The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 63

The Design Was Rejected

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Janet picked up the design draft she had submitted and carefully examined it.

“This design is in complete accordance with their requirements. I’m surprised they had rejected it. Maybe it’s because I’m too inexperienced to understand where I had gone wrong. Ms. Fisher, please give me some advice, or perhaps just choose someone else’s designer.”

Not only Janet, but Tiffany was also equally confused and surprised.

She looked at the design draft and shook her head. “I can’t give you any advice. I think this design draft is good. That’s why I chose it and presented it to the client. Well, frankly, if a client is not happy with our design, they never reject it right away. They usually ask us to modify it based on their requirements. I can’t believe they just rejected our design without giving a proper explanation this time.”

“Then, what do we do now?” Janet asked hesitantly.

“Since we can’t figure out the reason, let’s go to their company and ask them why they rejected it. It would be better to talk to them in person. Bring your design drafts and laptop with you so that we can modify it on the spot.” As Tiffany spoke, she stood up and took her coat.”

Tiffany’s decisiveness shocked Janet.

She thought Tiffany would ask her to modify the design until the client was satisfied. But Tiffany had other plans.

She took Janet to the Color Company.

This company belonged to a clothing group, and it ran a women’s fashion brand that had gained popularity over the years.

As soon as they arrived at the reception, Janet met an old acquaintance.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. I am in charge of the project. You can talk to me directly.” Jocelyn walked in haughtily with a cup of coffee in her hand.

She became more arrogant and complacent after seeing Janet.

Seeing the astonishment on Janet’s face, Tiffany frowned. “You two know each other?”

Before Janet could say anything, Jocelyn answered with a smile, “No, we don’t. This woman has come to our house to collect second-hand goods several times. So she works as a designer in your company? Well, it looks like you’re lethargic when it comes to recruiting employees.”

“That’s very rude of you. We all know the design department of the Larson Group has a name of its own. Besides, you opted for our company to meet your design needs,” Tiffany said politely, suppressing her anger.

Jocelyn snorted and skimmed through the design draft on the table. “Your drafts seem very amateur. What are you still doing here?”

At that moment, a man came to the reception. He was Jason Gentry, the CEO of the Color Company and Jocelyn’s current boyfriend.

“Why are you all standing here? Please sit down so we can talk.” Jason sat down on the sofa. “Here is the thing. My girlfriend doesn’t like the design, so I would have to ask you to come up with a different draft.”

Jason was happy with the design. However, Jocelyn saw the draft at his place last night. After knowing that Janet had designed it, she immediately asked him to reject the design.

She held Jason’s arm and looked at Janet, a complacent smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “I’m responsible for evaluating the design drafts of this project now. I think Miss Lind’s design is not good enough to meet our requirements. You better replace her with a better designer.”

“Our company has selected this draft among the other designs submitted because it was the best. Some other designer’s plan might not be as good as this,” Tiffany said calmly.

Janet was surprised to see Tiffany speak for her. She leaned closer to her and whispered, “This is our company’s project. We should prioritize the interests of the company.”

“Of course, we should prioritize the company’s interest. I am just explaining the pros and cons to them.” Tiffany smiled.

Jason picked up the coffee and took a sip. He glanced at Janet and back at the design draft. Then, he turned to look at Jocelyn without saying anything.

“I don’t like this designer’s work. I have the final say in this project. If you don’t change the designer, I have no other choice but to cancel our collaboration. The choice is yours.” Jocelyn didn’t give in. Her makeup-laden eyes turned to Janet.


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