The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 78


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What a twist!

Elaine stared at the computer screen, dumbfounded.

“Elaine, you haven’t changed one bit. All you know is to bring trouble for the others.” Janet sneered.

“I didn’t… No… It’s…” Elaine panicked. She finally understood why Janet was stubborn about not agreeing to the compensation but insisted on calling the police.

If no one had called the police, Elaine could have gotten away with the problem by paying the price to the shop manager even if they found out she had flicked the wallet.

However, the arrival of the police worsened the situation. They just couldn’t solve the problem in private anymore.

Christopher shook his head in disappointment. He didn’t expect Elaine to be shameless enough to do such a cheap thing. “Elaine, was it you who did that?”

The unmistakable evidence proved Elaine was the culprit.

Elaine couldn’t get away with the crime no matter how hard she tried. She lowered her head in shame, for she couldn’t come up with an excuse. “I… I didn’t do it on purpose,” she tried explaining.

However, Janet knew she was lying. Elaine was bluffing now to escape from the problem.

Janet looked away from Elaine. After all, the woman was a hopeless liar.

The police quickly stopped Elaine. “You are suspected of theft and false accusation. Come with us, please.”

Elaine stepped back and tried defending herself. “No, I won’t come with you. I can compensate by paying ten times the price of the wallet. Please don’t take me away.” “You are the suspect of this crime. There is no point in compensating now. This is a police case now, and the people who have filed a complaint do not intend to let you go,” a policeman said mercilessly.

Hearing this, Elaine grabbed Janet’s hand and pleaded, “Janet, can you let go of me this time? Please show mercy. I know I made a mistake. I will never hurt you again. I promise.”

“You tried ruining my reputation last time in the Larson Group, and tried framing me for theft now. What makes you think I’ll let go of you?” Janet asked calmly.

If she didn’t teach Elaine a lesson, the woman would continue to bother her.

“Sir, you can handle the case according to the law.”

Elaine sneered, fury blazing in her eyes. “Why are you so cruel? It’s all because of you! I won’t let you go!”

Her words dripped with malice. Janet shrugged indifferently.

“I have never intended to harm you in any way. But you have been making things difficult for me time and again right from college. Elaine, it’s time for you to introspect and realize what all you have done. Don’t even think of bothering me again. Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences. It will be worse than this.”

Janet scoffed at Elaine and stormed out of the shop with her bag.

Christopher followed her out, guiltily lowering his eyes.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I remember Elaine confessing her love for me before. Has she been troubling you because of that?”

The setting sun cast a soft glow on Janet. She shook her head and sighed. “Don’t beat yourself about it, Chris. Elaine is a crazy woman. Besides, you already rejected her proposal in college. It’s not your fault.”

“Well, do you want me to continue helping you with the gift?” Christopher asked hesitantly.

Janet checked the time on her phone: it was almost seven in the evening. “Forget it.”

She waved her hands dismissively. “You better go home. I’ll look around,”

Before Christopher could respond, Janet hurriedly sprinted off.


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