The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 60

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 60

With clenched fists, I stood there with tears brimming into my eyes, watching him going still. Color slowly drained from his face, as his grey eyes widened to a friction.

“W-what did you say?” his deep accent asked.

“I said what you heard. If you don’t trust me at all, I don’t think this thing between us can work.” Shaking my head, I wiped my tears furiously. “I’m tired of you continuously keeping me in the dark! I’ve already suffered for years because of your one sided decision, I won’t take more. You can now happily stay in your penthouse with your stubbornness, secrets and privacy! No Emerald will nag you again and again to know your past from now on!”

Ignoring the way his shoulders tensed, the crazed look that flashed across his eyes, his clenched jaw, I turned around and stormed out of the room.

“Don’t you dare put even a step out of the penthouse, Emerald! You aren’t going anywhere!”

This time I didn’t flinch at his roar as he started to approach me. Instead, as soon as I stepped out of the room, I closed the door from outside, locking him in. I knew he wouldn’t let me leave at any cost. But if he was stubborn, so was I.

His heavy fists landed on the opposite side of the door. “What are you doing? Open the door, Emerald! You’re not leaving me! No way in h**l! I won’t let you!”

“I will! And you can’t stop me!” Yelling out, I strode towards the main door. On the way out, my phone lying on the floor caught my eyes. I picked it up.

“Emerald! Stop it! Open the door, please! You don’t mean what you’re saying! You can’t leave me!” The door jiggled with the force he was trying to open it. “Rosebud, please! Baby, open the door. You belong here with me. You can’t just leave like that. I won’t let you! Please, baby. Open the door!”

Shrugging my jacket on as I pulled the main door open, his voice made me hesitate.

“Baby, please! I- I love you…”

I gulped the thickness of my throat. My filled with tears eyes went back to the closed door of his bedroom.

Should I leave?

Then the words he spit out earlier rang into my head again. The ache in my heart added fresh fuel to my anger. Gritting my teeth, I wiped my cheeks furiously.

“Goodbye, Achilles Valencian!”

“No! Don’t you dare, Emerald…”

I slammed the door close behind me stepping outside, and the sound of his violent pounding on the bedroom’s door stopped along.

I strode towards the elevator as fast as I could. My heart pounded along the relentless pouring of my tears. The guards’ heads turned to me, definitely thinking of my disheveled appearance. And the moment I stepped into the elevator, a distant thump reached my ears.

And I knew really well what it was. He freaking broke the door down!

But too late! He couldn’t reach me now.

And the moment the elevator’s doors started to slide close, I saw him storming out of the penthouse. That instant his oddly crazed pair of dark stormy grey orbs met mine, making my heart skip.

“Emerald stop!” His voice boomed across the corridor. The guards went on alert, looking back and forth at us.

But before he could even move from his place, the doors closed and the elevator then began to go down.

The cool breeze along the heavy rain slapped against my face when I stomped outside, ignoring the relentless pouring. Even the rumbling sky and flashing thunders couldn’t stop me.

I just needed to be away from this place. I needed to breathe.

With my soaked clothes, I slid inside my car and drove away, without looking back, with as much speed as I could. I knew he was coming after me. And his finding me so soon wasn’t in my wishlist right now.


Once I was far enough from the office building, I slowed down beside a park. The road was almost empty, only some passing cars and hurrying people under their big umbrellas.

The raindrops poured over my windshield relentlessly with the wipers sliding over them in a tireless motion.

Letting out a breath through my lips, I leaned against the seat, closing my eyes. A tear slipped down at the side of my face.

Do you trust me Ace?

He didn’t answer. He didn’t even say a word. I’d have understood if he had said that he did trust me but he needed some time. I’d have kept quiet. But he didn’t say it.

My lower lip trembled as I bit back a sob. I knew I was rushing him to give me answers. I knew leaving like that was immature and an act of a coward not being able to face the problem. But I just couldn’t stay there after he said those hurtful words to me. I knew he was jealous and insecure. But that didn’t give him license to literally accuse me of cheating. That didn’t give him an excuse to tell me that I had no right to know anything about his past right in my face.

I knew I pushed him too. I shouldn’t have started the conversation right then. I should’ve stuck to my decision to give him some space. But I just… burst out.

He remained all night and day without letting me know about his location or if he was alright when I was d***g out of concern. And then he came home and started all that jealous boyfriend act. And this time he crossed him limits.

I always had ignored his over possessiveness over me. But I couldn’t tolerate when he said those words. At his back.

I was already shocked and mad at his telling me such a huge lie and for doing those things to Warner.

I always thought him doing all the insane stuff for me would stop someday. But now after knowing what he had done to Warner, how he sent him away, bought the company to bring me back to California, binding me into a contract and then when Warner came back into the picture, he threatened him to destroy him if he didn’t go back to Seattle using his friend. And when Warner didn’t, he stamped a big red mark on his career.

Anyone in my place would’ve freaked out if they were me. When they’d know how an insane man trapped them with their insanely insane ways, they’d have run for the hills! But here, I just ran out of the penthouse.

Because even after everything, I freaking loved that man! Even after knowing what he did back at that night seven years ago. Yes, he did it for me, but it didn’t hurt any less. I tried to let it pass and focus on forgiving and moving on. Because that’s where both of our happiness lies. But tonight, I felt like everything was just crashing on me at once.

Not to forget that he bribed the police to save his father’s m******r. Even if that wasn’t the whole truth, he wouldn’t tell me. Why? Because he didn’t trust me.

What did he think? That I’d leave him once he told me about his past? Or I’d tell his secret to someone else?

Punching on the steering, I got out of the car under the open air. The rain wasn’t heavy anymore, but it was still there. With slow steps, I approached a bench at the side of the road and sat on it. Fresh cool air of the rain filled my lungs.

My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since I left the penthouse. I thought it wouldn’t work after I slammed it down.

I let it be. I knew who it was anyway.

Letting out a sigh, I looked up at the sky. Even after the heavy pouring, the dark clouds still engulfed the clear sky.

I knew he was looking for me. But I wasn’t going back to him so soon. Not after what he did.

Yes, I told him I was leaving him. But the truth was, I even knew at that moment that my statement wouldn’t stay consistent for long. I knew I couldn’t live without him for long.

Even after everything, I couldn’t hate him a pinch.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t hurt. He didn’t trust me. And it hurt me the most.

I could still hear his silence. And it hit my heart like a sharp dagger.

And above all things, there was still a sword hanging over my neck.


I hadn’t seen him after that day. Well, I didn’t go to the office after that. Though he didn’t do anything else after that confrontation, I knew he wasn’t going to sit still. Knowing that I knew his truth, not whole but partially- well, that’s what he thought, he’d always have this fear of being exposed in his mind. And he would definitely do something to prevent that. Do something big so that he wouldn’t get stuck into any kind of problems.

And that vexed me. I wanted him out of our lives as soon as possible. But until I knew what part of Ace’s past he was using as his weapon against me, I couldn’t do anything. And that was half of the reason behind my urgency to know the truth.

I could just tell Ace about it, but I couldn’t take the risk of Arthur’s doing something to Ace either. I just couldn’t. What if he was telling the truth? What if he really did know something, the same thing Ace wanted to hide from me?

I groaned. Frustration built up in me, making me want to break something. Everything was turning into a mess. And all of this because of that snake and my beloved man’s secret!

My phone buzzed again. I glared holes at his name that was flashing over my screen.

No matter how much you call, I won’t receive.

I didn’t know what I was going to do next, but I definitely wasn’t going back until he tells me that he trusted me and promises not to repeat the words he spit tonight. And definitely not until he rectifies his mistake and apologies to Warner. For everything he did to him.

I knew he wasn’t going to apologise so easily. But if he wants me to go with him, he’ll have to apologise. To me also.

I cut his call and wiped my face. The rain has already stopped, leaving goosebumps on my skin with the chilling breeze it left. I was only in a thin cotton red sundress. And the wet fabric clung to me like a second skin now.

My phone buzzed again. And this time, it was a message. From Warner.

Please, Emerald. Just one last time. Don’t I even deserve it?

I frowned in confusion. What was he talking about?

And then I read the other message he sent me earlier. It read it was delivered in the evening. My phone wasn’t with me then, so I couldn’t check it earlier.

Em, I know I crossed my line again today. For that, you must be mad at me. And I’m really sorry for that.

I’m leaving for NY tonight. I don’t know when I can see you again. So… can you please meet me one last time before I go back? I want to remember your smile when I leave.

My frown deepened. He was leaving? Tonight? But why all of a sudden?

Then I sighed. Of course. After the way I hurt him and after what Ace did to him, why’d he want to stay? And he had a life of his own.

I also didn’t want him to leave with a bitter note.

And I didn’t have any place to go to right now anyway. I couldn’t go to Mom and Dad’s place, they’d be concerned seeing my state. Casie wasn’t in the town either. And going back to the penthouse wasn’t an option for me right now. I couldn’t even go to Tobias’ apartment. He was staying at Mom’s tonight.

Maybe I’d just go to Beth’s after meeting Warner. I wanted to apologise to him for Ace’s action again.

Sniffling, with a still heavy heart, I got up and walked to my car. When the phone buzzed again with the devil’s name flashing on the screen, I turned off the phone.

I wasn’t important enough for him to tell me anything right? Let him taste his own medicine now.