The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 69


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“What?” Garrett was scared out of his wits.

His hands trembled, and the teacup fell to the floor. He sprang up from the sofa and peeked out of the room to see if Ethan was outside.

Then, he looked at Janet and shook his head vehemently, “No, I absolutely do not have a crush on you. Don’t talk nonsense! I did everything for the company. And for Mr. Larson!”

“Well… Mr. Harding, it was just a casual question. L. ” Startled by his reaction, Janet quickly stood up too. “Are you okay, Mr. Harding?”

Garrett quickly stepped back to keep a safe distance from her as if she were a dreadful monster. Sweat beaded his forehead.

“I’m fine. Don’t come near me. Stay away! Although only the two of us are in this room, there’s a third pair of eyes watching us”.

With that, he opened the door and stormed out of the room. He didn’t dare to stay in the same room with Janet anymore.

Garrett completely forgot that this was his own office.

Janet frowned, her eyes still fixed on the door, dumbfounded by his reaction.

She had thought about it a lot before coming here but didn’t expect Garrett would react this way.

Even if her guess was wrong, he should have either yelled at her or laughed at her for being stupid. But he was strangely scared, which seemed to confuse Janet.

‘What did he mean? Is there something scary and horrible about me?’ she wondered, rubbing her hair. Not knowing what else to do, Janet let out a weary sigh and walked out of the office in confusion.

She couldn’t understand what was going on.

After Garrett left his office, he rushed out to see Ethan.

“Did she come to your office? I thought I heard her voice now.” Ethan asked in his usual magnetic voice. The sunlight cast a soft glow on his body, outlining his features.

His face looked stern.

Garrett looked at Ethan, who was wearing a suit, leaning against the black leather sofa, reading the documents. A shiver ran down his spine.

“Buddy, I have to tell you something.”

Ethan was aware of everything happening in the company. Therefore, Garrett felt he’d rather tell the truth before he found out himself.

Garrett took off his glasses and rubbed his eyebrows, choosing his words.

Ethan stopped reading, and his sharp gaze fell on Garrett. “Well?”

“Your wife just came in and asked me if I had a crush on her,” Garrett hissed through his teeth, clenching his fists as if someone was going to k**l him.

Ethan’s face darkened in an instant. He leaned against the sofa and studied Garrett’s face. “What did you do to her?”

“What can I do to her? I’m innocent.” Garrett lifted his hands, shaking his head. Then, he quickly walked up to the sofa and sat beside Ethan. “I only did what you asked me to do. I didn’t expect her to misunderstand me. Trust me, I have nothing to do with her. But think about it; I’ve been helping her time and again. It’s only natural for her to think I’m interested in her.”

Ethan closed the file in his hand and sneered. “Wow! That’s great! I did everything, but you got the credit.”

“That’s because she has never seen you here. I have been standing up for her every time she has encountered a problem. Look, 1 don’t want things to be this way either.” Garrett shook his head and put on his glass.

“Don’t put me through anything like this again. Even if I’m required to help her, I have to do it on behalf of Mr. Larson Otherwise, she will continue to misunderstand me.” Ethan pursed his lips and stared into the distance. After a moment’s thought, he realized Garrett was right. Things couldn’t go on this way. He had been Janet’s secret savior and helped her every time she encountered a problem, but he didn’t get any gratitude from her in return. She always thought someone else had helped her. Ethan had to find a solution.


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