The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 43

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 43


An equal owner of everything he owned? That’s ridiculous! Why the h**l would he do that?

Only Achilles insane Valencian would be able to answer that.

With eyes formed into a scowl, lips pressed into displeasure and rage running hot through my veins, I stormed into his cabin. Well, I wasn’t required to knock.

His eyes snapped up from his mobile. Standing in the middle of his cabin, his features matched my emotions right now. He was glaring holes at his phone.

I knew what ran into his head. Of course he would be mad if I wouldn’t receive his non-stop calls and messages. My phone stopped vibrating as he cut the call.

“Where the h**l were you?” Throwing the phone on his desk, he fired.

“And what the h**l did you do?” I countered back, glaring at him.

The place between his thick brows crinkled. “What did I do? Shouldn’t I be asking you questions right now?” Sharp jaw ticked. “You went to meet him again!”

Now that took my attention off the previous matter.

Warner? How did he know that I was with him a while ago?

Then realization hit me.

“You!” Striding closer, I jabbed a finger into his chest. “You still have your men after me? Didn’t I tell you I don’t want them to follow me around? How dare you!”

“You were holding his hand,” he said, ignoring my question. His tone came out hard, pure jealousy and rage flashed across his eyes.

“Yes, I was. And that shouldn’t have anything to do with you! He’s my friend. I’ll hold his hand, hug him, cuddle with him. I’ll do whatever the h**l I want with him. You don’t have a say in this!”

“No, you can’t!” Pulling me against his hard chest, he wrapped one of his strong arms around my waist and grabbed the back of my neck with the other. His dark grey eyes held me captive. “No matter what he is to you, no men can touch you other than me! Did you forget that you’re only mine, my little rose? That you belong to me?”

Gulping, I tried to tame my wild heart beating down my chest. Weirdly, this side of his did something to me. His possessiveness and dominant behavior produced a fire inside me. No matter how absurd it was, my treacherous body reacted to it.

“T-that is ridiculous! I-i’m not yours.” I cringed at my own voice. It sounded croaky and meek.

“Yes, you are,” he whispered, inches away from my face. “Are you doing this to punish me, Rosebud? If you are, then I’d take anything as my punishment but not this. I can’t see you with him. Not with any other men.”

“What will you do if I say this is your punishment and I’ll meet him again and again?” I challenged.

His lips curled into a sneer, grip tightening on me. But even a flicker of fear didn’t raise in me. Because I knew, he could do anything but hurt me. At least not physically.

“Don’t make me do something that you won’t like, Rosebud. Do not play with my jealousy, because a jealous Achilles Valencian is anything but good. I don’t play really fair in love and war. And here we’re talking about both.”

My lips parted in surprise. What would he do if I don’t listen to him?

Whatever it was, it wouldn’t be definitely in Warner’s favor.

“He’s just my friend! You don’t need to go all crazy over it! We- we’re not together anymore. So just calm your a*s down!” Narrowing my eyes, I titled my head, ignoring the fact that his shoulders relaxed visibly. “You’d take any punishment for me to forgive you?”

He straightened up, eyeing me with suspicion. “Yes. Anything. And I know you’re not together anymore. I’d a conversation with Casie. But that doesn’t mean you’ll let him fly around you. That guy still has feelings for you. I don’t want him to look at you the way only I have the right to.”

I gritted my teeth. I couldn’t believe this man!

And Casie? That traitor! She talks to him about me behind my back, doesn’t she?

I knew she was always on his side!

I’d talk to her later. Now I needed to take care of this man first.

So not commenting on his insane demands, I came to the point. “You want my forgiveness or not?”

Grey eyes widened a bit. “Of course, baby. What should I do? Tell me and I’ll do it. Do you need anything? Jewelries? Or you need a car? You love puppies, right? Should I bring you one? Or dozens? What do you want, baby?”

I shook my head. Men! He thought gifts could melt my mind?

Raising my chin, I kept my voice firm. “Nothing you just mentioned right now. You’ll have to do just two things. And then I’ll consider whether to forgive you or not.”

“Consider?” He scowled.

“Take it or leave it!”

He stayed silent for a moment and then nodded. “What are those?”

“The first one is, you need to stop your men from following me around. I don’t want them to keep an eye on me like hawks everywhere I go.”

“What?” His displeasure was back. “I won’t do such a thing! They’re there for your safety, Rosebud. They aren’t going anywhere.” Tone stern.

“I’m not a child that they need to protect. I’m a big and independent girl, I can protect myself very well. And what about your declaration that you’ll do anything to make me forgive you?” I raised my brow.

A muscle of his jaw ticked. “I’d do anything. But not compromise with your safety.”

“You have to! It’s not that there’s some Mafia after me who wants to kidnap me to take revenge on my father!” My fists clenched. I’d make him agree with my decision. “Remove the guards, or no forgiveness.”

“Rosebud,” he warned, trying his infamous intimidating tone on me. But alas, I wasn’t any of his employees. And he knew it really well.

When I continued to hold his hard gaze with my defiant one, he let out a sigh.


“Alright?” Shocked, I watched him in perplexion. I wanted him to agree, but I didn’t know he’d agree that soon.

“Yes. I’ll pull my men off of your back. Happy now?” His facial expression was too blank to read.

“Promise me.”

He nodded. “I promise not to send my men after you.”

He promised. That meant he wouldn’t break it. He never broke his promises to me.

A smile broke onto my face.

“Now what’s the other one?”

My smile faltered, remembering his audacity. “You made me the equal owner of everything you belong to. Undo it. I don’t want your money! Whom did you ask before taking this decision? Did you really think I’d be interested in your property?”

The astonishment and shock in his eyes were clear. But he masked them soon, clearing his throat. “How did you know? And of course not, Rosebud. I’ll never think of you like that.”

“It doesn’t matter how did I know. And if not that, then why the h**l did you do that? I don’t have any interest in your business. Change it!”

“I’m sorry, Rosebud. I can’t agree to this condition of yours.”

“Why?” I snapped. “I said I don’t need them. Why’d everything that belongs to you would belong to me too? I’ve no right on them!”

Leaning in, he pressed his forehead against mine. “Because I belong to you, my Rosebud. Just like you belong to me. So everything that I own, automatically becomes yours. It’s the truth. And I just made it official. Nothing unexpected.”

My breath hitched, heart fluttered inside my chest. A blush rose up my cheeks.

“T-that doesn’t make any sense. I don’t need anything from you.” Why did his words have such an effect on me all the time?

“I know. But I need you to accept it. Everywhere my name will be, I want yours beside mine,” he said, peering down my soul. “And if something happens to me, I’ll rest in peace knowing that everything that I worked hard for will be in my Rosebud’s hands.”

A chill ran through my veins as something squeezed my chest at the thought of losing him. “What do you mean? What will happen to you? Don’t talk rubbish!” my voice rose as I spoke, hands fisting on his shirt.