The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 459

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Lila leaned against the door, trying to listen in.

Hearing the raucous laughter downstairs, she grew even angrier. She threw herself on the bed and tears fell out of her eyes again.

In the past two days, there had already been a lot of news about Janet.

Some news outlets even compared her with Janet.

There was gossip saying that she was not as beautiful as Janet. Some even accused her of stealing Janet’s life.

“Why me?” More tears streamed down Lila’s face. She threw her phone onto the ground, her eyes wide open and furious. She wanted nothing else but to grab hold of Janet’s neck and strangle her.

A few days ago, she was still the only daughter of the rich and powerful White family in Barnes, but now she suddenly had turned into some sort of imposter.

Lila couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She was extremely unwilling to accept it. She even began to believe that what Johanna and Beal did was extremely unfair to her.

They announced to the world that Janet was their biological daughter. Obviously, this was a huge insult to her.

Lila’s phone then rang.

It happened to be a call from one of her best friends.

“What’s going on? Who’s that Janet girl? Why did you suddenly become your family’s adopted daughter?”

Lila had a splitting headache and shouted angrily at the phone, “Stop yammering about Janet! Just hearing her name makes me very angry!”

“So the matter’s true. Where are you right now? Are you at the White’s house, or your biological parents’ home?” It seemed like her best friend only cared about Lila’s status.

Lila almost became crazy. She learned straight from Johanna that her biological parents were just ordinary people. She had been treated well by the White couple for so many years. It was impossible for her to go back to her real parents and live a hard life!

“Don’t worry about it. My dad and mom said that I’m very much still their daughter.” Lila smiled awkwardly and lied through her teeth.

She knew clearly that even if she stayed in the White family shamelessly, she would only be an adopted daughter. She was no longer the legitimate daughter of the White family and staying due to that would be very embarrassing indeed.

According to the sounds downstairs these days, she figured out that Beal and Johanna treated Janet very well.

Her best friend tried telling her words of comfort over the phone. “That’s really great. Your parents must be tolerant of you.”

Are they?

If they were really tolerant, they wouldn’t have taken Janet back and let Janet take away everything that was truly hers.

Thinking about this, Lila felt that it was extremely unfair to her. She resented that God was unfair toward her. At first, He gave her the identity of the daughter of a rich family that everyone envied, but suddenly took it all back.

She hung up the phone with a downcast expression on her face and cried for several days in her room. She cried at night deliberately. The noise of the party downstairs in the daytime was so loud that even if she cried aloud, nobody would be able to hear her.

However, though she had been crying for a few days straight, no one came to see her except the servants who came to deliver her something to eat every day.

Lila had a feeling that if she did nothing but cry, she would be forgotten by Beal and Johanna pretty soon. She finally calmed herself down and began to think about her next plan of action.

Lila would never go back to live a hard life with her biological parents. That was why she decided to stay with the White family. After all, she had a close relationship with Beal and Johanna for over 20 years, which Janet didn’t have.

Furthermore, she had been well educated since she was a child, so she must be much better at her demeanor than Janet. She could still win Beal and Johanna’s love back. It would only be a matter of time before they saw the light.