The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 462

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Johanna looked into Lila’s eyes meaningfully.

“I could see that Janet was quite nice to you. Did you happen to misunderstand her?”

Lila felt wronged right then. “I have no idea what happened. My best friends and I went shopping together with her. We treated her very considerately. I don’t know why that happened.”

Johanna knew Lila very well. Though she was a little spoiled, with regard to morals, Johanna thought she and Beal had taught her a great deal.

“Well, it’s getting late, why not go upstairs and have a rest first? I’ll deal with this matter.” Johanna didn’t bother asking any more questions. She decided she would talk to Janet first.

The next morning, when Janet woke up, the servants were preparing breakfast in the kitchen. In Seacisco, she had the habit of getting up early in the morning.

Johanna returned to the house from a morning run outside. Sweat was pouring off her body. The habit of morning exercise gave her a perfect figure even though she was nearly fifty years old.

“Good morning, Mrs. White.” When Janet saw Johanna walk in, she nodded at her.

Even though Johanna and Beal were her biological parents, Janet still felt a little awkward around them and could not make herself call them Mom and Dad for now.

“Mom” and “Dad” were both unfamiliar and awkward phrases to her still. When she lived with the Lind family, she seldom called Bernie and Fiona Dad and Mom.

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Johanna was startled. “I’m not your boss, why are you still calling me “Mrs. White”?”

She then glanced over at the empty table, covered her stomach with her hands, and winked at Janet. “Breakfast has yet to be served. Why don’t we go to the kitchen to check? You haven’t had the chance to try my cooking, right? Just to let you know, I cook delicious eggs and bacon.”

Janet nodded with a smile on her face, feeling a warmth flood through her heart. Like a little child, she followed Johanna into the kitchen.

Janet watched as Johann cracked the eggs into the sizzling pan. Soon, the kitchen was filled with the aroma of fried eggs.

Johanna then put the bacon in as she asked rather casually, “Why did you stay in instead of going out with Lila to have some fun? You’re not friends with anyone in Barnes. It’s good for you to go out and forge new friendships.”

The aroma of the bacon had a way of intoxicating Janet. But hearing Johanna’s question, Janet knew that she couldn’t tell Johanna directly that she didn’t like Lila’s friends. She simply smiled and replied, “I’ve been searching for jobs on the recruitment website recently. I’ve grown used to working, so I want to continue focusing on my career. Also, I feel a little flustered when I’m out with Lila the whole day.”

In fact, Janet was telling Johanna the truth. She wasn’t in the mood to hang out with Lila every day.

She began working after graduation and had grown accustomed to it. If she suddenly stopped working, she would feel useless and abandoned by the world.

Johanna turned off the stove and looked at Janet for a very long time.

This daughter of hers was just like her.

Johanna was relieved to hear what Janet said just now.

Johanna herself was a powerful woman, but Lila was spoiled as a princess and couldn’t bear to live a hard life. Lila happened to be average in ability and was not all that ambitious. They had long stopped expecting Lila to achieve anything in regard to a career. Anyway, there was no need for Lila to inherit the family business. They just wish her happy and healthy.

Knowing now that Janet was so ambitious, Johanna was really happy to learn that.

“I know that you majored in fashion design and was working as a fashion designer in Seacisco before. I’ve seen your work and found that you are indeed a very talented designer. If you need money or any connections, you can tell me at any time. Our family also has dealings in the fashion industry.” Johanna clutched Janet’s hand tightly and patted it twice. “You’re really like me when I was younger.”

“Thank you. If I need anything, I’ll tell you.”

After that, Janet turned her attention back to the eggs and bacon in the pan. It just smelled so good.

Janet didn’t think too much about her conversation with Johanna.

However, Johanna obviously did.

She made up her mind to let her daughter establish a business in the fashion circle of Barnes, so that was what she was working on.

Two days later, Johanna received the news that a high-end party was going to be held in the fashion circle soon. She received the invitation and went to the party with Janet and Lila, hoping with all her heart that Janet could make a smashing debut within the fashion design circle of Barnes.