When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 100

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 100

An hour later, the driver arrived with all of Elliot’s necessities. He had even brought a sumptuous dinner. Mrs. Cooper used lunch boxes and thermal insulation containers to pack dinners for at least three people.

“Miss Tate, this is Mr. Elliot’s medicine. Thank you for your hard work tonight!” The driver carefully handed the medicine to Avery and then got off work.

Avery sat on the sofa, looking at Elliot’s things on the table, lost in thought.

Was she too soft-hearted?! She should have driven him away by noon! That way, it would not be so troublesome!

Suddenly, a coughing sound came from the bedroom. Avery sighed, took Elliot’s medicine, and pushed the bedroom door open. It was just the two of them at home now, so she left the door open to ventilate the room.

Elliot had showered and changed into clean clothes. However, the bed was a mess.

“Do you have any hot water?” Elliot was a little thirsty.

Avery put the medicine on the bedside table and went out to get him warm water. Elliot followed her all the way to the kitchen.

“Where’s your mom?” He asked.

“Thanks to you, she’s staying at the hotel tonight.” Avery handed him the water glass. “Are you hungry? The driver brought you dinner. You should eat some!”

He did not eat at noon and slept until now, so he must be hungry.

“I’ll just have some soup.” He had no appetite.

Avery went to the coffee table in the living room and brought dinner over. There was a bowl of soup in it.

Elliot finished the soup and put down the spoon.

“I dirtied the bed. Do you have clean sheets? I’ll change it.” His face was still pale, but he had just taken a shower and looked refreshed.

“Go and dry your hair. I’ll change it.” Looking at his sick appearance, Avery could not get angry at him.

“Where’s the hairdryer? I can’t find it.”

Avery got up and went to the bathroom to get it. He followed behind her and took the hairdryer from her. Then, she went to the room and changed the sheets and duvet cover. The two seemed to have a tacit understanding as husband and wife who have lived together for many years.

It was nine in the evening when Avery’s phone rang. It was a video call. She did not think much of it and directly hung up. However, the other party called again. Hence, Avery took a deep breath and accepted the video call.

It was a video conference call from the company’s management. After she accepted the call, three faces appeared on the screen.

“Avery, have you considered the offer? It’s our honor that Trust Capital is willing to invest in us… What are you worried about?”

“I asked Charlie’s assistant today, and he said that Charlie has not made any excessive demands on you and has been waiting for your reply.”

“Didn’t we agree last time? Everything’s for the benefit of the company. Are you backing out of your promise? We know that you have a bad relationship with Chelsea… But what does this have to do with Charlie? People are willing to pay actual money to invest in us. Besides him, we have no other choice.”

Avery’s temple throbbed as she listened to their chatter.

“Give me another week.”

“Another week?! You said the same last time-“

“That’s right! How long are you going to put it off? To put it bluntly, if you don’t want the company to survive, you can just reject Charlie! Yet, you’re not accepting or rejecting it! I really don’t understand what you’re thinking!”

Avery replied, “Charlie’s father’s birthday is next weekend, and he invited me to the party. After next weekend, I’ll give you an answer.”

“An answer to us?! You’re giving an answer to Charlie!”

“Oh… I’ll give him an answer next weekend. It’s past nine o’clock, and you guys should rest early.”

Avery wanted to hang up the video call as Elliot was sitting right beside her, and he would surely not leave tonight.