The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 75


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“Miss, please wait!” The store manager ran over and blocked Janet’s way.

Everyone in the store also turned to look at her curiously.

“Is she a thief?”

“She doesn’t look like one…”

Janet frowned slightly and was even more confused.

She hadn’t taken anything and had walked past the door twice. “Why is the alarm going off? Is it broken?”

“Miss, have you taken anything that you haven’t paid for?” The manager smiled politely.

Janet tilted her head to the side and replied calmly, “No.”

But the alarm kept ringing incessantly.

With an embarrassed look, the manager leaned closer and whispered, “Miss, please tell us the truth, or we will have no choice but to frisk you.”

Just then, Elaine sauntered over.

“Hey, what’s that in your pocket?” Pretending to be shocked, Elaine pointed at the pocket of Janet’s coat.

Janet frowned and fished her hand into her pocket. Sure enough, there was something inside. To her surprise, she pulled out a wallet.

With a puzzled look, Elaine pointed at an empty spot on the shelf and said to the manager, “Look over there. Are you missing a wallet?”

The manager looked at the wallet in Janet’s hand. His eyes instantly darkened and he said with disdain, “Yes, this is the most expensive wallet in our store.”

Hearing this, Elaine feigned shock and her hand flew to cover her mouth. “I always thought those things they said about you were just rumors back then. It turns out that our classmates were right all along. Why do you still misbehave? You’ve even resorted to stealing!”

Janet looked back at her, bewildered. She had no idea how the wallet had ended up in her pocket.

She slapped the wallet onto the counter and said firmly, “I didn’t take this. I’ve never stolen anything in my life. You stop trying to ruin my reputation. If you don’t believe me, check the store’s security camera footage.”

“Yes, check the footage. My friend’s always been a decent, upright person. She would never do such a thing.” Christopher stood by Janet firmly.

Irritated, Elaine crossed her arms over her chest. “Christopher, haven’t you heard what people have said about her back in college? She’s not as decent as you think.”

“Elaine, unlike you, I don’t fall for whatever other people say so easily.” Christopher’s usually gentle eyes turned fierce in that moment.

“Then check the security camera footage!” Elaine snorted and said nothing more.

The best way to have this matter cleared was to check the security cameras.

And so the manager scurried off to check the footage, as asked. In the video, Janet and Christopher were standing next to the shelf with the wallet. Unfortunately, Elaine’s body blocked Janet’s, including her arms. So it was impossible to see whether Janet had taken the wallet or not.

Elaine smiled smugly. She sneered, “Just admit it already. Did you steal the wallet?”


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