When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 134

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 134

Avery felt Elliot’s body stiffen next to her.

His outfit he wore made him look much younger, however, people still wound up treating him like an older person.

It must have bothered him.

“I’m Avery’s-“

Elliot began to speak, but Avery interrupted him by grabbing his hand, then explained, “I don’t know this guy. It’s cold out here. Let’s head to the car!”

At the same time, Tammy pulled the male student out of their way.

Avery threw Tammy a look of gratitude, then helped Elliot back to the black Rolls-Roice.

“Your legs haven’t fully recovered,” she said in a concerned voice. “You shouldn’t be walking around like this.”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” Elliot said.

His eyes landed on the bouquet of flowers in Avery’s hand.

“There’s a gift in the bouquet,” he said awkwardly.

“What?” Avery said as she stared at Elliot in shock. “You got me a gift? I didn’t get you anything, though.”

The air around them turned thick with uneasiness.

They had spent the past week sitting at home.

How did he find the time to prepare a gift for her if he never left the house?

Elliot opened the door to the backseat of the car and let Avery in first.

“I didn’t ask for anything in return.”

His deep, sultry voice made Avery’s heart skip a beat.

In the car, she sifted through the flowers and found a small, pink jewelry box.

She opened it up, revealing the diamond necklace inside it.

It was a simple design, but the diamond itself… was huge.

Once Elliot sat down next to her, she could not help but tease him.

“I never thought you were much of a showoff before, but why do you have such tacky taste?”

“You don’t like it?” Elliot asked as he locked eyes with Avery. “What style do you like?”

He assumed all women loved diamonds, and the bigger the diamond, the better.

Avery took out the necklace, placed it in her palm, and said, “Don’t you think the diamond’s a little too big? Larger cuts would make the necklate look less delicate.”

Elliot stared at her dainty, little hand and did not agree with her at all.

Everything looked good in her hands.

He had his own reasoning when choosing gifts, so he said, “I couldn’t bring myself to give out something too cheap.”

“Pretend I didn’t say anything,” Avery said as she placed the necklace back in the box. “Thanks for coming to the show.”

“You’re a good singer,” Elliot said.

Her angelic voice was on loop in his mind.

“Are you an art history major?”

Avery’s arms tightened around the bouquet.

“Do you know why I decided to major in that?”

Elliot shook his head.

“My stepmother was the one who chose it for me. She told my father that it was an easy major, so he just went with it.”

Avery took a breath, then continued, “It doesn’t exactly have the best career prospects, though. Most of the people who major in art history at the college come from rich families.”

“Your father left you the company in the end. He wasn’t going to leave you without a future,” Elliot said.

“He never mentioned anything about it to me before he died. He cheated on my mother and was always indifferent when it came to me. I hated him.”

“Perhaps he thought that he had already let your mother down, so he didn’t want to do the same to your stepmother.”

“How would you know? Are all men like that?”

“Aren’t we talking about your father?”

“Even so, why do I feel like you can sympathize with him?”

At the end of that sentence, Avery felt like they were on the verge of starting a fight, so she quickly changed the subject.

“Did you pick out your outfit to match mine tonight?” she asked.

She was wearing blue over white, while Elliot was wearing white over blue.

Avery’s jacket may have been a deeper shade of blue, but it was hard to disagree if anyone said they were wearing matching outfits.

Her question put Elliot on the spot.

Why did she have to state the obvious?

“Yes, I did,” Elliot answered truthfully, leaving Avery speechless.

When they arrived home, Avery took a shower first.

Once she was done, Elliot entered the bathroom.

While Avery was lying in bed with her phone, Elliot’s phone screen suddenly lit up.

She picked up his phone and saw a text message from Ben.


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