The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 46

This Is My Husband

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Janet propped her cheek on her palm and looked at her paycheck with a worried look. Although she had just received her salary, it was just a drop in the bucket for Hannah’s surgery.

“You just got your paycheck today. Why do you still look unhappy?” her colleague asked, frowning. One look at Janet told her that she was upset. “Would you like to have a barbecue with me tonight?”

Janet shook her head, smiling. “How about next time? I have plans tonight.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.” The colleague smiled and took her bag to leave.

Janet slowly packed up her laptop. When she was about to leave, someone patted her back.

It was Christopher. He was dressed in a brown wind breaker, looking fresh and pristine. He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling with delight.

“Ready to go? How about I walk you to the bus stop? What’s wrong? You look upset. Having trouble at work?”

Janet clasped the straps of her backpack and smiled. “No, I was just thinking about something. By the way, Chris, are you free tonight? I just got my paycheck today and was thinking of taking you out for dinner.” She had already promised to take Christopher out, so she planned to invite him for dinner.

She didn’t have enough money for Hannah’s operation, anyway. Spending money on a meal didn’t seem like a big deal. After all, she had to return his favor.

“Yeah. I came across a new western restaurant. I want to give it a try,” Christopher suggested, feeling both surprised and flattered.

He pressed the elevator button. As the door closed, he examined her face and asked, “Is the man who picked you up last time your boyfriend?”

This question had been lingering in his mind ever since he saw Janet with Ethan. Even though he seemed hesitant to question her, he wanted to find an opportunity to find out about Ethan.

Perhaps the man was her cousin, friend, or relative. After all, he didn’t look like the type Janet would date.

The man looked like a beast and didn’t seem like the right match for her.

“You saw him the other day?” Janet looked at him, hesitant to reveal their relationship. “That man is…”

Just as she wondered whether to tell the truth or not, her phone rang.

“Sorry, I have to answer this call.”

Janet quickly walked out of the elevator and headed to the bathroom. “What’s up?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“When will you come back? I’m hungry,” Ethan said. Janet could picture him lying on the sofa, frowning.

“There are sandwiches in the fridge. Have them first.”

After a moment’s thought, Janet felt that since she was married to Ethan now, she had to tell him that she was going to have dinner with another man. “I’m taking Christopher out for dinner to pay back his favor last time. I might be a little late.”

The man remained silent for a while. “You’re not even sure if he was the one who helped you. Why do you have to pay him back?” he asked coldly.

Janet bit her lip. “But I’ve already invited him. It wouldn’t be nice to cancel the plan all of a sudden.”

She heard the rustling of clothes. Then, Ethan spoke, “I’ll come with you. Which restaurant?”

After telling him the restaurant’s name, Janet walked back to Christopher. “Let’s go.” They passed two streets and arrived at the opulent western restaurant.

“Well, I guess someone is going to join us for dinner. I’m sorry, Chris,” Janet stuttered as they reached the door of the restaurant.

“It doesn’t matter.” Although Christopher sounded relaxed, he immediately figured out the situation. “Is it a male or a female friend?” he asked, trying to sound relaxed.

When Janet was about to answer him, she saw Ethan standing outside the restaurant.

The setting sun cast a golden hue on his towering frame, outlining his features.

‘Wow! He has arrived soon.’

Christopher followed her gaze and saw a tall man with broad shoulders wearing a vintage black jacket. He looked like a mature man with fortitude yet seemed arrogant at the same time. His eye-catching features made Christopher gulp with insecurity.

“This is my husband, Ethan. This is Christopher… I mentioned him over the phone,” Janet said as she awkwardly walked to Ethan.

Christopher’s eyes widened; his jaw dropped in horror. “What? When did you get married?”

He couldn’t help but look Ethan up and down, who was also staring at him. It was, after all, a matter of self-esteem between the two men.

Janet broke into a cold sweat. She forced a smile, trying to hide her fear because Ethan’s sharp gaze was fixed on Christopher. He looked unhappy.

He put one arm around Janet’s shoulder, suppressing his anger. “Haven’t you told others that you’re married and have a husband?” he asked in a low voice.


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