When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 139

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 139

“Avery, I’m going to get some groceries. Get some rest if you’re tired,” Laura said.

Avery opened up their suitcases and took out their belongings one by one.

“Be careful out there, Mom. I’m not tired, so I’ll start unpacking our stuff.”

“Okay, I’ll head out now.”

Once Laura was gone, the house instantly fell into a calm silence.

Avery quickly finished unpacking, then got up and checked on the kids.

Layla was still fast asleep while Hayden lay next to her with his eyes shut.

When Avery left the room, she sighed as a hint of sadness washed over her face.

Hayden was a healthy child, but he was different from other kids.

He was a quiet boy that refused to speak to strangers.

He was already four years old, but he had never gone to school.

Avery had taken him for countless physical examinations.

Every single checkup came out normal, with the exception of his cerebral cortex being much more developed than the average person.

Hayden’s problem was psychological.

However, even the psychiatrists they visited could not solve his issues.

It was a good thing that Layla was fine.

She might not enjoy talking to strangers, but she was at least capable of expression.

Avery’s phone suddenly began to ring.

She picked it up and answered the call.

“Have you found a place to stay, Avery?”

On the other side of the line was Professor Hough’s assistant, Wesley Brook.

“We did. Hayden and Layla are asleep, and my mom’s out getting groceries,” Avery replied. “When are you coming back? We should meet up when you do.”

“I’ll come see you when I get back,” Wesley said, then his tone turned solemn as he continued, “There’s something I need to tell you. About five years ago, Elliot Foster commissioned the professor to do something for him. It was a top secret matter that the professor didn’t even reveal to me. About three days ago, Elliot Foster started gathering information on Professor Hough’s students.”

“What is he looking for?” Avery wondered.

“When the police were investigating Professor Hough’s d***h, they found a recording of his last phone conversation with Elliot Foster. During that call, the professor told him that he would pass the case on to a student of his, but he died before he could mention a name. I’m guessing… You’re the student that Professor Hough was talking about.”

Avery was taken aback.

“There’s no way I’ll be able to figure out something that the professor didn’t manage to solve after five years.”

“No one else is more qualified than you are. Professor Hough told me once that your abilities have already surpassed his…” Wesley paused briefly, then continued, “I know you’re trying to avoid Elliot Foster, so I didn’t include your name in the list of the professor’s students. I only gave him a list of students who became doctors after they had graduated. Nobody knows that you stayed on at the professor’s lab once you had graduated. There’s no way he’ll be able to find out.”

“Thank you, Wesley!” Avery said as she let out a sigh of relief. “Drinks are on me when you get back!”

Her children were her top priority.

For the sake of their safety, she did not want to have any contact with Elliot.

“Don’t mention it. You’re in the same city as him now, so you need to be extra cautious.”

At 9 p. m. that night, Hayden and Layla lay in bed in matching pajamas.

The warm glimmer of the lamp on their nightstand twinkled in their bright, wide eyes.

“Did you find out who our dad is, Hayden?” asked Layla.

Hayden’s face was stern as he answered, “Cole Foster.”

“Huh? Is that his name?” Layla asked excitedly as she grabbed ahold of her brother’s arm. “How did you find out? What does he look like?”

Hayden’s brows furrowed, his cool expression was the spitting image of Elliot.

He got out of bed, and Layla followed right behind him.

Hayden opened up a photo on his laptop and showed it to Layla.

“That’s Cole Foster. That’s our father.”

He had hacked into Avonsville Hospital’s system that afternoon and found Avery’s medical records from four and a half years ago.

Her maternal health file at the time stated that the father of the children was Cole Foster.