The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 48

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Janet unhurriedly put down her knife and fork and calmly looked at the woman with heavy makeup.

She knew that Jocelyn just wanted to smear her name in front of all these people.

But she also knew that Jocelyn was an idiot. She was wearing a Chanel dress, an Hermes handbag, and a Dior necklace. How dare she talk about being frugal while dressed like that?

“I asked you for money because you owe me money. Isn’t it only natural for people to pay off their debts?” Janet’s voice was clear yet calm.

Tears rolled down Jocelyn’s cheeks uncontrollably. She sobbed, “Mom and Dad took good care of you, yet this is how you repay them! They really can’t afford to give you money now. We are family. How can you bear to treat them like this?”

Then, she suddenly took her necklace off and threw it at Janet, crying even louder. “We really don’t have the money! This necklace must be worth something. Take it as a payment of our debt! Please don’t threaten Mom and Dad anymore!”

Jocelyn carefully painted herself as the poor daughter who had been forced to sell off her own things for the sake of her parents. Janet, on the other hand, was made to look like the cold blooded creditor who was ungrateful to her parents and was only after their money.

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Janet took the necklace without hesitation. Glancing at Jocelyn’s Hermes handbag, she said calmly, “I think that Chanel dress might be worth something… And that Hermes handbag, too—actually, isn’t that a limited edition piece? In that case, I won’t make things difficult for you. You don’t have to strip your clothes. Just give me the bag as partial compensation for your debts.”

Jocelyn’s pitiful and painful expression immediately went stiff.

This was her only Hermes Birkin. She had been waiting to get one forever. It had only been a few days since she got it. Even if it was second-hand, it was still cost her a fortune. How could she just give it to Janet?

“These… these are all fake! They’re useless to you. Anyway, you should stop coming to such fancy restaurants and save money for our parents!” As she spoke, Jocelyn hurriedly covered her bag.

Janet crossed her arms over her chest and looked around at the guests in the restaurant. “Do you think everyone here is an idiot? As you said, this is a high-end restaurant. Do you think that the people who can afford to eat here can’t tell whether a bag is real or fake? Even if you insist that you’re using the fake, I can still take it. After all, it’s still worth some money. Give it to me!”

Hearing this, Jocelyn was panic-stricken. Everyone around her was eyeing her and whispering to each other. She was caught in a dilemma now.

She gritted her teeth angrily. She had planned to make things difficult for Janet by pretending to be pitiful, thinking that Janet would just take it in silence since they were in public place.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected Janet to act so audaciously, not caring about the people around her at all.

In the past, Janet had always been the submissive and silent one in their family. How could she change into another person overnight? Had marriage really changed her?

Heartbroken, Jocelyn reluctantly set her Hermes Birkin on the table. She took out her wallet, phone, and cosmetics from the bag then threw it at Janet. “There! Happy?”

“Wait, I want to see what’s in your wallet.” Janet smiled sardonically. She knew that Jocelyn liked carrying a lot of cash with her.

“Don’t push it!” Jocelyn hissed through gritted teeth, glaring at Janet murderously.

Janet sneered indifferently. “What? You said you didn’t have money, right? So I’m letting you pay off your debt with your belongings. Isn’t it only reasonable? Besides, there should be no money in your wallet, right? I mean, you’ve been talking all night about how our family is struggling financially. Why are you so nervous? The next time you want to slander me, don’t dress like that. It’s one thing to be unable to pay off your debts, but it’s another thing to simply refuse to pay. You’ll have bad credit.”


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