The Trap Of Ace By Eva Zahan Chapter 74

The epilogue - Part 1

Read The Trap Of Ace [by Eva Zahan] Chapter 74

“Rosebud?” His deep voice murmured into my ear, followed by a lingering kiss on my neck. “Wake up, baby. We’re here.”

Groaning, I moved on his lap and made myself more comfortable against him, snuggling my face into his chest. “Let me sleep.”

His husky chuckle sent a shiver down my sore body. Well, the reason behind my tiredness was him. After our fifteen days trip to Greece and Turkey, we were supposed to meet my family at dinner directly after landing in California. So here we were, outside my parents’ home. But here I could barely move without wincing.

Because this man just can’t keep it in his pants.

Just because a male cabin crew flashed me his biggest smile, he literally banned that man from his private jet and took me like a ragged doll in the posh cabin of his, claiming me again and again as his.

As if I wasn’t already his!

Not that I didn’t beg him for more and screamed in ecstasy at his rough touches.

But now I have to endure the consequences. I really didn’t want to do the funny walk before my parents.

“They’re waiting for us, Rosebud. If your father didn’t insist himself, I wouldn’t have forced you to get up. I would’ve instead loved to go home and have you all to myself again,” he rasped, brushing his lips against my cheek.

I slapped his chest, opening my eyes to glare at him. “Don’t you dare touch me for at least a week! You’re banned to to have s*x until I’m walking fine again.”

Horror drew on his features. “What? You’re joking, right?”

“I’m not.”

Then he pulled me closer, biting on my lower lip. “I don’t understand why you’re punishing me, my rose. I thought after I thoroughly satisfied you, you’ll give me a reward.”

I raised my brows, leaning away from his sinful lips.

“Who said I’m satisfied? I didn’t like it at all!” Moving in discomfort again, I pouted.

“Really?” His voice came out low. “I clearly remember someone m*****g and begging me to go harder?”

Heat crept up my cheeks as I hid my face at the crook of his neck, making him laugh.

“You’re so mean!”

He placed a kiss on my head. “Does it hurt, baby? I’m sorry. I should’ve gone a little gentler back in the cabin. You should take a painkiller.”

I shook my head. “I already took one. I’ll be fine in some time, don’t worry. Let’s go now, otherwise Mom will start to bomber our phones again.”

She has been doing it for the last two days to make sure we attend the family dinner. Even Tess and Caleb would be there.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked as he scooped me into his arms as soon as we got out of the car.

“Carrying my Rosebud so that she doesn’t have to walk,” answering, he walked inside with me in his arms.

“What? No, put me down! I can walk myself! My parents would be there!”

He raised a brow. “So? I’m taking care of my girl. I don’t think anyone should have any problem with that.”

“But- but…”

He pressed the bell. “No buts.”

Then the door opened and appeared my beaming mom and smiling dad. Tess, Caleb and Tobias strolled behind.

My cheeks flamed seeing their amused looks. But Mom and Dad held concern and curiosity in their eyes.

“Hello, everyone,” my Greek caveman greeted, walking past them.

“Sweetie, is everything okay? Why is Ace carrying you? Are you alright?” Mom queried.

I opened my mouth, brewing my head for an answer when he butted in.

“Jet lag, Mrs. Hutton. She was tired, so I thought to carry her inside.”

“Ah, that’s alright then. Come, let’s go to the hall.” Smiling, Dad led us inside. He had this glint in his aged eyes, giving Ace a look of appreciation.

Well, Mr. Valencian didn’t even have to try to win my parents’ heart. They always loved him as their own son. And now they welcomed him as their family with whole heart.

Once we were all seated in the warm hall, Dad took him aside to talk about business along Caleb while Tess teased me about how I had her brother-in-law wrapped around my finger.

“I thought he was your best friend?” I quirked my brow.

She slumped against the couch. “He still is. But he’s also my brother-in-law now. You know, I’m trying to feel this new relationship between us. Because I don’t have any freaking in-laws here except him. To think about Arthur and Ophelia, one is in the jail and the other is in Italy. And I don’t even know if my future children would get to have any kin from his father’s side except an uncle and…” she winked at me, “aunt.”

My heart skipped at her suggestion. I glanced at him at the other side of the room, only to find his eyes already fixed on me, turning me into a deep shade of red.

The intensity in those stormy grey orbs made me avert my gaze and fondle with the bracelet he gave me.

Did he hear what Tess said?

Her clearing throat caught my attention again. A smirk tugged up her red lips.

I rolled my eyes.

“So? How did your meeting go with his Mom?”

I let out a sigh. “It was good. She was nice. Just was a little uncomfortable, as Ace said she would.”

We went to meet her in Italy before leaving for Turkey. Ace wasn’t up to meet his Mom all of a sudden as he wanted to focus only on us for the whole trip, and also that she wouldn’t be all happy to see us. Because she only allowed Ace and Caleb to meet her on her birthdays. But I wanted to meet her. I wanted to know why she was still managing so much distance from her son. I understood she had issues with this place, but she could at least let Ace meet her over there.

But I didn’t get any answers from her. She wouldn’t talk much other than some basic conversation. Though she was nice and happy to meet me, the girl her son loved, she was closed off. She even got a boyfriend out there. So I thought she had moved on, but clearly, she didn’t. She still got affected if she met any person related to her past. Including her own son.

I saw how Ace wanted her to talk more, or to show more affection, but she just sat afar. As if we were some strangers.

And the disappointment that I saw in Ace’ eyes made me feel guilty. I shouldn’t have taken him to her. I wanted to know his mother, but I only hurt him in the process.

“That’s why I didn’t try to meet her or talk to her. I knew she wouldn’t take it nicely. Maybe she needs more time,” she said softly.

I nodded. Even though I understood her situation, I didn’t like the way she kept pushing Ace away.

“Come on, kids! Dinner is ready! Hurry up!” Mom called out from the kitchen.

“Let’s go. I’m starving!” Getting up, Tess gave me her hand.

Once I grappled the delicious food Mom made for dinner, I had a sudden craving to taste blueberry ice cream. I never liked this particular flavor, but I needed one right then. So I demanded Ace to take me to a nice ice cream parlor and get me one blueberry ice cream. And even though he said I shouldn’t eat something cold in this freezing weather, after some pouting and blinking my eye lashes at him, he finally agreed.

But only for this one time. And I didn’t mind as long as I got what I wanted.

After bidding my family goodnight, we went for my desired dessert and then directly left for home. It was already late and he had to go to bed early so that he could wake up soon the next morning. He had somewhere important to go.

An important meeting.


“Please be seated, Mr. Valencian. He’ll be here in a minute,” saying, the man in a blue uniform walked out of the door.

“You shouldn’t have come here. I told you to stay home, you weren’t feeling good this morning. Why do you never listen to me?” He turned to me as soon as the man left.

“I’m fine now. And I need to meet him for one last time. I’ve something to give him back.”

We were here to meet Arthur. After the police arrested him, Ace couldn’t finish some paperworks or see Arthur behind the bars due to our vacation. But now that we were back, he had to drop by the police station to sign some papers. And of course, wish Arthur good luck for his endless misery he’d be facing for the rest of his life.

And how could I miss this chance? So even if I felt slight dizziness in the morning, I got ready and sat in the car with him, much to his dismay.

Even I wanted to give him my best of luck.

“What’s that?” He raised a brow.

I shrugged. “You’ll see.”

His frown deepened at my sweet smile.

Tucking a strand behind my ear, he pecked my forehead. “You’re okay now?”

I nodded, leaning into him.

“We’ll go and see Hazel after this. You need a check up.”

I sat straight, my mood dampening. Hazel was a friend of Leyla’s. The redhead British girl whom I saw with him being so cozy in that restaurant the night months ago. The girl he visited quite a few times in the UK. Even at the night of Tess’s engagement.

My doubt was right. He went to meet her.

Though only because she used to be his doctor back at the time when he went for rehab. I was absolutely surprised when he told me that she worked for a rehab organization. Whenever he thought his past was crawling back into his mind he went to meet her. As she handled his case to get him better, she became a good friend of his and also kind of a psychiatrist who would help him calming him down by talking to him.

“No. We’re not going to go to any hospital. I’m fine.” Hospital wasn’t the issue for me. The issue was that Hazel was Leyla’s friend. Even though I knew she and Ace were just friends and she was married, I saw her gazing at him with admiration while talking to him on video calls. Even at that night at the restaurant, her eyes were only on him. She literally had a crush on my man even when she wore a ring of another’s. When I told him about it, he just laughed it off, saying I was just jealous.

Yes, I was. I didn’t want any gorgeous redhead having a crush on my man. So even though it sounded weird, I didn’t want to go to a place where the doctor was her close friend.

It was that annoying for me. I didn’t know, but for some days it felt like my jealousy was out of my control. Even if a random girl looked at him, I felt like hiding him with a shield so that no one could see him other than me.

“No excuses. We’re going and that’s final. I’m not taking any chances with your health,” he spoke with finality.

When I went to argue, the door opened and Arthur strolled in, guided by three cops behind him.

I raised my brow at his state. He was limping. There were bruises and cuts on his forearms and face. The light of the bulb in the room shone on his newly shaved head as he watched us with m*******s glare. The hatred in his eyes shone as bright as his bald.

A giggle left my mouth at the thought. It just made him throw daggers at me with his black eyes.

“You two! What the h**l are you doing here? Came here to mock me?” he sneered.

“No, to give you something,” saying, I stood up from the chair and walked up to him.


At his confused face, I flashed him a sweet smile and slapped him across the already battered cheek of his. Hard enough to have my hand throb with pain and him h*****g out a curse.

“This.” My hands were itching to do this since I got to know his truth.

His furious eyes snapped to me. “You b*tch!”

Snarling, as he stepped forward raising his cuffed hands at me, I flinched away. But before he could hit me, a punch landed on his cheek, on the same one I just slapped, sending him to the ground.

“Keep your filthy hands to yourself if you don’t want me to f*****g pluck them out of your body!” letting out a bellow, Ace stood before me, shielding me from any harm. With eyes blazing with fury, shoulders rigid, he glared down at Arthur with wrath.

Spitting out blood, Arthur went to stand up again but another harsh kick of Ace’s polished shoe threw him back on his back. A grunt of pain left his mouth.

When Ace went to hit him again, losing control, I held him back, at the same time the cops took Arthur away from Ace’s reach. Tugging him up, they held him back.

“You think you won sending me behind the bars? But you’re wrong! No one can keep me here for long! I’ll get out and finish what I started. I’ll k**l you both you piece of s***s!” struggling against the cops, he hissed at us.

Ace tried to move to him again, but I pulled him back, running my hand on his chest.

“Ace, calm down. He’s just trying to provoke you. You and I both know he’s just barking out of rage. Even he knows he can’t do anything anymore,” I said in a calm tone.

“How dare he try to threaten you again!”

He tried to move away from my grip, but I only stood before him. “Don’t take law into your hands. The police will take care of him.”

“She’s right, Mr. Valencian. We’ll take care of him, we’ve orders. You don’t need to dirt your hands with his blood,” one of the cops agreed.

Then Arthur’s mocking laughter echoed around the small cabin. “What a pussycat! I knew you had become a slave of this b***h the moment you made her an equal owner of everything. Everything that I owned! Everything that should’ve been mine!”

Growling, Ace moved me away from his path and stormed towards him. Arthur’s legs stumbled back as Ace raised his hand. But then, he stopped. A chilling smile tugged up his lips. Stepping closer to him, he fixed his orange jumpsuit a little at his shoulders and looked directly into his eyes.

“You know, you’re right. I’m a slave of my Rosebud, she owns me. So I can’t be mad at you for that.” He cocked his head. “But you’re wrong about one thing. The Valencian empire isn’t yours. It was just a mare company in my father’s hand. I’m the one who made it an empire. It was my hard work. And about your right, the luxury I provided you is worth much more than you actually would have gotten from grandfather’s property.”

Arthur stayed silent. But the gritting of his teeth was an evidence of how much he wanted to disagree.

Suddenly a dizziness hit me again, causing me to walk up close to Ace. But I didn’t interrupt him. Instead, I took deep breaths to keep the nauseous that was rising up my throat.

Leaning in, he whispered in Arthur’s ear. But loud enough for me to hear everything.

“And you and I both know you can’t get out of here. Soon you’ll be sent to the solitary confinement.” A malicious smirk tugged on his lips. “And you know what can happen to you behind the closed doors, don’t you? So I’d be very careful with my tongue and hands if I were you.”


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