The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 66

The Chairman Knew

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Embarrassed, Jocelyn put down her coffee cup and said, “I hold no position for the time being.”

Her goal was to marry into a rich and powerful family. Why would she work for any company? The only reason why she was involved in this project in the first place, was because she had seduced Jason into letting her do so.

Garrett pushed his glasses against the bridge of his nose. “Your relationship with Mr. Gentry is a private matter, but this collaboration project is a business affair between two companies. You’re just his girlfriend. You are in no position to determine which designs are going to be used, let alone slander our employees and our company.”

Jocelyn flushed, humiliated.

Who the h**l was this man? How dare he interfere with her purpose?

The more she looked at him, the more he seemed familiar. Jocelyn thought that she had seen him in a magazine before, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Nevertheless, she shot up to her feet and glowered at him. “You have offended me greatly. You can rest assured that I will be telling Jason about this. You can say goodbye to this d**n collaboration once and for all.”

Garrett sneered at her, unfazed. “Be my guest.”

He had to admit that he was quite taken aback by this woman’s arrogance and profound stupidity. He couldn’t believe that Jason Gentry, who was a reputable CEO by his own right, had such terrible taste in paramours.

Gritting her teeth, Jocelyn grabbed her purse and stormed out of the conference room. Just as she said, she headed directly to Jason’s place.

Where else would she go? She had complaints to air out.

“Jason! Are you aware that the people at Larson Group are nothing but bullies? They actually kicked me out! And that man wearing glasses actually dared to yell at me in front of his subordinates! Color Company is one of the best clothing companies in the country, but it looks like they don’t take you seriously, honey.”

Jocelyn was scantily clad at this point, having shed most of her clothes when she had thrown herself at Jason. She clung to his arm now, pressing her b*****s against him as she whined coquettishly.

Jason was busy playing games on his phone and didn’t even turn to look at her. “Hmm? The man with glasses? Are you talking about Garrett?”

“You know that guy? Do you think you can make the CEO of Larson Group fire him? He insulted me in public. I was so mortified!” Jocelyn looked up at him angrily.

In hindsight, Jocelyn realized that her mockery of Janet was nowhere near enough to make up for the insults she herself had taken.

Jason gaped at her. Apparently, his girlfriend was a very ignorant woman. The Harding were one of the four great families in the city, and its three recent generations comprised of corporate geniuses.

Not to mention, the Larson Group was a conglomerate of an overwhelming scale, and Garrett was the second-in-command. In contrast, Jason was merely the CEO of a local branch, a subsidiary of the company in general. How was he supposed to force Garrett out of office?

“I don’t have the power to cancel the project, and Garrett is not just some small-time nobody. I can’t touch him. Very few people can.”

“I don’t care how you do it, but you must find a way to keep this project from happening!” Jocelyn wailed. “And I want to make that man disappear from the Larson Group for good!

She had already made threats of canceling the project in a bid to throw shade at Janet. If she failed in seeing this through, on top of having to flee with her tail between her legs, Jocelyn might have no face to show anyone in the future.

This time, Jason scowled. Although Jocelyn was haughty and reckless at times, he had truly thought that she still had some sense in her. Now, she was acting childish and unreasonable. He didn’t care for it at all.

“Well, let me think about it,” he muttered begrudgingly.

No sooner had he uttered the words than his phone began to ring. “I have to get that,” he said, gesturing for Jocelyn to be quiet.

Jason got out of bed and answered the call while putting his bathrobe on.

“Jason, what’s going on with the collaboration project? Garrett Harding from the Larson Group called me in person.”

It was the chairman of the group of companies he worked for, demanding an explanation.

Jason was rooted to the spot. Why would Garrett call over something so trivial? Was there something he didn’t know?

“Don’t worry, Sir. I will fix the problems and handle it well.”

But the chairman already sounded furious. “What the h**l are you going to fix, huh? Do you think you still have something to handle after this? Let me ask you one question–did you or did you not let your girlfriend stick her nose into our business with the Larson Group?”


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