When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 132

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 132

Avery did not react.

It was true that her relationship with Elliot was more boring than most.

Just last week, they had spent the entire time at home.

Elliot was either working in his study or reading a book in the living room.

Avery, on the other hand, was either writing her thesis or reading in the living room with him.

Elliot’s book was in a foreign language that Avery did not understand.

Avery was reading Professor Hough’s book on neurology.

She was sure Elliot would not understand a thing about it either, so she did not feel inferior to him.

“What do you think of my necklace?” Tammy asked as she suddenly took off the necklace she was wearing and showed it to Avery.

“It’s pretty. Did your boyfriend give it to you?”

“He did! It’s a Christmas gift. It’s even got my name engraved on it!”

“You can also purchase jewelry which comes with a free engraving offer for under ten bucks,” said Avery in earnest. “You shouldn’t let these things go to your head!”

Tammy did not mind.

“It’s not about the engraving, I’m just happy that he got me something! When he stops being able to make me feel like this one day, I’d probably break up with him.”

Avery had nothing left to say.

“You’re acting surprisingly cold about this. Has Elliot never gotten you a gift before?” Tammy guessed and said, “That shouldn’t be! He’s so rich. He can’t be so stingy, right?”

“I too didn’t get him a gift,” said Avery.

“The two of you just got married not long ago! Are you guys already becoming like old couples?” Tammy lamented, “He might be old and unromantic, but you’re still young! Can you stop being so passive? If he won’t make the first move, then you should!”

Avery ignored Tammy and began to eat her lunch.

The concert kicked off at seven that evening.

Avery and Tammy were getting ready in the dressing room backstage.

“Avery! Is your husband-“

“Remember where we are!” Avery hissed as she glanced at their surroundings.

Tammy cleared her throat, then asked softly, “Is Elliot here yet? Has he called you? I took a peek at the audience just now, and it’s crowded out there. Where’s he sitting?”

Avery checked her phone and saw that there were no new messages.

A strange emotion hit her.

Was he not here yet?

He might not come after all.

“He didn’t call me. I don’t know if he’s here yet, nor do I know where his seat is. Just because he’s coming to the concert, doesn’t mean he wants to reveal his identity. He might even pretend not to know me if he sees me, and I’d do the same.”

Tammy was surprised, while Avery’s words extinguished her passion for gossip.

Elliot arrived on campus at eight in the evening.

Avery’s performance was the thirteenth on the program, which would be around an hour after the opening act.

Elliot timed his arrival perfectly.

He entered the performance hall under the protection of his bodyguard and campus security.

Elliot was dressed in a baby blue t-shirt, a casual, white jacket, and a pair of slacks of the same color.

He was not in a wheelchair, nor was he using a walking stick.

Since his legs were not fully recovered, he was walking at a slow but steady pace.

He looked as dashing as a prince straight out of a romantic drama!

Elliot caused a stir the moment he entered the hall.

Backstage, Tammy looked out to the audience and recognized him right away.

“Oh my god! I almost didn’t recognize him in that light suit! He looks so good!” Tammy exclaimed as she rushed over to Avery in excitement. “He’s here! He’s actually here! He definitely showed up for you! He’s sitting in the front row! Oh my god!”

Avery’s chest tightened.

She took a few steps towards the main stage and peeped at the audience through the c******s.

Elliot’s white silhouette shone like a beam of light and shot right through her heart.

“Avery! You’re up! Break a leg! Show your husband a side of you that he had never knew before!” Tammy cheered as she tapped Avery on the shoulder.

Avery felt helpless.

“Stop spouting nonsense, Tammy Lynch!”

“Next up is the diamond of the art department, Miss Avery Tate. She’ll be gracing us with her rendition of “Tim McGraw” on her guitar. Please give her a big round of applause!”

Once the host introduced her, Avery made her way to the center of the stage.


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