The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 47

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Running my palm over the smooth fabric one more time, I took a deep breath and opened the door. With every step down the stairs the ends of my gown flared more, providing a feel of a princess ascending down the staircase towards the prince charming of hers.

But for me, my annoying best friend stood down, not even looking at me. She was too busy applying her dark red lipstick holding a small mirror before her dolled up face. The light blue mermaid gown with her blonde curls resting over her shoulders looked stunning on her.

Hearing me approaching, her eyes looked up to me. And her jaw dropped down.

“Holy s**t!” She glanced up and down my whole structure. “This is the first time I’m feeling ashamed to be straight as a stick. D**n! Achilles is a lucky a*s!”

I laughed. “Look who’s talking. See yourself in the mirror first.”

She shrugged. “I just did. Thanks for the not direct compliment though.”

I shook my head. “Where’s Beth?”

Her lips twisted in displeasure. “She’s gonna meet us directly at the venue. Again got caught up with her boyfriend problem.”

I sighed. “Alright, c’mon. Let’s see if Tess is ready yet.”

“As ready as her pimple,” she said, chuckling.

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

And then I heard the chaos inside the bride’s room.

Pushing at the door, I walked inside.

In a beautiful white Cinderella wedding gown, with her blonde locks wrapped into a low bun on the back of her neck and slightly heavy make-up on her face, she looked gorgeous. As usual. But she looked anything but pleased at this moment.

Facing upwards, she tried her best not to let the tears in her eyes fall. One of her friends was telling her to take deep breaths and not panic.

“Tess, stop crying! Do you want your eyes to look swollen in the pictures? This thing isn’t even visible now. You’re looking beautiful, honey!” said Mom, calming her down.

Then my eyes fell on her right cheek. A small not too visible pimple poked its head through the layers of make-up. Though it wasn’t noticeable unless you looked closely.

Tess shook her head, tears brimming into her eyes. “I’m not! I can see it clearly! Why did it happen to me! All I wanted was for this wedding to go smoothly. Now I’ll have to see this on my wedding photos for the rest of my life!”

Mom sighed, defeated. And then she looked at me. Her eyes lit up.

“Oh my! Look at you, you’re looking so beautiful!” She pulled me into a brief hug before pulling away. “I didn’t even realize when both of my babies got so big.” Casting a glance at Tess and then me, she sniffled.

“Mom, now you don’t start also. We’ve Tess to handle now,” saying, I turned to Tess.

Her eyes glued to my gown, lips parted. “You look… wait, even though you’re looking gorgeous in this dress, why didn’t wear the one I got you for my wedding?”

“Thank you. You’re looking more than just gorgeous today!” I smiled. “And about this dress… I thought it’d look more good with your bridesmaids.”

She asked me to be her maid of honor last night and I couldn’t deny. Due to our previous conflicts, she couldn’t ask me earlier even though she didn’t let any of her friends be her maid of honor. Because she wanted it to be me. So I agreed.

Her face dropped again. “Yeah, everyone is looking so perfect except me.”

“You’re looking stunning, Tess! The most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. Everyone is going to love your look.”

My assurance didn’t affect her at all as a drop of tear slid down her cheek.

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Tess, answer me a question. Why are you getting married today?”

“Huh?” Her brows narrowed.

“Why are you getting through all of this?” I asked again.

“For Caleb.”

I nodded. “Exactly. So do you think he would care if you’ve a little pimple on your cheek on your wedding day? Do you think he can see any other things other than the girl whom he loves so much walking down the aisle for him?”


And then she shook her head. “No. He doesn’t care about these things.”

“See. Then why are you being so restless? You’re doing this for him, and if he doesn’t have any problem with your pimple, then shouldn’t you just leave it and enjoy the most important day of your life?”

“You’re right. But… what about the photos?”

Casie rolled her eyes beside me while Mom pinched the bridge of her nose. If we didn’t leave now, we’d get late.

“We can always just edit them, Tess. And this won’t be visible in the camera much. And if it does, then we’ve a solution for this already. Now can you calm down and let those girls give you a finishing touch so that we can leave?”

Now seemed to be at much more ease than before, she flashed me a smile and finally calmed down.


“It’s your turn, hon,” Dad said, with Tess’s arm around his as they were waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle.

After all the bridesmaids skipped off ahead, came the turn of the maid of honor. Me.

Nodding my head, I took a deep breath and stepped ahead. The pace of the slow music around the gleeful ambience didn’t match my pounding heart. As if I was the one getting married, not my sister.

The flutters in my tummy went berserk as soon as I stepped into everyone’s sight. But it wasn’t the people’s stare or cheers that made my heart thump, it was the man my eyes searched for.

Returning everyone’s smile, with my chin held high, I walked down the aisle with poise. Caleb stood there with his usual bright smile as he nodded at me which I returned with my own. Tobias and other of his friends stood beside him, all in well-groomed black tuxedos. But there wasn’t a certain person I was looking for.

The groom’s best man.

And then I saw him.

Flaunting a creased forehead, with his eyes on his phone, he walked up to Caleb and stood beside him. And when those grey orbs lifted up and caught mine, I stopped breathing for a moment.

As if subconsciously, he took a step ahead, the frown on his forehead disappeared, grey eyes clashed with mine until they glided down my body. His lips parted. An emotion that flashed across his face directly hit my already fluttering heart.

Heat rose up my neck to my cheeks under his scorching gaze. I was sure I turned a deep shade of red, matching the color of my gown.

The gown he gifted me.

I was glad I didn’t wear it before. It wouldn’t have held the importance it did today. My action would speak what my words couldn’t say.

Last night he asked me a question.

And here was my answer.

When I reached the altar, he gave me his hand and I took it. His gaze didn’t leave my face as he pulled me closer. So many emotions swirled across his stormy grey eyes but the one that stood out, was light, happiness. Though an eagerness fought along.

“Dude, we’re here to attend Caleb’s wedding. Not yours,” one of the groomsmen joked as the crowd cackled with mirth.

Blushing, I stepped away. When he didn’t move from his place, continuing to watch me, I pointed towards the aisle. Tess walked through the red carpet along Dad, a beautiful bouquet in her hand and a blinding smile on her face. Seeing the bride’s arrival, he finally stepped back and let Caleb settle at the middle of the altar.

Both of the bride and groom’s gaze didn’t move from each other as they stood before the priest after Dad handed her hand to Caleb. The love and adoration shone in their eyes as they took the vows to cherish and care for each for the rest of their lives.

During the whole ceremony his eyes didn’t move from me. His jaw ticked, fists clenched and unclenched. An annoyance plastered on his handsome face.

“Can you finish it already?” He glared holes on the priest. At the command of his deep dark voice, that poor man sped up his lines.

“Man, shouldn’t I be the impatient one? Your girl isn’t going to run anywhere. Easy there,” Caleb murmured to him, making Tess giggle and me turn beetroot.

Casie bumped her shoulder with mine, winking at me. I ignored her.

And as soon as the priest announced the bride and groom as husband and wife, he didn’t wait a second before striding to me.

Grabbing my hand, he dragged me away from the altar.

“Ace, what are you doing? I need to be there right now.”

“Trust me, Rosebud. Nobody in the world needs you more than I do right now.”

And then I let him drag me behind him.

His tight grip around my hand told his impatience. But a figure became a hindrance to his way.

Halting at his track, his shoulders tensed. His nostrils flared as his sharp jaw ticked. “What the f**k you’re doing here?”

“I need to talk to Em,” Warner replied, his features stoic.

His grip around my hand tightened. “You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here? Who let you in?”

D**n! At the end it had to happen, hadn’t it? The thing I was fearing. Last night when I didn’t give Ace any answer, I felt how his mood went to a dark path though he didn’t show it to me. And his meeting Warner didn’t seem to be a good idea at all with his darkened mood. So messaging Casie, I had her take Warner away with some excuse from the function. I felt guilty, but I didn’t want a scene at Tess’s rehearsal dinner.

I put a hand on his arm, Warner’s gaze followed the act.

“Ace, please. Don’t start anything here. He was invited to the wedding,” I said softly.

His flashing grey eyes met mine. “I don’t care if he’s invited or not. He’s not staying here.” Turning to Warner, he hissed, “Leave!”

“Ace!” I gasped. “He’s my friend. You can’t talk to him like that.”

“It’s okay, Em. I don’t care what he says. I came here for you. I need to discuss something important with you.” Putting on a tight smile, he pushed his hands into his pockets.

“She won’t go anywhere with you.” The deep greek accent sent shivers down my spine. His enraged eyes cut through Warner.

But Warner held his gaze. “Let her take the decision, shall we?”

God! This isn’t happening! I didn’t plan my day anything like this. I totally forgot that he’d be here out of excitement for my meeting with Ace.

Taking a threatening step forward, he spoke in a low voice, “Do not try to cross my path, Mr. Wilson. I’m warning you for the last time. You won’t like the outcome, trust me.”

Though Warner kept a nonchalant face, he did take a step back. The fleeting fear flashing across his eyes for a second didn’t go missed by me.

I pulled Ace back and turned to Warner, casting him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, Warner. I’ve to go right now. But I’ll meet you in a bit, alright?”

His jaw clenched but he didn’t say anything. Nodding his head, he gave one last glance at Ace who was still murdering him with his glare and walked away.

I turned to him. “What was that? You were flat rude!”

Ignoring my accusation, he grabbed my waist and dragged me with him again. Once before an unoccupied room, he pushed the door open and locked us inside.

“What are you doing…” My words caught at my throat as he pinned me against the door. Leaning in, he snuggled his face at the crook of my neck.

“This dress…. Tell me what I’m thinking is true, Rosebud. Tell me you wore this for me,” he groaned out, taking a sharp intake of breath.

And with that, all my irritation went out of the window. My heart beat was fast as a tingling sensation ran across my skin with his hard body pressing against mine. The intoxicating strokes of his hands on my curves sent my nerves to a haywire.

“Tell me, Rosebud. I’m being impatient here. I’ve waited too long. I can’t anymore. Did you wear it for me?” Pulling away, he pressed his forehead against mine.

“Isn’t this dress an answer to your questions already? Do I need to say anything?” I whispered, gazing into his soul.

He shook his head, a torment etched into those grey orbs. “I need to hear it from your mouth. Tell me. Did you… did you finally forgive me? Did you decide to give us a chance?”

A smile spread across my face, my eyes burning with the hefty waves of emotions slamming into my chest.

“Yes!” I gulped down my tears. A happiness bloomed into my heart. “I forgave you…”

And again I was cut off by him. But this time with his lips. Which I appreciated a lot.

Breathless once he pulled away, I was greeted with a blinding smile on his face. Grey eyes shone with felicity and content as he cupped my face. “You truly forgave me, Rosebud?”

I nodded, lost into his smile. He was breathtaking. How did I get so lucky?

Letting out laugh, he pulled me closer and littered kisses all over my face and neck. “Thank you! Thank you so much, baby! You don’t know what you gave me today!”

A fit of giggle left my lips with his non-stop kisses as I leaned more into him. Yes, it took me some time to forgive him completely, to understand his reasons for why he pushed me away. Though it still hurt, I couldn’t stay mad at the decision he took in the worst time of his life. And the most important thing was, he only wanted my well-being. Even after forgiving him, I held myself back to give myself some time to process everything. And now even my patience was over. I couldn’t stay away from him anymore.

From the man my heart beats for.

Placing a lingering kiss on my lips, he peered into my eyes. “So now I can call you mine?”

I raised my brow. “I thought you already declared that.”

A musical chuckle reverberated through his chest. “Well, I declared what’s the truth. You’re mine.”

Brushing the pad of his thumb on my lower lips, he whispered, “Only mine.”

His lips latched onto my mouth again, his hungry tongue battling against my eager one. “You don’t know how happy I’m today, Rosebud. You’ve freed me from my years of torment. Thank you so much, baby. I promise, I’ll make it up to you for the rest of my life.”

“You better,” I said, breathless from his scorching kisses.

His hands reached behind me to cup my butt. Giving my cheeks a hard squeeze, he scooped me up, making me wrap my legs around his hips. Even though in this heavy gown it was really uncomfortable, I didn’t care. Nor did he. We were more concentrated on our kiss instead.

When his hand slipped under my gown, going up my t***h, his rough big hand palming it, I let out a m**n. God! I needed more! I needed this man!

Letting out a groan, he ran his hand against my b**e skin, deepening the kiss. “I love you, my rose. I love you so f*****g much!”

A warmth surged through my chest. Even in the kiss, a serene smile stretched across my lips. And then the words I’d been hiding in my heart for years slipped through my lips.

“I love you too!”


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