The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 53

No Evidence

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Without waiting for a response, Janet strode out.

As he watched her leave, Ethan frowned. He felt very depressed.

Sighing heavily, he quickly picked up his jacket and rushed out to follow her.

It was late June now, and it was extremely hot in the afternoon. As he followed Janet from a distance, Ethan stared at her long hair fluttering in the wind.

Where on earth was she headed? Ethan had no clue. Judging from the woman’s hurt tone just know, he could tell that there was more to the story. Moreover, he would’ve been able to tell if she was lying.

Ethan quickened his pace and followed the woman closely. As they walked, he couldn’t help but feel bad. Did he wrongfully accuse Janet?

After passing two streets and a traffic light, Janet finally veered off the sidewalk and entered a second-hand shop.

Ethan followed her in silently.

“I want to see your shop manager!” Janet slapped the ring hard on the counter. Her beautiful face was ice cold and sullen. When she wasn’t smiling, she always looked so aloof and unapproachable.

“Miss, what brings you here so soon? Did you forget anything?” The shop manager glanced up from a conversation with a customer. When she saw Janet’s glowering face, she quickly walked over with a smile.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Janet said coldly, “I did leave something here. Give me my ring back.”

“Are you joking, miss? Isn’t the ring right on your finger?” The smile on the shop manager’s face didn’t even falter, which made her look even more hypocritical.

“You lied to my face and replaced my ring, yet you still have the audacity to deny it?” Janet was furious. It looked like she was going to pounce on the shop manager the next second.

The shop manager’s smiling face stiffened slightly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you trying to blackmail us with a fake ring? This isn’t the first time someone’s tried to play tricks on our honest store.”

Janet’s eye twitched. It was obvious she was really pissed off. “Why don’t we check the surveillance camera footage? This isn’t the ring I left here yesterday.”

The shop manager looked calm and fearless. She looked at the shop assistant at the checkout counter and said, “Do as she says.”

Seeing how calm the shop staff were, Janet realized she had been fooled ever since the beginning. This whole ruse was premeditated.

The video definition was terrible. The footage was so pixelated that it couldn’t capture the ring clearly.

Janet had initially wondered why the shop manager was still so calm and arrogant after doing such an evil thing. It turned out that it was because she was confident that the video could not prove that she had the ring changed.

“Miss, can you leave now? You’ve checked the surveillance video and it shows no foul play. If you keep making trouble for us, we’ll call the police.” The shop manager threw the fake ring to Janet confidently and smiled smugly, as if she was going to call the police the next second.

Several shop assistants also came out, trying to intimidate Janet.

Janet pursed her lips as she racked her brains for a solution. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her. With a faint smile, she sauntered over to the shop manager and placed the fake ring on the counter. “Didn’t you offer me an extremely high price for the ring yesterday? I’m willing to sell it now. Here you go. Will you pay by check or cash?”


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