The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 57

Missing him

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 57

What? M******d?

I stilled, his words were slowly processing in my head.

“W-what are you talking about? Everyone knows he did s*****e. And I even know why he did that. Ace told me everything.”

I heard him scoffing.

“Your Ace definitely lied to you again. Just like did every time. Just like he created a sham to break your heart.”

I ignored his jab and the urge to right his words. Though he was right, there was a truth behind that act also.

“How do you know that his father was m******d? Who told you that?”

“Digging out Arthur’s truth as we got to know what illegal businesses he runs, I had a suspicion that Achilles could have some connections with his uncle’s activities. I mean, Arthur was doing all these under his nose and he had no idea about it? Now that sounds a little unbelievable. So I told my cousin to look into Achilles’s past. And look what I found.”

I let out a breath of disbelief.

If he was m******d then why everyone, even the media said he did s*****e back then? And why did Ace lie to me about it?

“Do you have any proof? What made you believe that he was m******d? And who’d m****r him and why?”

“Rich people, they can do anything with money, even hiding evidence, Em. After his d***h, even the forensic reports said he was m******d. But the Valencians fed some cash to the cops and all settled out,” he said. “Your Achilles Valencian did a good job of wiping off all the evidence of the m****r and any mentions of the person who did the crime. So we didn’t get any proof except some words from a person who was a former cop involved back then in the case. And when we asked him if he would give any statement about it to the police, he replied with a big no. We only could make him spit out this information once we got him drunk at a local bar.”

Shocked, I slumped on the bed. His voice rang into my head again and again.

His father was m******d and he destroyed every evidence against the criminal?

Who was he trying to save? And could I even trust Warner’s information? Did Ace really do it?

But my heart said he couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t save his own father’s m******r.

“D-did that man tell you that Ace did it? He bribed the cops?”

“He said ‘the man from Valencians’ side’. And as Arthur wasn’t in the country at that moment and Caleb was too good to even think of that, who do you think would do that if not Achilles?” he asked, tone mocking. “What a great man you love, Em. The man who saves his own father’s m******r.”

My jaw clenched. “Warner, you don’t know the whole truth. So I’d suggest you not to reach any conclusion so soon! I know Ace, he’d never do that! He loved his father!”

He did, before he knew his father’s real face.

And I meant what I said. Yes, I was shook at the revelation. But I wouldn’t doubt him like that. I’d just directly ask him. And for that I needed him to come home.

“You don’t understand, Em. Something really fishy is going on. That Achilles, he isn’t the right person for you! He’s only manipulating you into his trap…”

“I’ll talk to you later.” With that, I cut the call.

A headache started to form into my head. Keeping the phone aside, I rubbed my temples.

I had no strength to argue with him right now. All the mess spilling into my life from the last few months was rising up an exhaustion in me. Why were there so many questions out there and I had no answers?

And the person who could relive me from the torture, wasn’t ready to open up to me.

I had tried to tell him about Arthur so many times, but every time I chickened out thinking I could ruin our relationship out of my rush decisions. But now that I finally was ready to tell him everything with Liza’s subtle confession, Arthur’s threat to destroy him stopped me.

Was Arthur talking about this? Something that related to Ace’s father’s m****r and his protecting the real culprit? But what could it be that’s lethal enough to ruin him?

And is this secret also connected to Ace’s fear of losing me?

D-did he think once I found out that how he closed the police’s mouth to hide a crime, I’d leave him?

Letting out a frustrated breath, I picked up my phone and called him again. But again it went to freaking voicemail!

And my hours passed like that. Half asleep half awake, waiting for him. But he didn’t return. Nor did he call. I even called Carter to see if he knew anything, but even he didn’t have any idea of his location.

The flashes of his enraged grey eyes that hid an unspoken agony behind them was replying in my mind when darkness wholly engulfed me.


Sorry, Ms. Hutton. I still couldn’t find out the boss’ location. But don’t worry, he’s fine. He’ll come back soon.

Sighing, I put the phone on the counter and took a sip on my tea.

It was ten in the morning and he wasn’t still here. I again called Carter to look for him but this was what I got as an answer.

Worry was nagging me constantly. With Arthur and Antonio’s roaming around free, I couldn’t sit in peace. That infuriating man didn’t even take the guards with him!

No matter how much sinfully built he was, he can’t fight against five or ten men, can he? He shouldn’t have left like that alone.

I swear I’ll put some brain into his big a*s brain once he comes back!

The blare of my phone put a break on my fuming.

Tess’s blinding smiling face showed up on the screen after I received the video call.

“Em! You won’t believe how beautiful this place is! Look at the background! It’s the view from my balcony!” Her gushing in happiness put a small smile on my face.

She and Caleb left for Greece for their honeymoon right after their wedding reception. And this was the first time we were talking since that day.

“Yeah, it’s amazing. How are your days going there?” I kept my voice as chirpy as I could.

“It’s going great! Even though we’re spending most of our time in the bed. The views are amazing. I totally fell in love with this place!” She giggled.

As envious as it sounded, I wished I and Ace also could go somewhere far from here, just the two of us, away from all the tension and threats. Though he was planning a vacation for us, with all this going on I didn’t think it was possible now.

Just then Caleb’s always happy face appeared beside hers.

“Hey, Achilles’s Rosebud! What’s up? My cousin is treating you good at my absence, right?”

I smiled. “I’m good. And don’t worry, he’s pampering me too much for me to get lazy soon.” Well, except his behavior last night. But I’d blame his situation for that. “And what about you? You better treat my sister well in my absence, mister. Otherwise you’ll find me chasing you all around Greece soon.”

Letting out a laugh, he kissed on Tess’s temple. “Oh, though I’m not as romantic as Achilles, I’m trying my best. Ain’t I , baby?” His filled with love puppy eyes fell on my blushing sister.

“You’re doing great,” she whispered.

I cleared my throat, getting both of their attention back.

“Don’t ruin my morning, guys! I can talk to you later if you need some privacy,” I teased.

Caleb awkwardly scratched the back of his head, grinning sheepishly while Tess just got more red.

“No need!” saying, she pushed Caleb away from the camera. “You go get something for me to eat. I’m hungry. Let me talk to my sister in the meanwhile.”

Grumbling he complained about how bossy she was and walked away. And then Tess’s eyes got back on me. A serious look etched onto her face.

“What’s wrong, Em? Your eyes are not as chirpy as your voice sounds. Is everything alright?” she asked.

My smile dropped. Anyone could see that with my dark circles under my eyes and dull appearance if they looked closely.

“Nothing. Just didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Don’t lie to me. Tobias called me to tell what’s happening there. What happened that he left like that? Has he returned yet?”

Along Carter, I also sought out my brother’s help. But I got no luck in it too.

I shook my head, my shoulders slumped down. “He didn’t. We had a little argument last night. And he just… snapped.”

Her brows furrowed, disbelief flashed across her blue orbs. “He got mad at you?”

I shrugged. “It was my fault. I was pushing him too much.”

“Is it about Warner? Because the only thing that can get him mad at you is his jealousy.”

Well, there was another thing you didn’t know.

“No, not Warner. I was just trying to know something that I felt he was hiding from me. About his past. And I can see it, Tess. It’s eating him alive. Something is bothering him a lot. But he wouldn’t just tell me.”

Understanding laced her features. “You know how sensitive his past was, right? Maybe that’s why? There’s some parts that maybe you don’t know about his parents. He only told you bits on your date night.”

“I know everything. He told me yesterday. But still, he’s still hiding something.” I fidgeted into my chair. “Uh, do you know about the reason behind his father’s s*****e, why did he do it? I know why he did it, Ace told me. But, is there something else that he doesn’t want anyone to know?”

Maybe she knew something more than Ace told me? Maybe she was aware of the m****r case?

Her frown deepened. “No, he did s*****e because of shame. There’s nothing else. Why do you think so?”

I shrugged again. “I don’t know. Don’t you think it sounds a bit odd that the man who didn’t care and respect his wife’s emotions and went around in her back even after knowing her suspicion, takes his life just because his family caught him red handed?”

She pondered for a moment, biting her inner cheek. “I don’t know, Em. I was present there that night when we saw him with his girlfriend. But after that Tobias and I left not wanting to intervene into their personal matter. And the next day I heard the news. I don’t think there’s anything more to this. Achilles would’ve shared it with us then.”

Sighing, I nodded. I didn’t know whose words to believe. But Warner wouldn’t just lie to me without any solid information.

“Alright, Caleb is here. I’ll talk to you later. And let me know when Achilles comes back,” she said, glancing behind. “And Em, take it slowly. I’m sure, if there’s something, he’ll tell you. Sooner or later.”

Smiling, I nodded again and bid her bye before cutting the video call.

My ardent eyes went back to the clock. Waiting.

When will he come back?

I think Tess is right. I should take it slow and give him some time. I could at least do it for him no matter how this new information bothered me. I really didn’t want to reach any conclusions without knowing the whole truth.

Where are you?

I let out a groan. I missed him.

And just then the doorbell rang making me leap up to my feet. My heart started to thump into my chest.

He is here!

Sprinting to the door, when I pulled it open, my smile faltered.

The familiar brown eyes greeted me as I stood there surprised.

“Warner? What are you doing here?”


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