The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 461

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Janet had just returned to the White family home. Johanna didn’t want her to go back to Seacisco so soon, so she vehemently insisted that Janet stay in Barnes.

“I’m going back to the company for work tomorrow. If you’re bored, you can go shopping with Lila. She has many friends in Barnes. This is the supplementary card of my credit card. You can buy whatever you’d like.” Before Johanna made her way to the company, she gave a card to Janet to use as she pleased.

“Thank you but no, I can’t accept this. You have bought me innumerable things.” Janet felt embarrassed to accept such a grand gesture.

Johanna pressed the card into Janet’s hand and hugged her again, feeling reluctant to leave. “You’re being too polite with me. Well, I really have to go now. I’ll give you two the time to bond with each other today.”

Lila was positively green with the jealousy that consumed every fiber of her being. She had been longing for a supplementary card for as long as she could remember. However, no matter what methods she tried to employ, Johanna didn’t agree to it. Now Janet had made little to no effort yet she was gifted the card. How could Lila not envy her?

Lila had a catch-up date with her best friends to enjoy afternoon tea. She had no desire whatsoever to take Janet along with her. However, since Johanna had asked her specifically to do so, she had no choice but to let Janet tag along.

The place they patronized was a restaurant in a five-star hotel. The desserts of this hotel were well-known, which made it a popular place for many wealthy ladies to spend their leisure time.

“Lila! You’re finally here! Do you know how long have we been waiting for you?” As soon as Lila and Janet entered the restaurant, a woman in a s**y slip dress with leopard print pattern stood up and waved to beckon them over.

Lila quickly walked over and kissed the woman on the cheeks. She smiled and asked, “What made you stay abroad so long?”

When the woman was about to speak, she saw Janet standing behind Lila. She raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Who is this? Why don’t you introduce her to us?”

Lila took a glance at Janet. She walked behind her and introduced her to her best friends, “This is my sister, Janet White. You must have heard of her in the newspapers.”

Of course, these women knew full well who Janet was. They had read the news about her in the newspaper over and over again.

Lila led Janet to their seats to sit down.

The young ladies made conversations with Janet from time to time about some mind-numbingly boring topics.

From these conversations, Janet could tell that these young ladies were all from rich families and had no ambition to strive to make progress. They lived a comfortable life and were waiting for their parents to arrange husbands for them in the future.

As for Lila, she only took a swivel-chair job in White Group for formality purposes. As for whether she went to work or not, that was wholly up to her mood.

Lila and her best friends kept talking about luxury, designer brands and entertainment. Janet couldn’t get a word in edgeways, nor did she have an interest in joining their superficial chat.

“Janet, I heard that you came from Seacisco. It’s one of the most developed cities in the country. Are there any interesting places in particular in your opinion?” A short-haired woman suddenly changed the topic.

However, before Janet could say anything, Lila cut in, “Janet grew up in the Lind family in Seacisco. But my mother tells me that the Lind family is declining and that it can’t even be considered a wealthy family any longer. Besides, Janet had been raised in the countryside by an old maid when she was young. Before she came here, she was an ordinary employee in a company. I don’t think she knows much about Seacisco.”

Lila’s best friends were daughters of plutocrats. They all had studied abroad, so they naturally looked down upon Janet who came from a small town.

After chatting for approximately ten minutes, they realized that Janet and they were not in the same social rank. They didn’t talk to her anymore and deliberately alienated her from the rest of their conversation.

Janet felt unbothered by their behavior. Originally, she didn’t like to spend time with these ladies in any event. Since no one talked to her, she just sat quietly and enjoyed the tea and desserts.

“How about we go to the Hermes store? Just now, the saleslady told me that the new bags I ordered the last time was finally here and available now.” After the afternoon tea, these rich ladies got to their feet with the plan to go to the shopping mall.

Janet didn’t move. She looked at the colorful macaroons on the table and said, “The desserts here are simply scrumptious. I would like to spend more time here. I will pack some for Mrs. White later.”

Lila and her friends didn’t want to take Janet with them in the first place. Now that Janet requested to stay, it was just what they wanted and suited them absolutely perfectly.

Janet spent the whole afternoon in the restaurant. When it was almost time for dinner, she went home with desserts packed up.

After that, when Lila asked her to go shopping and have a meal with her friends, Janet refused her suggestion firmly.

Johanna felt strange. When she came back home from work these days, she saw Janet staying at home and not going anywhere to socialize.

On the other hand, Lila didn’t return home until midnight.

One day, when Lila came back from the bar, she bumped into Johanna who was in the kitchen to get herself some water.

“Why have you come home so late yet again? Where is Janet? Didn’t you take her with you?”

Upon hearing what Johanna said, Lila’s eyes filled to the brim with tears and threatened to overflow. She glanced at Johanna and said nothing.

Johanna frowned slightly, “Lila, what’s the matter?”

“Mom, you made it sound like I am the one in the wrong. Janet is at home. I ask her to go out for fun with me, but she refuses every single time.”

She spoke as if she had been completely wronged by her mother. She continued, “Mom, I always have this gut feeling that Janet doesn’t like me very much.”