The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 463

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When Janet saw the invitation Johanna had handed to her with her own eyes, she had no choice but to admit that her mother was indeed a decisive person.

“Mrs. White, to be honest, I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll be working in Barnes or not.” Holding the invitation in her hand, Janet didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in response.

After all, she had to take a lot of people into consideration, especially Hannah and Ethan.

Johanna had her own master plan. She secretly hoped that Janet would stay with her in Barnes for the rest of her life. Besides, the White family was wealthy enough to support Janet.

However, judging by the reluctance on Janet’s face, Johanna surmised that she must have been thinking about Brandon, the man in Seasisco.

He was a good-looking fellow, but Johanna wasn’t fond of him at all.

“I didn’t say that you have to work in Barnes, but it would be good for you to expand your connections. Barnes may not be as fashionable as Seasisco, but it’s a developed city with a healthy ecosystem of experienced designers to learn and gain knowledge from.” Johanna showed a gentle smile on her face.

Unwilling to disappoint Johanna, Janet eventually agreed to attend the party.


At the party, Janet followed Johanna around the hall, meeting all the big shots from the fashion circles because she wasn’t quite familiar with the designers in Barnes.

“This is Mr. Smith. He is the chief designer of the project of redefining women’s clothing that has been popular all over the country recently.” Johanna was elegant and unhurried, while Janet complimented her with her gracious and refined temperament.

Lila was looking for an opportunity to humiliate Janet. Since she used to rub shoulders with Barnes’ upper class, Lila had several friends at this party. Mostly daughters from rich families who had graduated from famous design schools abroad.

“Mom, Janet has just graduated. Don’t you think it’s too soon for her to talk with these experienced designers who have been in the fashion industry for decades?” Lila whispered to Johanna.

Lila pretended to be concerned, but deep down inside, she was just waiting for Janet to make a fool of herself and get laughed at by these famous designers. After all, in her opinion, Janet was just a novice, unworthy of public appreciation.

Perhaps then Johanna would come to regret bringing Janet to this party in the first place.

“I trust her,” said Johanna calmly and firmly.

Lila’s heart sank almost immediately. After all, Johanna had never talked about her with such pride and certainty.

That realization irked her even more.

Mr. Smith, the renowned designer, was a very arrogant man who despised people who tried to win him over with flatteries.

If it weren’t for Johanna, he wouldn’t have spoken to Janet, but after spending a few minutes with her in conversation, he realized that Janet had a profound passion for designing, “I remember seeing your work at Seasisco Fashion Week not too long ago.”

“I am honored and delighted to hear that. After all, I’m just a newcomer with still so much to learn,” Janet answered in a natural manner.

“The smooth fabric was a good choice. It emulated the fluidity of the wind, incisively and vividly.” Mr. Smith raised his eyebrows and clinked glasses with Janet.

Suddenly, all eyes were on Mr. Smith and Janet. As they became the focus of the party, everyone walked and joined them in conversation.

Meanwhile, standing in the corner with her fists clenched in anger, Lila watched in awe as she didn’t expect things to work out so nicely for Janet.

How could this be? How?

It looked like Janet had all the famous designers, the chief editors of various fashion magazines, and the founders of brands eating from the palm of her hand.

Lila gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming.

Janet was thriving amongst all the talented people around her and yet Lila couldn’t even understand what they were talking about.

With pride in her eyes, Johanna said, “When I see Janet, I feel like I am looking at my younger self.”

Lila felt bitter in her heart.

It suddenly dawned upon her that she wasn’t as good as Janet.

Everything about her was superficial, but Janet had real ability and talent.

Janet wasn’t intimidated by all those big shots and was actually wise enough to control the whole conversation.

Janet was a quiet woman who didn’t talk much, but she could express her ideas brilliantly when it came to something she was good at.

Lila was utterly disconsolate.

She also noticed one more important detail.

In the past, handsome men would flock to her since she was the daughter of the White family, but tonight, there wasn’t a single man who came up to talk to her.