The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 446

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“Excuse me, but who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that?!” Cindy instantly flew into a rage from the humiliation.

She sneered and looked Janet up and down carefully.

Well, even she had to admit that Janet was indeed a very beautiful woman. Her skin was fair and delicate, and her features were refined. She could’ve drawn anyone’s attention with her eye-catching beauty.

Cindy bit her lower lip and her eyes flashed with anger.

The girl sitting opposite her was arrogant and annoying, but she hadn’t gone too far yet. She was clearly another rich princess spoiled by her family, so Janet didn’t want to waste her breath and argue with her anymore.

But Cindy had taken Tiffany’s seat. Where would Tiffany sit when she arrived?

Thinking about this, Janet glanced at her phone to check the time. It was time for Tiffany to get off work.

“Oh, hello. Who’s this? Did you invite someone else to dinner?” Speaking of the devil, Tiffany approached their table and looked at Cindy questioningly.

Janet looked at Cindy and said impatiently, “Miss Mooney, my friend is here. Can you go now?”

When Cindy saw the domineering woman standing next to Janet, she snorted with disdain, gathered her things, and left in a huff.

Janet’s eyes flickered with annoyance as she watched the girl leave.

Tiffany put down her bag, took off her coat, and sat on the seat Cindy had been sitting on just moments earlier. “What’s wrong? What happened? Who was that girl?”

Making sure that Cindy had left the restaurant, Janet told Tiffany how the girl had provoked her for no reason.

“Oh, I see how it is. Initially, you were married to Ethan Lester-an ordinary, unknown man. But now, you’re married to Brandon. Larson, the CEO of Larson Group. Do you know how intimidating this title is? Brandon is young, promising, and rich. Many rich families have tried to get him to marry their daughters, but he was too aloof. He showed no interest in being with anyone, nor did. he show any interest in getting married. All the women who hoped to marry him eventually had to give up.” After such a lengthy explanation, Tiffany found herself thirsty. She gulped down a glass of water and then continued, “Yet now, he announced out of the blue that he’s married, and his wife is not from a prominent family. It’s unheard of-it’s like breaking the barrier between social classes. Naturally, those rich families feel that they’ve been robbed by you.

Janet sighed. “It was stupid of Cindy to outright provoke me, and I can deal with a small fly like her. But, my worry is that she’s not the last one. I think I’ll encounter a lot of similar situations in the future.”

Tiffany smiled at her knowingly. “It’s good that you know that. Since you can’t change your fate, you have to learn to embrace it.”

With knitted brows, Janet rested her chin in one hand and mulled over things carefully.

After a long while, she finally said, “Ethan— I mean Brandon has announced to the public that I’m his wife, but they don’t seem to be okay with it. Because Brandon is an excellent man, people think he should’ve married someone from the same social status. Now that he’s married to me, an ordinary woman, everyone’s in disbelief. I guess I can see where they’re coming from. It’s true that I don’t deserve Brandon in terms of social rank’. But I can’t change where I came from.’’