The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 82

The Invitation

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Jocelyn’s ears b****d with embarrassment.

Everyone who graced this hotel was rich and powerful. They all paused whatever they were doing now to glance at her with contempt.

“I have an invitation. Let me in already!” Jocelyn shouted indignantly, waving the invitation at the doorman’s face.

She normally got into these kinds of events like this. The staff never stopped to check the guests carefully before.

In Jocelyn’s delusional mind, she thought she was a socialite. Even though she wasn’t invited, she thought she deserved to attend the event.

She had even dressed up for the occasion and wore her most expensive accessories. She thought the staff wouldn’t dare to question her if she tried to enter the venue like this.

“I’m sorry. Rules are rules. You can’t enter using another person’s invitation.” The staff cast Jocelyn a cold glance and made a gesture, asking her to move out of the way.

Jocelyn had no choice but to step aside dejectedly.

Just as she was about to lose all hope, she caught a glimpse of Ethan walking towards the banquet hall, hand in hand with Janet.

Even Jocelyn had to admit that Ethan looked quite handsome tonight. He had a nice figure and was very tall, standing at least a head above the crowd. He instantly drew the attention of the public, especially with his indescribable aura.

“Are you here to catch a glimpse of what you can’t have? They won’t let you in without an invitation. Don’t blame me for not giving you a heads up if you’re driven away.” Jocelyn crossed her arms over her chest and sneered at Janet when they came close.

After all, what right did Janet have to be here? She was basically begging to be insulted.

Ethan looked at Jocelyn coldly. His eyes clouded over, as though they had been covered with a thin veil of frost.

This woman had been nothing but rude to Janet. If it weren’t for the fact that she was his wife’s sister and that he wasn’t sure how Janet felt about her, he would’ve taught her a lesson or two by now.

Janet simply ignored Jocelyn and walked past her. With a faint smile on her face, she pulled out an invitation from her bag and handed it to the staff.

Jocelyn’s jaw practically dropped to the floor. How the h**l did Janet have an invitation?!

But Jocelyn quickly recovered. She figured that Janet must’ve stolen the invitation. Since the staff here was particularly strict, surely they’d find out that Janet was a fraud and would never let her in. Smirking, Jocelyn was ready to laugh at Janet’s humiliation.

“Oh! Miss Lind, please come in. Allow me to escort you inside.” To Jocelyn’s surprise, the staff didn’t even bother to look at the invitation and respectfully welcomed Janet. Through gritted teeth, she stopped them angrily. “What the h**l?! You didn’t even check her identity!”

“Not here, sis.” Janet shook her head and sighed, as though she was exhausted by Jocelyn’s behavior.

Jocelyn had humiliated the Lind family in public time and time again. Fiona had really spoiled her. How could she not control herself even in public?

“What the h**l is that supposed to mean? Why can’t I point out injustice when I see it? And how on earth do you have an invitation? It can’t be yours. You stole it from someone, didn’t you?!” Jocelyn was so furious that her face turned purple.

It wasn’t some third-rate dinner party. This was an event hosted by the Larson Group, a tycoon in the business world. It had taken Jocelyn a great deal of effort to get her hands on an invitation.

So how the f**k did Janet get one?


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