The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 72

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When Janet came home, she found the apartment empty. Hours ticked by, yet there was still no sign of Ethan.

Finally, at eleven o’clock, Janet heard the sound the door unlocking. She walked to the door subconsciously.

When the door swung open, she met Ethan’s gaze.

The man looked exhausted. He put away the key and said curiously, “I thought you were exhausted from working overtime. Why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“I got to take things easy today. Anyway, I cooked fish with sweet and sour sauce. Have you had dinner?” She should have been bed by now. For some unknown reason though, Janet had decided to wait for him tonight. After a moment’s silence, she asked hesitantly, “Why are you so late tonight?”

She had been working overtime the past few days, so she was out of the apartment early and came back late at night. She hadn’t seen Ethan in almost three days.

“Fish with sweet and sour sauce? Sounds great. I haven’t had dinner yet.” Ethan shrugged off his coat and tossed it on the sofa. He picked up the remote control on the table and turned on the TV. The sound of a football match droned on. “The convenience store was restocked today,” he murmured absentmindedly. “I had to help move things.”

“Oh,” said Janet. Shrugging it off, she walked to the kitchen to prepare the food.

Hearing the sounds of dishes clinking, Ethan followed her to the kitchen and leaned against the door frame. “How’s work?”

Janet looked up at him, her eyes lighting up excitedly. “I was just about to tell you. Mr. Larson himself told me that he’s going to give me a raise. He thinks I’m a promising designer. Maybe I’ll be rich in the future!”

Ethan surveyed the excitement on her face and asked slowly, “What do you think of Mr. Larson?”

As she stuffed the fish into the microwave oven, Janet smiled softly. “I think he’s nice and approachable. He cares about his employees. He even told me that I can tell him if I had any problem. Truth be told, I never thought that the CEO of the Larson Group would turn out to be so nice. What was most important was that he wasn’t as arrogant as I thought. He doesn’t put on any airs and he appreciates talent. No wonder the Larson Group is so successful. With such a boss, I think I’ll be willing to work for the Larson Group forever.”

At first, Ethan was pleased to hear her praise Brandon so much, but the more he listened, feelings of jealousy stirred in his heart.

Even though he was Brandon himself, hearing Janet praise someone she thought was another man made him a little unhappy.

She had never praised Ethan like this. Didn’t she have a good impression of him as Ethan?

Odd as it may sound, he began to be jealous of himself…

Forcing a smile, Ethan strode over to Janet and asked sourly, “You haven’t even seen this Brandon Larson guy. Why do you speak so highly of him? He has never shown his face to the public. Maybe he’s super ugly.”

Janet stuck out her lower lip in a pout. She looked up at the man and tried to defend the boss who had just given her a raise. “Don’t be so judgmental. After all, a person’s quality doesn’t depend on their appearance. Besides, when I first went to the Larson Group, I saw a man take the exclusive elevator to the top floor. Later I knew that it was the exclusive elevator for the CEO. So the man I saw was Mr. Larson. His back alone was good-looking, so I doubt he’s ugly.”

Amidst the tense atmosphere, the plate of fish continued to be heated in the microwave oven.

Ethan snickered and looked down at the woman’s parted lips.

Unafraid, Janet looked back at him defiantly. “Well? What do you have to say to that?” Instead of arguing with her, the man slipped his arms around her waist and pecked her on the corner of her lips. “Tsk, I’m just a little unhappy. I’m your husband. I can’t just stand still and listen to you praise another man like that!”