When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 102

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 102

Avery said solemnly, “Elliot, I’ll not accept your money, so don’t say such a thing again.”

“Why don’t you want my money? Is my money any different from the money of others?” he sounded gloomy.

Avery hesitated before answering, “I don’t want anyone’s money, and I don’t want to depend on others.”

Avery’s words made Elliot speechless.

“I’m going to sleep, don’t disturb me.”

Avery rolled over, turning her back to him. Looking at her slender back, Elliot covered her with the blanket, but she removed it immediately.

“I’ll use mine, and you’ll use yours. Don’t touch me.”

There were two blankets on the bed, and Elliot was covered with a thicker one, whereas Avery used a lightweight one. However, the heater in the room was turned on, so the space was warm.

“You should use the thick one, and I’ll use the thin one,” Elliot said kindly. He was relatively weak and felt cold, so he thought that she was cold too.

“Are you trying to give me a heatstroke?” Avery said bluntly, “Go to sleep. You have to go before my mom comes back tomorrow morning. You’re seriously affecting our lives by staying here.”

Elliot covered himself with the blanket. “Okay.”

Ten minutes later, Avery grabbed her phone and turned toward him. With the help of the light of her phone, she saw Elliot. His eyes were open, and they were dark and cold in the dim light.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet? Are you cold?” Avery asked.

Elliot answered, “A little. Are you feeling warm?”

Avery was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and she only covered her upper body with her blanket. It was as if they were both in different seasons.

“Don’t mind me… I’ll get you a blanket…” Avery sat up.

Elliot grabbed her and said, “Just give me half of yours.”


Avery gave him half of her blanket. However, now the only way she could cover herself was if she leaned toward him. Realizing this, she sat up again, trying to get the blanket.

“Don’t move… I’m trying to sleep.” He stretched out his long arms and pulled her back again.

Rosalie was sitting on the sofa at Elliot’s mansion. She was so angry that she had even skipped dinner. After the driver returned from delivering Elliot’s stuff, Rosalie began questioning him.

“Is the rental house small?”

The driver answered, “It’s tiny. The whole house is not as big as the living room here.”

Rosalie glanced at the living room, and her blood pressure rose.

“When I left, Avery’s mother had already gone to stay at a hotel. Only Mr. Foster and Avery are in the house.”

“This Avery… Will she do anything terrible to Elliot?! Elliot’s so ill now. How can you leave him alone with her? Where’s the bodyguard?! The bodyguard must never leave him!!” Rosalie was very concerned.

“It should be alright…” The driver stammered and explained, “I heard from the bodyguard that the two of them did… did it at noon… They should still have feelings for each other.”

Rosalie was shocked. “Elliot’s so sick! How can he still have the energy to do it! Avery is indeed a vixen! I’m going to bring Elliot back! If he continues to stay with her, won’t he be exhausted!”

The driver cast a knowing gaze at Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper immediately spoke to Rosalie. “If you go, I’m afraid that Mr. Elliot will turn against you. You should go back first, and I’ll ask the driver to pick him up tomorrow morning.”

“I think you’ve been brainwashed by Avery too!” Rosalie shook off Mrs. Cooper’s arm.

Mrs. Cooper took two steps back, not arguing with Rosalie.

“Take me to where Avery lives. I’ll just stay outside and see, and I won’t go in!” Rosalie said to the driver.

The driver immediately helped her.

Forty minutes later, Rosalie saw the old residential district where Avery lived, and she sat in the car, unable to hold back her tears.


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