The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 49

What Happened

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The people around them felt there was an inside story, so their opinions gradually changed.

The opulent restaurant housed wealthy diners. Many people could tell that Jocelyn’s attire and accessories were all real deals from renowned brands by merely looking at her.

“Well, it looks like she is the shameless one. She wears only luxury brands. I’m sure she is from a wealthy family.”

“I guess she is slandering the girl only to avoid paying the debt.”

“D**n it! I didn’t expect the situation would reverse.”

Jocelyn felt a pang of regret. But she opened the wallet anyway that was stacked with money.

“Give it to me.” with a faint smile, Janet stood up and took out the money from Jocelyn’s wallet. She carefully counted the bills and neatly arranged them. “Eight thousand dollars is also money. Thank you, Miss Lind.”

Jocelyn had nothing left now apart from her clothes and shoes. “Just wait and see!” she said through gritted teeth.

Janet smiled and put the necklace and the money into the Hermes Birkin. “Okay, Miss Lind. I’ll wait for you to repay the debt next time.”

With that, she stood up and waved at the receptionist. “Please give us a doggie bag so Miss Lind could put her phone and cosmetics in it.”

Then, she turned around and flashed a sweet smile at Jocelyn. “You don’t need to pay for the bag. It’s on me.”

Jocelyn almost tasted the blood as she gritted her teeth a little too hard. She would lose her mind if she stayed there longer.

Noticing that Janet was staring at her Chanel high-heeled shoes, Jocelyn feared that she would snatch them away from her and make her walk home barefoot. Therefore, she quickly took the things from her bag and walked out of the restaurant in a huff.

Seeing her leave, Janet sat down and began estimating the prices of the things she got from Jocelyn. The Hermes Birkin alone was worth a lot of money.

A triumphant smile stretched across her lips.

She put away the things and looked up. Christopher was staring at her with wide eyes, holding the knife and fork in his hands.

Janet’s face flushed with embarrassment. She looked at him and sighed. Her behavior now was against the impression of what he thought of her. But Janet was not a pushover.

“Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard, Chris. I’m sorry you had to watch that. Our family is a little special,” Janet said, smiling.

“No. I know you are kindhearted. However, when someone rubs you the wrong way, you have to stand up for yourself. Nothing ‘wrong with that.” Christopher smiled at her in awe.

Janet had impressed him yet again today. Seeing her delicate appearance and innocent face, he had thought Janet was someone who would endure all the problems and suffer in silence. However, she was not. Although she was as sweet as the rose, no one could get past her thorny exterior.

This incident only made him adore her even more. However, she didn’t have special feelings for him.

Christopher cast a sidelong glance at Ethan, who had been silent the entire time, wondering what relationship he shared with Janet.

Janet felt that Christopher was only joking. She didn’t care about what he thought of her. After all, money was more important than her image at the moment.

Janet stole a glance at Ethan and caught his indifferent gaze.

Neither of them spoke.

The man lowered his head and continued to look at his phone.

Janet cleared her throat and ate the remaining steak.

After saying goodbye to the couple, Christopher left the restaurant alone.

It was late at night, and the neon lights illuminated the roads. The city was decorated with colorful lights. The traffic was at its peak.

“Do you want to walk back?” Janet asked, stealing a glance at Ethan.

She had a sudden urge to walk home with Ethan. No one would know their names and identities. They were just an ordinary couple, walking back home like the others.

Ethan finally broke his silence. “Okay,” he said, turning to look at her.

He couldn’t understand the woman in front of him. The incident at the restaurant and the way Janet’s elder sister, dressed in an opulent outfit, spoke to her confused him.

“What’s going on with your family? Why does the Lind family owe you money?”


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