The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 46

A chance

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 46

My breath hitched at my throat. Heart pounded down my chest.

He was talking about Sierra?

He must be. B-but, why did he need to order someone to finish her if she does anything against him?

Did he get to know I went to see her? To get information about him?

No, no. Even if he did know of my visit, how could he know that I had any kind of suspicion on him? I could visit her for any reason, right? She was my friend after all.

But that wasn’t the matter of concern right now. Sierra was in danger. He could harm her at any moment. And I couldn’t let this happen. I had to do something for her.

What secret of his did she know for him to act that vicious to the point where he’d want her to be d**d?

When he put the phone down and put it into his pocket, I whirled around and left as fast as I could, without making any noise. Thank God for the thick handcrafted carpet that covered the floor. Otherwise my heels would announce my presence even if I took a single step.

With my heart at my throat, I ran down the empty corridor and turned to a hallway that didn’t lead outside. There was a risk of him noticing me if I took that route.

Glancing over my shoulder as I took another turn, I slammed against a hard chest and the blow had me thrown backwards. But a pair of big warm hands shot out to me and pulled me back, securing me into their hold.

For a second I almost stopped breathing assuming I got caught, but then I looked up. Narrowed stormy grey eyes met mine, they held concern.

“What’s wrong with you? You could get hurt if I wasn’t here to hold you!”

Yes, I could. But you saved me.

I took a deep breath. Relief washed over me. I subconsciously stepped closer to him, casting a glance at my back. No matter what I said, I wasn’t brave enough to be alone with that man in those eerie hallways. Now that there was a whisper at the back of my mind that he knew what I was up to. Though it didn’t make any sense, he couldn’t have known about my suspicion. But still, after hearing his phone conversation, a fear etched into my mind.

But that wouldn’t stop me from exposing him.

“Rosebud?” Cupping my face, he made me look into his now hard eyes. My fists were now clenched around his black shirt. “What happened? You look scared. Is everything alright?” He glimpsed behind me. “Did anyone do or say anything to you?”

Gulping, I shook my head. “Nobody said or did anything. I’m fine, don’t worry. I-i kinda got lost around here. So, I was just looking for the exit.”

He didn’t look convinced. “You know this house quite well, Rosebud. You can’t just get lost here so easily. What are you hiding?”

“I’m not hiding anything.” Now that I got his one arm around my waist and another one softly running through my hair, I felt safe. His mere presence gave me security. “I was just looking around out of boredom and got a bit lost. There are so many hallways after all. Anyways, you came? I thought you weren’t going to join tonight’s dinner.”

Even if he was aware of my subtle way of changing the subject, he let me. His tight jaw and steely glances over my shoulder were the evidence.


His head snapped to me. “Yeah. I- I was busy with a meeting.”

What Caleb said back at their engagement party floated into my mind. My heart clenched into my chest.

“It must be difficult, isn’t it?” I whispered.

“What?” His head tilted to the side.

“Coming here,” I said. “It must be difficult for you to come to his house. The house that only brings you hurtful memories.”

His shoulders tensed as an unknown emotion flashed across his eyes.

I placed my hand against his cheek, dense stubbles p*****d my palm. “I’d tell you shouldn’t have come here. But I won’t. Because you’ve to move on, Ace. Besides those ugly memories, you also have one of the most beautiful memories of your life here. So don’t let the negativity overcome the positive sides. Until you won’t let go of the past, you won’t be able to be happy in your present.”

I didn’t want him getting hurt like this. Though he didn’t say anything, I could see it in his eyes. The emptiness, the pain. Something was eating him alive and he couldn’t express it. And worse, there was a fear in there. Behind those grey pools. Fear of something I couldn’t figure out.

“Let go of it, Ace. It’s time to move on. Don’t let the past hold your happiness and peace,” I murmured, stroking his jaw.

Heaving a breath, he pressed his forehead against mine. “Shouldn’t all of these be applied on everyone, Rosebud?”

I frowned. “Everyone who…”

Then it hit me. He was talking about me.

I averted my eyes.

He sighed. Taking my hands in his, he kissed each of my knuckles. “Come with me.”


Not answering, he led me down the hallway. Once we were at the terrace, he turned to me.

“I bought something for you.”


Taking his phone out, he typed something and then put it back inside his pocket.

“You’ll see.”

Hugging my arms around me, I rubbed my arms. “We should go downstairs. Everyone must be looking for me.”

I should be angry with him, right? After our argument at his cabin, I should give him a cold shoulder. And here I was, standing on the terrace with him alone.

Shrugging off his jacket, he secured it around me. “Here, it’ll keep you warm. Though I was enjoying looking at you in that dress.”

Heat crept up my cheeks as I tucked a strayed strand behind my ear. I didn’t wear anything fancy. Just a simple blue sleeveless sundress with a pair of black heels.

Cupping my chin, he made me meet his intense gaze. “Never hide your face from me, Rosebud. I love to see those cheeks turn all red.”

I couldn’t turn more red now. My cheeks were on flames, hurt fluttering. D**n! Would his words ever cease to affect me that much?

A clearing of a throat snatched our attention towards the door. Carter stood there with an awkward stance at the entrance with a box in his hands.

I took a step back from Ace, pulling at the jacket closer to me.

“Uh, boss. Here’s the parcel you told me to get from your car,” Carter said.

After taking the box from him, Ace nodded. “You can go now.”

Flashing me a smile, he walked away.

“What’s in that?” I eyed the box curiously.

Standing before me, he opened it, putting the contents inside on display.

Very delicious content to say.

“Chocolate cupcakes?” With wide eyes, I looked up at him, a wide grin spread across my face.

A soft smile tugged at his lips as he nodded, watching me intently. “You like them, don’t you?”

“I like them? I freaking love them!” Taking the box from him, I took a sniff. Sweet aroma wafted through my nostrils making my mouth water.

“Come here.” Taking my hand, he took me near the railings.

A squeal left my mouth as he gripped my waist and sat me on the wide surface of the railing. I didn’t dare to look down. I was sure I’ll have a heart attack.

“What are you doing? Let me down!” I tried to get off, but he only parted my knees and stepped between them, wrapping his arms around me.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.” Placing the box beside me, he took out one cupcake and held it against my lips. “Now you can eat comfortably.”

When his grip tightened around me, I relaxed and took the cupcake from his hand, biting into it. A m**n slipped my mouth as soon as the soft as cotton stuff melted into my mouth. There was even chocolate cream inside it. It was so d**n delicious!

“It’s so good! Where did you get them?” I put my phone beside the box and occupied my other hand with another one. While I devoured on them like a woman hungry for years, he just watched me silently. A serenity held those stormy grey eyes. And that did something serious damage to my heart.

“I didn’t buy them from anywhere. I made them myself,” saying, he wiped the corner of my lips with his thumb and put it inside his mouth.

A shiver ran down my body.

Ignoring his act, I focused on his words. “You made them? For me?”

He chuckled. “Whom else would I spend my precious time to do these efforts for?”

I just stared at him.

Leaning in, he grabbed my hand and made himself have a bite on the half eaten cupcake. “Only for my Rosebud.” Eyes didn’t move from mine.

My breath hitched at my throat when he took my thumb into his mouth and s****d the chocolate off it. His hot tongue circling my thumb while his teeth bit into my skin gently.

“Delicious,” he rasped. Letting it go, he took my index finger next in between his lips. Somehow he was closer than before, inches away from me. One of his hands brushed the side of my t***h, gradually rising high, inching closer to my inner one.

I tried to close my legs but his form didn’t let me. Something tugged at my lower region with his heady scent around me, his mouth around my finger and his burning touch against my skin.

“W-what are you doing?” I somehow managed to stutter out, breathing heavily. Pulling my finger from his lips, I removed his hand. But his other hand squeezed my hip on the other side.

“Touching my Rosebud.” Moving my hair away from my shoulder, he put his head at the crook of my neck and inhaled sharp.

Long forgotten the cupcakes, I now squirmed into his hold as his big callused hand squeezed one of my t****s. Another heat shot through me.

“S-stop,” I whispered, biting my lip.

Letting out a groan, he palmed my inner t***h and my treacherous body let him.

“I can’t!” saying, he slammed his mouth against me, capturing my lips into his scorching ones.

And my eyes just went shut on their own. Not caring about my ruined hands, I clutched his collar and pulled him closer, wrapping my legs around him.

He didn’t waste any time to thrust his tongue inside my mouth and nor did I hesitate to join him in the battle. He explored every corner of my mouth and I let him, shivering in ecstasy. Suddenly I felt hot under the cool weather. Too hot to be normal. I could feel my dress riding up my mid t****s, and his hands roaming and feeling them. A desperate m**n left my mouth. I needed more. I wanted more of his touch. I wanted to feel his skin against mine. So slipping my hands under his shirt, I ran my hands over his taut abs and hard sculpted chest.

Letting out a rough groan, he pulled me at the edge of the railing and I tightened my legs around him. And then I felt it. Him. Right against me. Hard and hot.

A gasp slipped through my lips as he pushed his hips against mine, emitting a loud m**n from me.

“My rose,” his husky yet rough voice murmured against my neck as he s****d on the skin on the junction where my shoulder met my neck. “I need you. I need you so f*****g much!”

I let out a shaky breath, my hands tugging at his hair. My lips parted when he left some more marks on my throat. They would definitely leave hickeys. But I didn’t care at that moment, I was too lost into his touches and kisses.

Until my gaze fell onto his knuckles.

Every gaze before my eyes cleared up.

I tried to push him away but he ignored me. So I used more strength. And this time, he did pull away. With a confusion etched into his darkened eyes, he watched me in perplexion.

“What’s it?” I pointed at his swollen knuckles. There weren’t any cuts like before but they were bruised. “You hurt yourself again?”

His gaze hardened. “I didn’t realize.”

My jaw clenched. “You didn’t realize? Are you even hearing yourself? You hurt yourself again and again and you don’t even realize? What’s wrong with you?”

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Don’t worry, these are nothing. It happens sometimes when people do too many work outs.”

I shook my head, my blood ran hot through my veins. And this time not because of his touch, because of his careless behavior towards himself. “They aren’t there because you work out too much. They’re there because you’re careless! Because you don’t even care if you’re hurt! You do this on purpose, don’t you, Ace? I told you to stop this, but you didn’t listen. Why do you do that? Why do you hurt yourself like that?”

He watched me with something intense in those grey pools. “Once you’re in my arms forever, they won’t happen again.”


“Because you’ll be always there to keep me sane and in check.”

I didn’t understand it. Why would he hurt himself to keep himself sane.

He loses himself so much into his work out that he doesn’t even care if he’s hurt or not. And only I can keep himself sane?

Cupping my cheeks, his eyes now held desperation. “Give us a chance, Rosebud. Give me a chance to be a part of your life. Give me a chance to hold you in my arms for the rest of my life. Just one chance, baby. I promise, I’ll make it worth it. I know I hurt you. But I’ll spend my whole life making it up to you. I promise I’ll spend myself whole just to bring a single smile on your lips. I’ll never make you cry again. Just,” he gulped, “give me a chance. I love you so f*****g much, my Rosebud. Without you in my arms, I had spent the seven years in living h**l. I can’t do this anymore. Please forgive me. I beg you. Just give me a chance, Rosebud. Just one chance.”

A tear rolled down my cheek. With my heart thudding inside my chest, I fisted my hands into b***s. Fierce emotions slammed into my chest into hefty waves.

“Will you forgive me, Rosebud? Will you give me a chance?” he asked again, his eyes searching mine for answers.


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