The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 50

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 50

In the shadow of his car, his hot calloused hand trailed up under my gown to my t***h. His flaming touch left a scorch behind on my skin, followed by my ragged breath and racing heart.

Wiggling on his lap, I pushed his hand away, glancing over the driver who was silently weaving the car through the road.

“Your driver can see us!” I whispered.

A grumble reverberated through his chest but his mouth didn’t hesitate to fall on my cleavage. Due to our passionate make out and his p*****t hand’s trying to pull down on my gown from my chest as much as he can, my neckline was much lower than it’d be appropriate before the public eyes.

But Achilles Valencian seemed to be enjoying the sight very much.

When he tried to lower my neckline more for his lustful gaze, I slapped his hand away again.


Cursing under breath, he leaned in and did something before his dark smoldering grey eyes met mine. “Now he can’t see us. What excuse do you have now to stop me, my rose?”

Turning back, I found the window that separated the front from the passenger seat closed.

His hand crept up my legs to my t****s again, his hot breath fanning my neck. “So f*****g soft. My mouth is craving to taste every inch of your skin.”

A shiver ran down my entire body that was burning from his touch along the heat that crept up my cheeks. Biting my lip to stop a m**n that threatened to spill, I closed my legs halting his movement.

“S-stop,” I stuttered out.

Even if every pore of my body screamed for more of his touch, I was suddenly very shy. No one had ever touched me so intimately.

Groaning, he pulled me closer and adjusted my body in a way so that I was now straddling him.

“I can’t stop tonight, my rose. I’ve waited for this moment for so long,” rasping out, he gripped my neck and slammed his mouth on mine. A m**n slipped from my lips as his hot tongue massaged my eager one, exploring every inch of my mouth.

I gasped as he cupped my bottom under my gown and pushed my hip against his. I shuddered at the feel of his hardness right under me. A delicious painful tug in my lower region had me quiver for more.

And then I found myself moving my hips against his. Letting out an animalistic groan, he pushed me on the expensive wide leather seat and captured my lips once again. With my legs around his hips, I pulled him closer.

“Ace,” his name came out as a whimper with him s*****g on my neck, shoulder and everywhere his greedy mouth could reach.

“F**k! I need you, baby! I need you so f*****g much!” he cursed against my lips.

And just as his hand trailed to my back and pulled on the chain of my gown, a knock landed on the window.

“Mr. Valencian, we’re here!”

And only then I noticed the car had stopped moving.

Seeing his scowling face and still eager touches, I let out a giggle. Leaning in, I pecked his lips. “Let’s go inside, Mr. Valencian. You can carry on later.”

“Oh, trust me. I’ll do more than just carrying on.”

I clenched my t****s at his dark promise as he got out of the car and helped me out as well. He didn’t even let me bid the drived a goodnight. Scooping me into his arms, he carried me inside.

The moment we were secure inside the closed door of his penthouse, our bodies clashed into each other as two thirsty souls trying to quest their thirst they had for years.

My hands were in his hair when his were everywhere he could reach. And my arching my body more into him indicated my eagerness.

But then I pulled away entirely, breathing hard. Flaunting a deep frown when he tried to reach me again, I took another step back.

Biting my lip, I shook my head. “I’m roaming around like this the entire day. I need a shower.”

“No need to shower. You’re smelling delicious!”

I slapped his hand away as he tried to touch me again, causing a muscle of his jaw tick.

“Rosebud,” he warned. “I’m in no mood for games. I need you, now.”

My eyes flickered down to his junior. I l****d my lips at the marvelous view of his want for me.

“I’m not playing games. I just need a shower.” Winking at him, I walked into his bedroom, ignoring the groan of his.

A blush rose up my cheeks at the memory of my first time coming here. And the second time. This was the room when we kissed for the first time.

And this room will be the witness of our becoming one too.

My heart pounded in my chest as I heard his heavy footsteps behind me. Another tug in my lower region. My insides were quivering for him. So biting my lip, I trudged before the washroom door and reached my hand to the zipper of my gown that was already half undone.

I pulled the chain down. Glancing over my shoulder, my wanting eyes met his dark stormy grey as I let my dress fall on the floor, leaving my half n***d body for his sight.

A curse left his lips, his hands fisted into b***s.

With goosebumps erupting across my skin with his scorching gaze on me, I turned my body to him and slowly undone my bra too. And soon it followed my dress on the floor around my feet.

He took a deep breath, his lips parted. Those grey pools of his didn’t leave my b**e chest for a second.

And then went my panties too.

Licking my lips, I turned around and walked into the washroom, leaving the door ajar. And he knew of my invitation for him to join.

A smile tugged on my lips as the hot water trickled down my body. I didn’t know where I got so much boldness, but I just felt it. Only for him. Every shyness flew out the window when he watched me with so much want into his eyes.

I didn’t even get the time to flinch from the washroom door slamming shut as I was pinned against the wall with his hard and very n***d frame. His mouth on mine and hands everywhere.

“You shouldn’t have teased me, sweetheart. You know what’s the punishment for teasing the beast?” he whispered, biting my lower lip.

“No…” a m**n slipped my lips, my eyes went shut as his hands made their way to my chest.

“It’s a very sweet and torturous punishment, my rose,” his dark husky voice rasped into my ear, taking my earlobe in between the heat of his lips. “This beast will take his beauty again and again until she gets unconscious from the intense pleasures he will be giving her tonight as her punishment.”

“Ace…” I whimpered at his words.

And then there was no going back.

I clung to him like my life depended on him as he made his territory on my chest, leaving the marks of his hands and mouth across my skin. M***s and g****s echoed throughout the washroom along the relentless pouring water on the tiled floor as he weaved his way to the places of my body where no one ever reached before.

Our mouths didn’t detach from each other when he carried me to his bed not caring about our bodies dripping wet.

Placing a kiss on my forehead, he peered into my soul. “You ready?”

With my body still recovering from the heights he had taken me again and again just moments ago in the shower, I nodded my head.

“You’re sure, baby? I know it’s your first time. We can wait some time more if you want,” he asked, hovering above me. His fingers stroked my cheek gently.

Warmth surged through my chest at his gesture. Even when he was at the verge of losing control, he was thinking of me. I could feel his tense shoulders, ragged breath and hard and rigid…

Another blush rose up my cheeks.

Snaking my arms around his neck, I pulled him closer and captured his lips in a hungry kiss. “I want you, Ace.”

Groaning, he reciprocated my kiss with ferocity. And just then I felt him against me. A delicious shudder ran down my spine.

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips.

“I love you too!”

And then the rest of the night the only thing I felt was immense pleasure and undying lust. The rhythm of our bodies and labored breathing were all I knew. Our m***s and g****s echoing throughout the room were all I could hear.