The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 85


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Janet turned around and saw who it was.

Jocelyn was standing beside her. She looked apologetic, but it somehow seemed exaggerated as she fought a complacent smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry. A waiter bumped against me now.”

She clamped her mouth with one hand and held the glass with the other, pretending to feel sorry for her.

Her apology didn’t seem sincere, for her every word dripped with contempt. “I didn’t mean it.”

Janet tugged at her wet dress that was clinging to her legs.

The sweet scent of roses from the wine wafted in the air.

Janet immediately moved back from Jocelyn and glared at her. “You did it on purpose! You didn’t have an invitation, right? How did you get in?”

Jocelyn smirked at her. “Of course, I walked in. I have my ways. I can get into parties even without the invitation.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and raked her eyes across Janet — back to her arrogant self. “I accidentally stained your dress. How about I compensate for it? How much is this dress? Is it even a hundred dollars?”

Jocelyn took out three hundred dollar bills from her handbag and threw them at Jocelyn’s face. “I’ll compensate you three times the price. You don’t have to thank me.” Ethan put down the glass and stood up, his face taut with anger.

He grabbed some tissues from the table and tried wiping the stain from Janet’s dress, which was dripping with wine.

Then, he glared at Jocelyn as if he wanted to b**n her alive.

“I’m fine. It’s between her and me. Please don’t get involved in this.” Janet felt the coldness emanating from him. She quickly grabbed the tissues from his hand, trying to calm him down.

She feared that Ethan might end up beating up Jocelyn until she passed out.

Moreover, her dress indeed wasn’t expensive.

Jocelyn had perhaps already figured that out. How could a poor woman like Janet afford an expensive dress? She didn’t even have decent clothes to wear for opulent dinner parties. After all, she struggled to make ends meet.

Jocelyn threw the money on the floor and sneered. “Do you know what kind of occasion it is? Don’t you have any sense of aesthetics? How could you come here wearing a cheap dress? Don’t you have money to even afford a decent dress, or are you too stingy to spend money on it? You are indeed just a bumpkin that hasn’t seen the world. You should feel ashamed of yourself for attending such a party.”

Janet ignored the money that Jocelyn had thrown on the floor. She smiled and picked up a plate of stewed beef from a waiter walking past her and turned it over on Jocelyn’s head.

“Argh! What the h**l are you doing?”

Jocelyn bellowed. She never thought Jocelyn would do something like this.

The thick sauce splashed on her face, ruining her makeup. Lumps of beef were stuck on her head, and the sauce dripped from her head, staining her dress and dribbling down her body.

Jocelyn’s face distorted, and her eyes almost popped out of her sockets. “You b***h!” she shouted like a maniac. “How dare you…”

In the past, only she bullied Janet. Jocelyn was the spoiled princess, while Janet endured everything without fighting back.


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