The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 53

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 53

That freaking back stabber!

How could he betray his own nephew like that? He joined hands with Antonio for what? To defame his own family?

What would he gain if Valencian Corp’s reputation ruins in the market? Wouldn’t it harm his bank balance too?

I knew he was not what he showed to the world. But today, after talking to Liza I got to know what a snake he was. Winning Ace’s trust he was now trying to stab him on the back while remaining in the shadow.

And Ace had no idea about this. I had to tell him. But I had no idea exactly how to start this conversation. I knew what was the truth, but I didn’t have any physical proof to show him. Will he believe my words?

Suddenly I halted at my way seeing a certain person I hated with everything in me. Red freaking witch!

Before the conference room, she was talking and giggling with Matt batting her fake eyelashes. And she wore another red dress today.

I almost forgot that the Arabs had a meeting at the office. Arthur’s matter occupied my brain too much to remember anything else.

“Ms. Hutton?”

I turned to Carter who had a surprised look etched on his face.

“I thought you weren’t coming today. Boss said you were on a leave?”

Ignoring his question, I turned to the witch again. “How many meetings will be happening with the Arabs?”

“Umm, I’m not sure, Ms. Hutton. But until the project finishes, it’ll occur several times.”

I glanced at him, pressing my lips together. Several times? No way in the h**l I’d let that witch roam around this office that many times. And definitely not around my man.

Straightening up, I held his gaze. “I don’t care how many times the Arabs come here for the meetings. But make sure she,” I pointed to that witch, “doesn’t step into this building from now on.”

His forehead creased, confusion was clear in his eyes. “But, Ms. Hutton, she’s Mr. Hakimi’s secretary. She’ll be needed here during the meetings. I don’t think Mr. Hakimi would like this ban on his secretary.”

“I’ll talk to him myself. Don’t worry about him. Just do as I say.”


“No buts. I don’t want that girl in this office from now on. Is that clear?” my voice full of command as I spoke. I didn’t want to take advantage of the position Ace had given me by making me an equal owner of everything he owned, but I didn’t have any other way to get rid of that witch.

With eyes as saucers, he nodded his head. “O-of course, Ms. Hutton. You won’t see her here again.”

I smiled. “Good. Now please carry on with your job. Is Ace in his cabin now?”

“Yes, Ms. Hutton. He is in there.”

Nodding, I turned around and sauntered away.

Not needing the necessity of knocking before entering his office, I pushed the door open and walked inside with a bright smile plastered onto my face. I hadn’t seen him since the morning. And I was already missing him.


I was halted at the presence of two other persons who were in the room along Ace. Three pairs of eyes fell on me, leaving me dumbfounded.

S**t! Carter didn’t inform me that Ace was in a meeting in his cabin. The dense ambience around the room told me about the seriousness of the meeting.

Arthur was standing close to the door, as if he was just about to walk out.

My expression immediately turned stoic as soon as my gaze met his already hard ones. Something unreadable also swirled around his dark orbs.

Freaking traitor!

Averting my eyes, my eyes fell on the man around Ace’s age sitting at the opposite of Ace. He was the same man Casie was staring at on Tess’s reception.

And then I gazed at my man.

Those grey eyes were narrowed, watching me silently.

Did I disturb? Of course, I did!

“Uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a meeting going on,” I said, sheepishly.

“It’s a general courtesy to knock before you enter someone’s cabin, Emerald. You don’t just barge in like that.” Arthur’s voice held displeasure.

“She doesn’t need to knock to enter her own cabin, Arthur.” Ace’s response was quick. Though his tone was full of authority, he was polite. The respect he used during talking to his uncle always.

Arthur’s brows raised. “Her cabin?”

“Everything that’s mine is my Rosebud’s. I thought you were aware of the fact already.” He tilted his head.

While Arthur’s face tightened as he flashed a smile of understanding at Ace, mine turned all red.

Even though for how many times he had shown his affection towards me before the world, I still managed to blush at that.

“I’ll see you later.” With that, Arthur threw me another glance and got out of the door.

Turning back, I found the stranger’s eyes on me, watching me with raised brows. Then standing up, he strolled towards me and gave me his hand for a shake.

“Hello. I’m Duncan. It’s very nice to meet you,” his deep Italian accent spoke. Striking blue eyes held curiosity in them as they watched me.

With six feet something height, strong built structure, sharp jaw, dark brown locks and an extremely handsome face, he looked every girl’s dark fantasy.

If I wasn’t already absolutely lost into my Greek god, I’d have a crush on him too. Just like my best friend. I could understand why she couldn’t take her eyes off of him that night. But for me, he was just a handsome face now. My eyes were only for my Greek caveman.

I could already feel his flaming glare on this Italian.

Smiling, I shook his hand. “Hi! I’m Emerald, Emerald Hutton. Nice to meet you too!”

“I know. I saw you in the reception. Though we couldn’t meet personally, well, my friend here was too busy dragging his beautiful lady love away from the party to introduce her to anyone,” he said, casting a glance at Ace whose jaw was tight at our still joined hands.

“Enough of shaking hands, back off now, De Sylvano!” Greek accent deep.

Smirking, he retracted his hand and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Easy there, fratello! Taken women isn’t my thing. No matter how stunning they’re.”

Heat crept up my cheeks while my caveman’s nostrils flared.

“Duncan De Sylvano, I’d like you to leave right now if you want our partnership to keep going,” he warned, leaning towards his desk.

Duncan’s smirk stayed intact. Both powerful men held each other’s gaze. “So what I heard is true then. Ruthless cold Achilles Valencian finally got his salvation. That’s why I was wondering why less people were getting fired around your companies. Because now the beast has someone to tame him down.”

Ace cocked his head. “Beast? Look who’s talking. Doesn’t the ruthless word suit you more than me?”

Duncan let out a small chuckle. “Anyways, we’re meeting tomorrow night with the Russians, right?”

“Yes. Hope things go as we planned.”

The Italian nodded. “Amen to that. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Turning to me, he flashed a polite smile and walked out of the cabin.

“You!” My head snapped to the devil behind the huge desk. Stormy grey eyes hard as he beckoned me to him. “Come here.”

A shiver ran down my spine. But as if my legs had their own mind, they slowly trudged near him.

Placing the purse on his desk when I was within his reach, his hand shot out and pulled me into his lap. A gasp slipped through my lips.

One hand around the back of my neck and the other one around my waist, he scorching gaze held me prisoner. “What were you doing just some moments ago, Rosebud?”

“W-what did I do?”

His grip tightened as he brought his face closer to mine. My eyes fell onto his plump firm lips.

“What did you do? You were checking out some other man in front of me and you’re asking what did you do?” His jaw ticked. “Did you forget last night, my rose? Did you forget what I did to you? Did you forget the marks I left on your body while claiming you as mine?”

Goosebumps crawled up my skin at the memories of last night. Clenching my t****s, I l****d my lips. Grey orbs followed the act.

Feeling his rough stubble, I pressed myself against him. “Mind reminding me again, your highness?”

A groan left his mouth, but the tightness of his jaw didn’t soften.

Leaning in, I kissed the corner of his lips. “I wasn’t checking him out. I was just seeing what Casie saw in him that she just couldn’t tear her eyes off of him. My eyes are only for you, don’t worry.”

Watching me for a moment, his form slowly relaxed. I inwardly shook my head at him. Stubborn possessive caveman!

Pulling me closer, he snuggled his face into my neck while I slumped into him. The heady cologne of his filled my lungs with a feel of home.

My eyes fluttered close as he littered some butterfly kisses across my neck. His hand massaged the back of my head softly. At the moment, I let go of everything that ran in my head and just listened to the rhythm of his heartbeats.

“I told you to rest. What are you doing here then?” he mumbled, tightening his grip around me as if I’d disappear somewhere. “I was just coming home back to you.”

Home? Did he- did he mean our home?

A warmth surged through my chest.

“I was missing you.” It wasn’t a whole lie. I was missing him the moment he left the penthouse.

I wanted to tell him about Liza and Sierra. But I wanted to talk to Warner first. Maybe his cousin managed to get some proof against Arthur by now?

He stayed silent for a moment and then lifted my face up, making me look at him. “I’ve a surprise for you.”

My whole mood brightened at once. “What surprise?”

He chuckled, capturing my lips in a soft kiss. But his kiss lingered for too long for my impatient self.

Pulling away, much to his dismay, I snaked my arms around his neck. “What surprise?”

“Too many things have been going on recently. So I thought you’d like to get away from this place for some time.”

“We’re going somewhere? As in a vacation?” I squealed like a small kid getting their Christmas gift.

A breathtaking smile tugged on his lips, grey eyes roaming across my features with full of love and adoration. “Yes. A vacation just for two of us.”

“Where? When are we going?”

“Relax, Rosebud. It’s a surprise. Have some patience, will you?” He ran his nose over my jaw. “And we’re leaving tomorrow night, after the meeting with the Russians.”

I pouted. I hated it not knowing where he was taking me. “Is it out of the US?”

Amusement danced in his eyes. “We’ll see once we reach there.”

Huffing, I put my head back on his chest.

Chuckling, he trailed his hand under my dress. A shiver shot through my body as his fingers glided up my t***h.

“Are you still sore, baby?” his hot breath fanned my neck.

Hiding my face more into his chest, I nodded my head. The slight pinch of discomfort was still there. “A little.”

He let out a groan. “Take another painkiller. I’ll go mad if I don’t have you tonight.”

I bit my lip at the painful tug at my lower region. I could already feel the burning desire running hot through my veins. My hand sneaked up to his hair, tugging them softly.

He breathed into my neck. “I love you so much, my rose.”

My lips parted at his hot lips against my skin and scorching touch on my t****s. Those p*****t hands of his slowly crept up to my butt.

Pulling away, I brought his head down and captured his lips in a hungry kiss. And he responded immediately with his punishing one.

“I love you too!”


Walking down the hallway, I called Warner for the second time but he didn’t receive his phone. I even left him a message after meeting Liza, but he didn’t even answer to that.

I wanted to ask him if he found out more about Arthur. But he wasn’t even responding to any of my calls or messages.

Where was he?

I was getting impatient now. I needed to talk to Ace. But I was too afraid to ruin the beautiful phase we were going through.

I wish I had taken his cousin’s number from him.

Sighing, when I punched the green button again, a gasp slipped from my lips as I felt a tug on my arm and was harshly pulled into a dark room I hadn’t entered before.