The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 80

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Janet was taken aback.

“No, no, no! I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Janet muttered to herself, staring at the screen.

She was a new employee of the company. How could she attend such a ceremonious occasion?

Janet quickly typed her message. “Mr. Larson, why don’t you ask Ms. Fisher to attend the party? I’ve never been to such opulent parties before. I’m afraid I might end up making a fool of myself and bring disgrace to the design department.”

Brandon quickly replied, “Fisher isn’t available that night. Many big shots and prestigious people in the design field will attend the party. You can get to know them and increase your contacts. It will help your career in the long run.

His words reminded Janet of what Ike had previously done to her. She was afraid that history might repeat itself.

A shiver ran down her spine.

Just as she wondered how to refuse, Brandon sent another message.

“Don’t worry. This is a formal dinner party organized by our company. Garrett and other senior executives will also attend it. Besides, you can bring a date.”

Janet’s eyes widened. She looked around to see if the CEO was watching her through a secret camera. He was talking to her as if he had read her mind.

Janet breathed a sigh of relief after knowing that she could bring someone to accompany her.

She could take Ethan with her. That way, she would feel safe and protected.

After work, the HR department sent Janet an invitation to the dinner party. It was an elegant gilded envelope written in a beautiful font.

The invitation revealed the Larson Group’s power and wealth.

When Janet arrived home, she was surprised to find that Ethan was already back.

He walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel, water dripping from his hair

His chiseled muscles flexed with every move.

“Ethan, why are you not wearing any clothes?” Janet hurriedly turned her face as a blush flamed her cheeks.

Ethan looked at her and smiled. Then, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. “I just came home after a run, so I took a shower. I didn’t know you’d come back early.”

Janet often worked overtime and came home late.

“Put on your clothes. Otherwise, I won’t be able to talk to you.” She covered her face with one hand whilst fanning herself with the other.

It was a scorching summer day.

Ethan chuckled, shaking his head. Then, he picked up a black shirt from the sofa and put it on “I’m dressed now. What do you want to say?”

Janet blew out a loud breath and walked to the sofa. She took out the invitation from her bag and sat beside him. “Our company is holding a dinner party next week. Would you be able to join me?” she asked, studying his face.

She would feel safe only if he accompanied her.

Ethan looked at the invitation and nodded. “Sure. Anyway, I’m free that day.”

Then, his eyes widened as if he remembered something, “Well, let me just grab my jacket, and I’ll take you to buy some clothes.”

Janet frowned in confusion. “What clothes are you going to buy?”

Ethan quickly buttoned his shirt. The black shirt clung to his pert muscles and complimented his skin tone. “If we don’t buy clothes, what will you wear to the dinner party?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I have many dresses. I can pick something nice from my wardrobe.” Janet frowned. “An evening dress is insanely expensive. We don’t have to waste money on that.”

Ethan rubbed his temples and sighed. “I’ll pay for it. You can wear it for other important occasions in the future.”

“No, no! You have no idea how expensive they are.” Janet shook her head fiercely. “Don’t buy me clothes. Otherwise, I won’t talk to you.”

“Okay, jeez. I won’t.” Ethan rubbed her hair, amused by her response.


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