When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 129

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 129

“Yes, Mom. It’s me,” Elliot answered.

Avery choked and began to cough violently.

He actually called her mother “Mom”!

“Here’s the thing. Avery said she feels like eating your cooking, but it’s not convenient for me to go to your place. I’m thinking of booking a restaurant nearby, and I was wondering if you’ll be able to come and cook there,” Elliot said in a gentle and calm voice.

“Sure! Just send me the address and I’ll be right over,” replied Laura.

“Thank you,”‘ Elliot said, then hung up the phone and sent an address to Laura.

Avery stared at him in complete shock, completely bewildered by his actions.

“Are you insane? I was just simply saying that… You actually called my mom out to cook for me?!” Avery exclaimed. “You never used to take my words seriously. What’s going on with you?”

“I’ll take you seriously from now on,” Elliot said as his eyes and tone turned serious.

A wave of warmth washed over Avery and turned her cheeks red. She felt like she could hear her heart thumping wildly in her chest.

“Don’t!” she cried. “What if I say I want to k**l you the next time we fight? Would you just go ahead and k**l yourself?”

“Can you stop thinking about picking fights with me all the time?”

“That’s because we always have different opinions. I think that’s normal, though. Where in the world would you find two people who agree on everything?”

“Perhaps they exist. We just haven’t met them yet.”

“I wouldn’t want to find someone who agrees with everything I say to spend the rest of my life with. What’s the fun in that?” Avery said as her gaze lowered and her ears turned a rosy pink. “The occasional bickering keeps the spark alive.”

Elliot gazed deeply at her.

“You can go find someone more agreeable if you want. I won’t stop you,” Avery said.

Elliot’s smoldering eyes made her heart race, so she could not help but run her mouth at him.

“There are more important things in my life than dating,” she added.

“I didn’t say anything. Stop overthinking,” Elliot said in frustration.

Avery opened up the bottle of water and took another sip.

“Don’t you think you’re going too far by calling my mom out to cook like this?” she mumbled. “It’s not like she’s a servant. I’d be mad if I were her.”

“You’ve never been a mother yourself, Avery, so you wouldn’t understand how your mom feels about this.”

What Elliot meant by his words was that Laura was probably not angry.

How could she be mad about cooking for her own child?

It was not like she was cooking for her every day.

Elliot had no idea that his words pierced through Avery’s heart.

“Do you think I don’t want to be a mother? You’re the one who wouldn’t let me!”

When Elliot saw Avery’s reddened eyes, he realized that he made a huge mistake.

His lips moved as if he was about to say something, but he was at a loss for words.

“Is your depression the reason you don’t want children?” Avery asked softly after a moment of silence. “Depression won’t necessarily affect the child. The doctor would recommend terminating the pregnancy if they find something wrong during the checkups. You don’t get to decide whether or not a child gets to be born.”

Elliot looked out the window and clenched his jaw.

It looked as if he was trying his best to hold back and control his emotions.

Moments later, his cold voice echoed through the car, “Don’t bring up children with me ever again. As long as you don’t mention kids, I’ll do whatever you want.

“What if all I want is to have children?”

Avery held Elliot’s hand in hers, then said through the lump in her throat, “What if I beg you?”

Before she could say another word, Elliot pulled his hand back.

This was his refusal.


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