The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 451

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Janet averted her gaze hesitantly, not knowing what to say.

Her first instinct was to doubt it. She scared that she’d only be disappointed if it turned out that they weren’t res related.

But this was the closest she had ever gotten to find her real parents.

“O… Okay.”

In the end, she had no reason to refuse. Ever since she had cut off all ties with the Lind family, she only had one person left in the world that she considered family-Hannah. She had been hoping she could find her biological parents.

Of course, the rich ladies had overheard their conversation.

Surprise, shock, and embarrassment were written all over their faces.

How could this be?

The plain charity party had unfolded so dramatically.

The rich ladies quickly looked away awkwardly, knowing full well that they had just been insulting Janet moments earlier.

No one dared to say even one more word.

They had all mocked Janet for being born into a low status, but now, it was revealed that she might be the daughter of the White family.

“Wonderful! I’ll book an appointment at the hospital soon. Give me your number, Janet. I’ll call you as soon as it’s settled.” Johanna’s face lit up with undisguised joy and excitement. She couldn’t even take her eyes off of Janet.

What a beautiful girl! She had liked Janet ever since she first saw her on TV. After chatting for a while, she started to feel sorry for the girl.

The way Janet talked about her foster parents was very cautious yet gloomy. It was clear that the Lind family didn’t treat her well.

“I’ll call my husband as soon as I get back. He’ll definitely be thrilled!” Johanna added with a bright smile, clutching her purse tightly.

Janet couldn’t help but reciprocate her excitement. She immediately looked around the hall, searching for Ethan.


Ethan had been talking shop with a businessman that had just arrived. As soon as he turned his head, he found that Janet was gone.

Luckily, Ethan was a tall man who stood a head above the crowd. It didn’t take long for him to spot the petite figure at the other end of the hall.

Ethan strode over to her and pulled her into his arms in a warm embrace. Nibbling her earlobe playfully, he asked, “What’re you up to, Miss? Want me to accompany you?”

As he spoke, he buried his face in her neck. As he breathed in her scent, he was a bit turned on, and his hand wandered to her lower back.

Janet instantly blushed. They were in a public place!

She gently pushed him away and said with a giggle, “Stop it! Anyway, there’s something I wanted to tell you.”

Seeing that Janet’s eyes were slightly teary, Ethan’s expression darkened. “Who bullied you?”

Janet shook her head and said seriously, “Ethan, I may have found my biological parents.”

She then told him the whole story.

If it turned out to be true, then of course Ethan would be happy for her…

“It sounds a little too good to be true,” he said after thinking about it for a while. “But if it was Mrs. White who brought it up, it could be true. She wouldn’t prank you. The White family is just as powerful as the Larson family used to be, so she shouldn’t have any ulterior motives. I suppose there’s nothing we can do but wait for the results of the paternity test.”