When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 106

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 106

Elliot was stopped by the Tierney family’s bodyguards on his way to the south side of the villa.

“You can’t go in there, Mr. Foster.”

“Let me in!” Elliot roared with a savage fury. “My wife’s inside!”

“Do you mean Miss Tate?” asked the bodyguard, then added, “She just went hiking with Mr. Tierney.”

Elliot pursed his lips as his eyes turned into glacial orbs of ice colder than the abyss.

The bodyguard pointed in the direction of a hill not too far away and said, “They went that way, but it’s already dark out, and it’s a pretty steep walk. If you are unfamiliar with the path, I suggest you wait for them inside. I’m sure they’ll be back soon.”

Elliot clenched his fists, then he stormed up the hill

In the living room in the south wing of the villa, after listening to Charlie’s father’s two-hour history lesson on the establishment of his company and his thoughts on Tate Industries, Avery was desperate to escape.

“Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me, Mr. Tierney. Since it’s your birthday today, I’ll speak to Charlie another time about business.”

If Charlie’s father were not the star of the night, she probably would not have been able to sit through his rambling for much longer.

Charlie glanced at his watch, then said to his father, “Get some rest, Dad. Avery and I are going to get something to eat.”

As they walked out of the living room, Avery noticed the night sky and felt a peculiar surge of gloom rise inside of her.

Perhaps it was because it was her first time there, but she felt uneasy about the vast unfamiliar terrain that surrounded her.

“I have no plans on accepting your investment, Charlie,” Avery said as she finally mustered the courage to give Charlie her answer.

Charlie froze in his tracks, and his smile vanished from his face as he said, “Why is that? Can you give me a clear reason?”

“It’s because you’re Chelsea’s brother. I cannot keep my peace of mind and accept your invitation,” said Avery bluntly.

“Did Elliot Foster say something to you? Are you planning on having him invest in your company instead?”

Charlie was not surprised by her answer, but he felt hurt nonetheless.

“I won’t be accepting any investment from him either,” Avery answered with calm eyes and a determined voice. “I have to catch the subway home, so I’m afraid I won’t be staying for dinner.”

She had accepted his invitation simply to give him her answer.

Now that she had cleared things up with him, it was time for her to go.

Charlie did not expect her to be so callous about the whole situation.

Her way of doing things was shockingly similar to that of Elliot.

Was that the reason they could not help but be attracted to each other?

Charlie grabbed onto Avery’s arm, then said, “Have some dinner before you leave. Elliot is here, so he can take you home after. I’ll worry otherwise.”

Avery withdrew her arm and said, “I called a cab earlier. It should be here any minute now.”

“Stay for dinner!” Charlie snapped. “There’s no reason for our relationship to turn sour just because we won’t be working together. I’m not your enemy, Avery!”

Avery took a deep breath.

She never planned on being on bad terms with Charlie.

It was impossible for them to be friends, but she did not need another enemy in her life.

When Charlie escorted Avery back into the banquet hall and sat her down, Chelsea charged toward them with icy daggers shooting from her eyes.

She stopped in front of Charlie, then dragged him by the arm outside.

The sight of the Tierney siblings walking away made Avery lose her appetite

Chelsea’s expression earlier was strangely dark, as if something bad had just happened.

Avery glanced restlessly at her surroundings.

Apart from those at her table, the other guests did not seem to have noticed the siblings’ odd behavior

Charlie mentioned that Elliot was there, but why was he nowhere in sight?

Chelsea dragged Charlie out of the banquet hall, then yelled, Where’s Elliot, Charlie? Where the h**l is he?!”