The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 54

A Humble Apology

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Janet’s words completely wiped the smug smile off of the shop manager’s face. She quickly tried to calm down and said feebly, “I offered you that price yesterday. I don’t want to buy it anymore.”

After all, the counterfeit wasn’t worth much. If she bought it at such an extravagant price, she’d be crazy.

Smiling sardonically, Janet continued, “You wanted it so bad yesterday. The surveillance footage can prove it. Why don’t you want it now? Is it because you know that this one’s a fake and isn’t worth a million?”

The shop manager faltered, “Uhm, well… I thought the ring was an antique. I had seen something similar in a jewelry magazine before. But when you left the ring here for resizing, I looked at it carefully, and I realized that it wasn’t the same one as on the magazine. It just looked similar. So I don’t want it anymore.”

After saying that, she took a deep breath and regained her composure. “Miss, please go now. We have a business to run. Please escort this lady out.”

But her anxiety had exposed her guilt.

Several shop assistants closed in on Janet, ready to kick her out of the store.

“How dare you be so arrogant after you stole my wife’s ring?” A cold, harsh voice sounded from near the door.

Janet whirled around in surprise.

She found the man standing behind her, wearing a dark gray shirt and black suit pants, jacket in hand.

Ethan stood a head taller than her. The atmosphere around him was ominous and oppressive, especially with his dark expression. He looked like someone one didn’t want to mess with.

Janet rolled her eyes. She was still mad at him for accusing her earlier. Without another word, she walked past him and left the shop.

Ethan had overheard her conversation with the shop manager just now and knew perfectly well that the latter was lying.

“Sir, please don’t stir up any more trouble. This is the ring your wife left with us yesterday. If you two insist on blackmailing us, we’ll be forced to call the police,” Since the surveillance video couldn’t prove otherwise, the shop manager resumed her arrogant disposition.

Ethan gave her a bone-chilling look and his smile sent shivers down her spine. “Then call the police. I’ll deal with them and make sure you’re put behind bars.”

After saying that, he turned around abruptly and strode out of the shop. He quickly caught up to Janet, who was briskly walking away, and reached for her hand.

“Are you still mad at me?” he asked even though he already knew the answer.

Janet looked at him stubbornly. “I heard what you said back there. How do you plan on putting her behind bars? We don’t have any evidence!”

Ethan said calmly, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything and get my mother’s ring back.”

Then, he lowered his gaze shamefacedly. “I misunderstood you earlier. I’m sorry.”

As he apologized, he realized he couldn’t remember the last time he had ever said the word “sorry” to anyone. He wasn’t used to it, so he sounded stiff and emotionless.

Janet narrowed her eyes at him and said sarcastically, “Oh, is that so, Mr. Lester? Thank you for your humble apology.”

After saying that, she turned around and left Ethan in the dust.

Ethan watched as she walked away, pressing his fingers against his aching temple.

It seemed that she was truly angry with him this time.

Standing under a streetlamp and facing a busy street, Ethan looked up at the tall buildings that seemed to pierce the sky.

Then he took out his phone and called Sean. His voice was brisk and cold as ice. “Find out if there’s an antique platinum emerald ring that was put on the market recently.” Sean, having worked for his boss for a long time, could tell from Ethan’s voice that he was seething with rage. He quickly tasked someone to investigate the matter.

An hour later, some clues were found.

“Apparently, there was a platinum emerald ring put up at an antique auction today. I’ve already asked our people to intercept it.”

Apology Ethan listened to the report as a steady breeze ruffled his hair slightly. He quietly stared at the tall building across the street and asked, “Who sent it there?”

“A woman from a second-hand luxury shop sent it there just this noon. She said she got it from a customer. I’ve got all the information on the ring and the woman. I’ll send them to you right now.”


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