticing that Janet seemed completely disinterested in her, Cindy asked bluntly, “May I sit with you?”

Without waiting for an answer, she plopped down on the seat opposite Janet.

It was clear that she still had a sense of superiority as she stared at Janet with disdain.

“You’re Brandon Larson’s wife. What’re you wearing? Your clothes look very cheap.” Cindy shook her head and clicked her tongue in disgust. She didn’t think her words were impolite at all because in her household, she grew up saying whatever she wanted to say. “There are dozens of popular families in Seacisco, but I’ve never heard of the Lind family. What’s your background, Janet? How did you meet Brandon?”

Janet shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She didn’t know the woman sitting across her that well, nor did it look like Cindy had anything to do with Brandon. Despite this, Cindy brazenly interrogated Janet.

Judging from her words and tone of voice, Cindy seemed to be saying that Janet was too ordinary to be with a man like Brandon.

Not wanting to waste her breath on her, Janet said dismissively, “] have no reason to answer you, Miss Mooney. Thank you for your dish recommendation, but if there’s nothing else, please leave now. I’m expecting a friend.”

Cindy didn’t give a d**n. She firmly believed it was fate that she ran into Janet today. No media outlet would reveal Janet’s. specific identity, shrouding Brandon’s wife behind a veil of mystery.

“Cancel on your friend and have dinner with me today. Tell me, how long have you been with Brandon? And how did you get him to fall in love with you?” Cindy asked persistently.

Sometimes even the servants who worked for her family couldn’t stand her, let alone Janet, who didn’t even know her.

I don’t talk nonsense to annoy others, or maybe it’s because I’m more beautiful than most women,” Janet answered in a casual tone, mirroring Cindy’s arrogant manner.