When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 138

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A week later, Avery was carefully inspecting the property models at the sales department of the Starry River Villas.

The salesperson noticed her youthful face, then asked, “Which type of property are you interested in, Miss? We have detached villas, townhouses, and semi-detached properties.”

“Do you still have any detached villas available?” Avery inquired.

The salesperson’s eyes lit up at her words, then said, “We do! There’s one left, and the square footage is pretty big. It’s over three thousand square feet… The price is also much higher than the townhouses and semi- detached houses, so-“

“Can we move in right away if I make full payment now?”

The salesperson nodded enthusiastically and said, “Of course! All of our villas are lavishly renovated and come fully furnished. All you need is your own belongings.”

“Alright. How much is it?”

“Four and a half million dollars. It’s pretty steep, but it’s the last detached villa left in the neighborhood. If you think it’s too much…”

Avery shifted her gaze to the other side of the room.

Laura was carrying Avery’s sleeping daughter, Layla Tate, so they needed a place to put up their feet as soon as possible.

Avery turned back to the salesperson and said, “Show me the place.”

The next moment, Avery left with the salesperson, leaving only Laura and the two children in the room.

Avery’s daughter was fast asleep in Laura’s arms while Avery’s son was standing next to Laura.

The boy’s youthful eyes were twin black obsidian orbs, bright with caution.

He was wearing a cap, a loose, white t-shirt, a pair of gray jeans, and sneakers.

His features were exquisite and beautiful, making him look like a young prince out of a storybook.

A saleswoman walked over and offered two pieces of chocolate to the boy.

“How old are you, young man?

“What’s your name?

“Is that your little sister or your big sister in your grandmother’s arms?”

Hayden Tate did not respond to any of the woman’s questions and simply turned his back to her.

Laura flashed the saleswoman an apologetic look and explained, “I’m sorry. He’s not much of a talker.”

“It’s okay. Here’s some chocolate for you,” said the saleswoman as she passed the chocolates to Laura.

She then glanced at Layla’s sleeping face and said, “You have a beautiful granddaughter.”

Soon Avery returned from checking the villa.

She walked over to Laura and said, “The house doesn’t look too bad. Should we just buy it?”

Avery had chosen this neighborhood as it was closer to the old Tate estate.

“It’s a little expensive,” Laura said with furrowed brows. “Your father’s old place cost under five hundred thousand dollars.”

Avery chuckled and said, “I wasn’t even born when you guys bought that house! Things aren’t the same anymore.”

She then pulled out a credit card and passed it to the salesperson.

Twenty minutes later, Avery had signed all the necessary papers and left the sales building with her family.

The salespeople gathered together and gossiped away once Avery left.

“I didn’t expect that woman to be so rich! She actually paid for the house in full!”

“She’s so young and she’s already got two kids. I bet it isn’t even her own money!”

“I guess… Her husband must be super rich since she’s so gorgeous.”


At the new detached villa, Laura carried Layla into the bedroom while Hayden trailed along behind them.

“Hayden, I’m going to get some groceries for dinner later. Can you watch your sister?” Laura asked.

Hayden nodded, and Laura left the room without worry.


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