When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 126

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 126

The tension between Elliot and Avery grew drastically.

They were seated next to each other, but it looked like they were on the verge of war.

Afraid that they would break into a fight, Mrs. Cooper quickly brought over a fresh fruit platter.

“Have you had lunch, Madam? I left some food out for you.”

Avery shot to her feet and stormed toward the dining room.

Elliot watched her walk away. He could not figure out her thoughts.

If she was furious, she probably would not stay for lunch.

However, the rage in her eyes made it impossible to deny that she was mad.

Avery had skipped breakfast and lunch, so her stomach was beginning to ache from hunger.

She took over half an hour to finish her food since wolfing it down would only cause indigestion and add to her current discomfort.

When she walked out of the dining room, Elliot was no longer in the living room.

“We tend to act impulsively when we’re angry, Madam. Maybe you should get some rest for now,” Mrs. Cooper said.

Avery’s head was throbbing in pain, so she nodded and made her way up to her room on the first floor.

Mrs. Cooper walked next to her and said awkwardly, “I thought that you would be sleeping in the master bedroom from now on, so I already unmade your bed.”

Avery raised her brows and said, “I’m not sleeping in his room.”

“Madam, please. Master Elliot’s injuries are going to take some time to heal, and he refuses to let anyone help or take care of him,” Mrs. Cooper said as she tried to reason with her. “You’re the only one that he allows to get close to him. If you don’t watch over him, he might fall one day and–“

“He looked fine to me with the walking stick. I doubt he’ll fall,” Avery said cold-heartedly.

“You’re just saying that out of anger.”

“I’m not. I’m being serious.”

“When you asked me for the first aid kit last night to redress his wounds, your eyes were all red-“

“That’s enough. I’m going up,” Avery said, then walked up to the second floor.

Elliot was taking a nap in the master bedroom.

The c******s were half-drawn, allowing only some of the warm sunlight to shine in.

When Avery entered the room and saw Elliot’s sleeping face, all of the emotions in her heart hit a wall, and had no way of escaping.

She had always been taught to follow the rules and not to behave in the arrogant crazy way that Elliot often did.

She walked over to the bed and sat awkwardly on the edge for a while.

After what felt like an eternity, a large hand clasped around Avery’s arm and yanked her into bed.

Elliot had never fallen asleep.

From the moment Avery walked into the room, he had already given in.

“She jumped out of the window herself,” he explained in a hoarse voice.

He hated explaining himself to other people.

However, when it came to Avery, it was impossible for him to be as self-centered as he used to be.

He would rather s*****w his pride than hurt her.

“Even if she didn’t k**l herself, I wouldn’t have let her live.”

Elliot opened up and revealed his true self to Avery.

“Just because I didn’t get run over last night, doesn’t mean that I’ll never d*e. There are plenty of people who want me d**d. If I show mercy to every single one of them, do you really think that they would repent and not come after me again?”

Avery stared silently at Elliot.

She took in his chiseled face and felt her heart shrivel up into a tight ball.

He was right.

He was not invincible.