When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 104

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 104

Chelsea’s smile disappeared. “You’ve never had eyes for me, have уоu?”

Elliot replied, “Find someone who does.”

Chelsea turned around and left.

In the evening, Chelsea was unhappy and asked Charlie out for a drink.

Charlie noticed that she was dispirited, and he said impolitely, “No man will like you when you look like this.”

Chelsea’s eyes were red with anger. “I’m tired enough in public! Do I still need to put on an act in my own home?!”

Charlie poured her a glass of wine, comforting her, “Chelsea, we’re still not on the same page as siblings. If you listen to me, you’ll get everything.”

Chelsea gulped down the wine and asked him with bloodshot eyes, “Can I get Elliot?”

Charlie wrapped his long arms around her, leaned closer, and whispered in her ear, “You can’t get him alive, but if he’s d**d, I can give you his ashes. This means you have him indirectly. How about that?”

Chelsea’s face immediately dropped, and she pushed him away!

“Charlie! Are you f*cking crazy?! If you dare touch Elliot, you’re my enemy!”


Charlie slammed into the table behind him, and there was a sharp pain in his lower back. He hunched over, unable to straighten up.

“Charlie! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Chelsea helped him up and apologized guiltily, “I didn’t mean to quarrel with you… but Elliot’s my bottom line. Don’t be his enemy!”

“He’s already an enemy…” Charlie gasped in pain. “He wants to take out three hundred million to invest in Tate Industries. Chelsea, do you think Tate Industries is worth three hundred million? He’s provoking me!”

Chelsea froze.

“Are you serious? Why didn’t I hear the news?”

“Because he doesn’t trust you. Also, he deliberately asked someone to tell me the news. I guess he and Avery had a private conversation. ” Charlie slowly sat down on the sofa with a painful expression. Then, he said, “Chelsea, get me some medicine.”

Chelsea went to the medicine cabinet, but her thoughts had drifted. Perhaps, Elliot and Avery would never get a divorce. Chelsea had never seen Elliot care so much for a woman. In fact, Elliot’s every act toward Avery was better than how he had treated her for the past ten years.

Chelsea had lost! She had been completely defeated!

Charlie’s father’s birthday party was held at the Tierney family’s hillside villa in Rosacus City’s Santa’s Elrich District. Since Avonsville was just next to Rosacus City, it only took more than an hour to drive there.

Charlie called Avery early in the morning and wanted to drive to pick up her and Laura.

Avery politely declined, “My mother doesn’t want to go, and I need to go back to the school today. Don’t worry about me. You should head over first!”

Avery did not have anything planned, and Charlie also knew that she just did not want to be with him.

Charlie said, “Avery, come as early as possible. I have something to tell you.”

Avery replied, “Alright… I have something to tell you too.”

After hanging up, Avery went back to sleep. She had stayed up to complete her thesis, and she was rather sleepy.

It was noon and the Tierney Villa in Rosacus City, whose parking lot was several hundred meters wide, was filled with luxury cars.

Elliot entered the ballroom and started looking for Avery in the crowd.

“Avery’s not here yet,” Chelsea said. “Have you two made up? I thought you would come together.”

Elliot answered calmly, “Maybe we’ll get back together tomorrow.”

Chelsea took him to his seat.

“I heard that you want to invest three hundred million in Tate Industries. Elliot, from a friend’s point of view, I think that’s very irrational of you.” Chelsea poured him a glass of warm water.

“How much I give her is a matter between her and me.” Elliot picked up the water glass and took a sip. “You don’t have to worry about my family affairs.”

Chelsea’s face became ashen.

Family affairs! He could lightly say the three hundred million was a family affair!

“I’ll never express my opinion about you and Avery in the future!”

Chelsea retorted.

Elliot scoffed. “You better keep your word.”


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