The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 77

To Prove Her Innocence

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Realizing that this matter was about to get out of hand, Christopher decided to put an end to this.

He pulled Janet aside and said in a low voice, “How about this? I’ll pay for it. The Larson Group values its reputation. If they find out about this, you’ll probably be fired. Besides, the wallet was found in your pocket. If they really call the police, you might really end up in jail.”

“Chris, I didn’t take the wallet. If I agree to pay ten times its price, it’ll just prove that I’m guilty, right?” Janet spoke calmly. There wasn’t a trace of panic in her voice.

Elaine eavesdropped from the sidelines. She thought that Janet was just too proud to accept Christopher’s money. But it was futile. Did she think that the police could prove her innocence?

Anyway, the wallet was found in Janet’s pocket, and what had really happened wasn’t caught on the store’s security camera. That meant that Janet, by default, was the thief.

Unable to contain her excitement, Elaine urged the shop manager to call the police already. “The thief can’t pay you. You’re wasting your time if you don’t call the police right now.”

The shop manager agreed and called the police. It didn’t take long before two men in uniform strolled into the shop.

When the police arrived, Elaine immediately ran up to them, dragging Janet behind her. “Sir, it’s her who stole from this store, but she still doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Please hold on. I want you to check the security camera footage. I have evidence to prove that I didn’t steal the wallet, but was framed,” Janet said with a confident smile.

Elaine narrowed her eyes at her, sniggering as though she had heard a d***y joke. “What tricks are you playing? Didn’t we just check the store’s security footage?”

“I’m not talking about this shop’s security camera. I’m talking about the security cameras in the shopping mall’s corridor.” Suddenly, Janet turned around and pointed to the security cameras in the corridor right outside the shop.

In order to attract more customers, the shop’s storefront was made of glass, so the security cameras in the corridor could easily capture what went on inside the store through the glass walls.

“Please check the mall’s security cameras. The footage from that angle should be able to prove that I didn’t steal anything,” Janet said calmly, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

“Don’t listen to her! She’s probably just stalling for time and plans to run away when you’re not looking!” Hearing Janet’s calm explanation, Elaine was the one who was filled with panic. All the color drained from her face as she urgently tried to convince the policemen.

After all, she was the one who slipped the wallet into Janet’s pocket, taking advantage of the blind spot of the store’s security camera. But she didn’t take into consideration the mall’s security cameras. If what she had done was really captured on video, she would be doomed.

“Elaine, I’m just asking the police to check the mall security cameras. Why are you so scared?” Janet looked at her with fake empathy, although her eyes flashed dangerously.

Flustered, Elaine forced herself to keep calm. “If the thief isn’t scared, why should I be?” As requested, the police immediately checked the mall’s security footage.

Everyone held their breath and peered at the computer screen, wondering what tricks Janet would play. After all, the wallet had been found in her pocket.

While the footage was a little pixelated, it was still very clear that Elaine had stood next to Janet and, under the cover of her body, secretly took the wallet from the shelf and slipped it into Janet’s coat pocket.


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