When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 133

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 133

Avery’s hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, and she was dressed in a blue denim jacket over a long white dress.

With her guitar in her arms, she took a seat on the high stool placed at the center of the stage.

As she adjusted the mic stand in front of her, the room lights dimmed, and she was illuminated by the light of the spotlight that was trained on her.

The melodic strumming of Avery’s guitar began to echo through the hall, followed by her angelic singing.

Her gaze did not search the crowd for anyone in particular, but she could feel a pair of eyes watching her intently.

Avery shut her eyes to immerse herself in her performance.

Soon after, the stage lights lit up and a colorful wave of flower petals floated down from the ceiling.

The audience burst into wild, frenzied cheers.

Avery opened her eyes, her thick lashes fluttering.

Her face was a picture of bewilderment as petals rustled down in front of her eyes.

Nobody told her that there would be a flower shower during her performance!

Was this a last minute arrangement?

Avery’s cheeks were hot with embarrassment, but she powered through the rest of her song.

Suddenly, a drone appeared out of thin air and flew towards the stage.

On top of the drone was a bouquet of flowers!

The audience broke into another roar of excitement.

Avery’s heart pounded along with the enthusiastic applause and hurrahs.

Tammy was so envious backstage that she began to sniffle.

“That old geezer sure has his ways!”

She had just called Elliot Foster boring that afternoon.

However, there was nothing boring about this flower shower and bouquet-sending drone!

Tammy felt like she was getting countless slaps to the face.

The drone stopped in midair right in front of Avery as she came to the end of her song.

With raised brows and pursed lips, she hesitantly picked up the bouquet of flowers from the drone.

Thunderous cheers and applause filled the room.

“Merry Christmas, everyone!” Avery said into the microphone as she held the bouquet in her arms.

Her gaze wandered through the crowd until it fell on the white silhouette in the front row.

“Thank you! Thank you, everyone!”

The drone flew off and the petals stopped falling from the ceiling.

Elliot, who was sitting in the front row, was also nowhere to be found.

It was as if it was all nothing but a dream.

Even now that she had awakened from the dream, Avery was still moved beyond words.

“Are you dating someone, Avery?! I bet the flowers were from your boyfriend! He even used a drone to give them to you! That’s so creative!”

“And that flower shower?! Your boyfriend prepared that, right? None of us got anything like that during our performances! That’s so romantic!”


Backstage, a group of people converged on Avery and surrounded her.

Tammy ran over and rescued her from the mob.

When they burst through the hall’s exit, a tall, muscular student stood in their path.

“Hey, Avery. I heard that you got out of a relationship recently… I fell for you at first sight when I was a freshman, but I’ve never had the guts to tell you. You’re about to graduate soon, so I-“

Before Avery could say a word, Tammy jumped in and shattered the student’s dreams.

“She’s taken! Who did you think arranged that flower shower just now? Also, did you think that drone flew over and gave her that bouquet itself?!”

The student scratched his head, then said, “I guess I was too late again.”

At that moment, the sound of footsteps approaching came from behind them.

Avery turned and saw Elliot’s handsome yet sophisticated face.

Under the pearlescent moonlight, his features looked particularly chiseled.

“Hello, you…”

The student watched as Elliot made his way to Avery’s side, then tried to guess who he was.

“You must be Avery’s uncle?”