The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 65

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 65

Once in the newly organized study, I found it much similar to his cabin in the office, and of course, decorated with my chosen furniture.

Except one thing.

A huge picture frame on the wall, covered with a white sheet. The same one I saw in this room during my last visit. I still remembered that blue diamond ring in her finger that was left unconcealed. But this time the sheet hid it whole.

I had the same question again. Whose picture was that?

Still securely clutching my hand in his, he stood before the picture. A soft sigh left him.

“Ace?” My voice came out as a whisper.

Rising his hand, he tugged at the sheet, letting it fall on the floor. My eyes widened slightly.

It wasn’t a picture. It was a painting. Painting of his mother, Ophelia.

As graceful and sophisticated as ever, she stood there with her head held high and confidence sparkling in her blue eyes. The navy blue velvety gown hugged her petite body perfectly when dark red lipstick sat on her lips, bringing her smile more into life. Then the blue diamond on her finger. It was evidence of her high class status and taste.

Whoever drew this painting was a h**l of a talented painter. They brought this painting to life so beautifully. One could easily mistaken this as a picture instead.

“She’s looking beautiful, as always,” I complemented.

He nodded. “She always wanted to get herself a painting of hers. And she finally did it on my sixteenth birthday.” With his gaze fixed on his mother’s face, he spoke in a low voice, “She was very happy that night.”

Though it sounded like he was telling a happy story, I could hear the pain behind his voice. The way he let out a defeated sigh, my heart clenched for him. He missed her.

I placed a hand on his shoulder. Turning to me, he gave me a close lipped smile.

“She loved this canvas, and always kept it in her room. But since… since she didn’t take it with her when she left, it remained in that dark old room. So I thought why not bring it here.” One of his shoulders lifted into a shrug. “As much as I didn’t want to open the memories of my past, I couldn’t leave this like that. I had to bring at least one of the things related to her over here.”

I squeezed his hand. “You did the right thing. Just because of some bad memories, we can’t just abandon the ones we spent in felicity. I’m glad you’re starting to cherish those memories even if you don’t want to think about your past.”

I was happy that he was opening up to me. He had never talked to me about his mother before like that. But he was doing it now. Yes, it wasn’t much, but it was a beginning. I hoped he’d let me in properly soon.

He kissed the back of my hand. “Honestly, even though I brought it here, I wasn’t planning to hang it here. My first plan was to lock it in the basement. But then,” his eyes met mine, “I remembered your words. The same ones you had told me at Tess’s rehearsal. I thought over it. You were right, until I can’t accept my past, I can’t move on with my present. I can’t be at peace. So I…”

“So you decided to keep it here?”

Nodding, he took my hands to his lips again.

“It’s one of the best decisions you took, you know?” I said.

He smiled. “Come, there’s more.”

Curious, I followed him closely as he went around his desk that sat in the middle of the room and got out an album. An album full of his and Caleb’s pictures, there were even Tess and Caleb’s pictures along them.

“These are from our highschool and college,” he said, standing beside me as I flipped the pages. Some of them were even from their childhood. Two little chubby kids were grinning at the camera with their mouths smeared with chocolate. And I didn’t have any difficulties pointing out which one was my man, with the gorgeous stormy grey eyes he had.

I stared at the picture in awe. “You were so adorable back then.” He looked barely three or four in the picture.

“What do you mean? I’m not adorable right now?”

I laughed at his playful accusing tone. Shaking my head, I pecked his lips. “No, you’re not adorable now.” At his raised brow, I winked at him. “You’re hot.”

Amusement danced across his eyes as he let out a chuckle, circling his arms around my waist.

“When did you get this picture?” I asked, looking at a photo of him and Caleb eating cookies with both of their mouths and hands full.

A look of nostalgia crossed over his features. “When grandma used to babysit us. When we would be alone in the house, Mom used to call grandma over to look after us before leaving for work. And being the kind woman she was, she always used to make cookies for us even after Mom told her many times not to spoil us.”

Although I never met that woman, the fondness in his tone made me like her immediately.

“Where is she now?”

With a somber look, he shook his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s alright. Here, look, here she is.” He pointed at a picture of a woman smiling at the camera with her grey hair tied in a bun on the top of her head and two little kids on her lap. “After the d***h of Caleb’s parents and mine’s being busy all the time, she took care of us. She’d have loved to meet you, you know? She’d be proud of my choice.”

With his gazing lovingly at me, a blush crept up my cheeks.

“I’d have loved to meet her too! She sounds like an amazing woman.”

He nodded, kissing my head. “She was.”

Then came an old picture of a couple. I didn’t know them.

“Caleb’s parents,” he answered my confusion. They were a beautiful couple.

Among so many pictures, I didn’t find even a single photo of his father. And only one photo of his mother was there, even not alone, it was with his grandma and Caleb’s parents. I knew that he purposely avoided keeping his parents’ photos in there. Especially his father’s. From what I got to know, he had a strong dislike towards his dad. That’s why even if he talked about his mom to me, he never mentioned his father. His parents’ subject was a sore one for him. That could be the reason why he kept his mom’s picture still covered with the sheet.

But I was glad that he was at least trying to cope up with his past.

After sharing some of his memories with his grandma, he showed me some of the trophies he won at his college. Those shining trophies were proof of his being active in sports, he was a born winner in everything. He even told me how sports and gym helped him with his d**g addiction. He spent most of his time behind them to keep his mind busy and away from d***s.

In just some moments, I got to know so much about him. The more I knew him, the more close I felt to him. And I couldn’t be any happier that he was opening up to me, letting me peek into his life.

As the day passed, we played some matches of chess; of course, I made him promise that he wouldn’t let me win on purpose. And obviously, I lost in every d**n match! So to make up my ruined mood, he made me lunch. My favorite, cheesy garlic shrimps and chocolate cupcakes. Though this time I helped him make the food in the beautiful fancy kitchen. Now who would miss ogling a half n***d Greek god cooking while his delicious abs were on display?

After he made me sit on his lap and feed me my lunch, he took me out to the open meadow that was filled with roses. The same one he showed me from our bedroom’s balcony during our last visit.

And he was right. It was breathtaking in daylight. The beauty of the freshly bloomed roses, the green meadow, the lush grass and the gentle breeze filled with faint fragrance of flowers just blew my mind away. I could definitely spend the rest of my life over here without any complaint. And the thing that he groomed this place with rose plants for me, only made it more special to me.

Then he took me to explore the backyard. The backyard woods. It wasn’t dense, nor there were any wild animals, so I thought it’d be a great place for children to play around. Of course, I didn’t voice out my fast forwarded thoughts and let him guide me through the uneven ways with my hand tightly secured in his.


Tying the belt of the robe around my waist, I bit my lip, staring at my reflection in the mirror.

Mr. Valencian was waiting for me in the pool. The rooftop swimming pool I was quite excited to swim in. After the whole afternoon exploring the woods and roaming around the small market nearby, we decided to take a dip in the heated pool.

Though I didn’t bring any swimming suit as I wasn’t aware where he was taking me or we were gonna swim, I did wear matching black lacy underwears. Thank God for that!

And I looked quite good in those, s**y to say. I was just wondering what his reaction would be seeing me in them.

Grinning, I padded to the rooftop where he was patiently waiting for me. With his back facing me, he stood in the water with a glass of fruit champagne we bought from the market earlier this afternoon in his hand. Gaze set in distance, he took a slow sip on his drink.

Even though he smiled and laughed with me throughout the day, I could see his stress beyond. His shoulders never relaxed even when he was teasing me or kissing me. His grip on me was firmer than ever, his need to keep touching me was stronger than ever. Even when I told him to wait for me here, he didn’t look pleased.

He said he’d tell me tomorrow. And as the day passed, his stance grew more tense.

Hearing my footsteps, his stormy grey eyes turned to me, making my heart skip. His hair was wet and swiped back, water droplets rolled down his broad shoulders and strong back. My mouth watered at the sight.

Will this man ever fail to amaze me?

“Took you long enough…”

His words stopped as I untied my robe and let it fall around my feet. The cool breeze pricking my b**e skin wasn’t the reason for the goosebumps that crawled across my body. It caused the heated and now darker gaze of his.

His lips parted as he let out a sigh, intense stare roaming up and down my body. My cheeks flamed hot.

Licking those firm pink lips sensually, he placed his glass of champagne on the edge of the pool and beckoned me with his head. And my feet obeyed.

The moment I was in the warm water, he pulled me flush against him. My heart thudded under my ribcage at the suddenly very awake hard organ of his against my lower abdomen.

“F*****g h**l, Rosebud! Do you want to k**l me?” Letting out a curse, he ran his hands at my sides while undressing me with his eyes. They were glued on my chest that was barely covered with the lacy bra.

I let out a breathy m**n when he pressed his lips against my neck, hands feeling my behind. A shiver ran through me at the feel of his hot tongue on my jaw and the calloused hands cupping my flesh roughly.

“So f*****g soft,” he murmured into my ear, biting my earlobe. “You’ve no idea how much I craved to feel this velvety soft skin against me, to touch you, to taste you.” The husky groan of his directly hit my lower region, causing me to close my t****s. But he opened them soon with his leg in between them.

“Ace…” I whimpered at his s*****g on my neck. One of his hands played with the edge of my panties.

“I had to take countless cold showers thinking of you every night. You were so close to me but I couldn’t touch you. Those nights and days were a torture for me.” He groaned. Pulling me forward, he moved me against his hard on. My lips parted at the sensation. “You feel that, my rose? What you do to me? What pain you make me go through everyday f*****g day with just a simple glance of yours?”

Closing my eyes, I leaned into him and felt his touch, his kisses, his warmth.

“You tortured me for years in my dreams,” he murmured.

At this, my eyes snapped open as a very troublesome question popped up in my head. Moving away slightly, I looked at him.

“How could I torture you in these years?” I felt a squeeze in my heart at the thought of some other woman touching him. “You- you didn’t have anyone to…”

Cupping my chin, he stared deep into my eyes. “There was no one in my life since college. Not even a single date. There was only you in my heart, baby. Only you.”

I was both touched and surprised at his admission. But then couldn’t stop myself from asking another one.

“H-how many girls were you with in college and highschool?” I knew I shouldn’t be jealous of the affairs he had in his past, but it still p*****d me.

A brow of his raised. “Now where this conversation is coming from? I thought we were going to do something hot…” His hand crawled up to my chest, but I slapped it away.

“Answer my question!” My eyes narrowed. I wanted to know how many girls he slept with where he was the only man who touched me. I just hoped the number wasn’t too high. But with his Greek god looks, I didn’t think girls were decent enough to keep distance.