When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 141

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The phone rang for a while before someone answered.

“Hi, Uncle Fred. This is Avery Tate. Do you remember me?”

“Avery Tate? Of course, I remember you! Our company wouldn’t have gone under if it weren’t for you! How dare you call me? Did you lose all of your money abroad and want to borrow some from me? Let me tell you right now that you won’t get a penny from me!”

Avery remained calm despite the hostility coming from the other end of the line.

“That’s not why I’m calling. I was just wondering if you have plans to switch companies.”

“Switch companies? Are you a headhunter now?”

“I’m planning on rebuilding Tate Industries. If possible, I’d like to bring back the old staff. If all of you are willing to come back, I can double your current salaries.”

Fred Dover’s jaw dropped!

“Are you interested?” Avery asked.

Fred took a deep breath, then said, “Did you hit the jackpot? Do you know how much doubling everyone’s salary would come up to?”

“I can afford it,” Avery responded.

“If you’re serious about it, then, of course, I’ll come back! I have nothing against money!” Fred said without hesitation, then muttered, “Did you actually hit the jackpot?”

“Not exactly, but rebuilding Tate Industries isn’t a problem. By the way, I’ll need you to find out who bought the old company building before. I’d like to buy it back.”

“Looks like you’re for real! Give me some time… I’ll check it out right away! I’ll let you know once I find out.”

Avery glanced at the time, then said, “It’s late. Ask around tomorrow! I’m calling you now because I’m happy to be home.”

No matter how well things were abroad, she had always felt like she had never belonged there.

The next morning, Avery took Layla out for a tour of the private preschool in the neighborhood.

The preschool was designed and built to look like a castle.

It was only natural for a preschool in a high-end neighborhood to be impressive.

“Miss Tate, if you’re worried that Layla might not be used to things here, you’re more than welcome to send her here for a trial period,” said the school’s director.

She was especially fond of Layla because she looked as beautiful as a little princess.

Avery squatted down and asked Layla for her opinion.

“Do you want to give it a try, baby girl? It’d be a lot easier on Grandma to take you to school every day if you go here.”

Layla’s hands were clenched into tiny fists as she stared at her mother with obsidian eyes and asked, “Are you sending Hayden to another school, Mommy? Can I go with him?”

Avery patted her daughter’s head, then explained gently, “I’m sorry, Layla. Your brother’s situation is different. Once he is ready, I’ll make sure the two of you will never be separated, okay?”

Layla’s expression was somber, but she nodded her head anyway.

After handing her daughter over to the school director’s care, Avery made her way home.

Laura was washing the dishes in the kitchen while Hayden was playing with his new toys.

Avery walked over to her son, then said, “Shall we go take a look at a new school, Hayden? We’ll just check it out and come straight home if you don’t like it.”

Hayden put his toys away and got to his feet.

He was an obedient child most of the time.

He would cooperate when it involved things like seeing a new school, however, enrollment was a different matter altogether.

Avery had tried both public and private schools, but none of them had worked.

Even the private tutor that she hired to homeschool him did not work out in the end.

She did not want to send her son to a special needs school, but she was out of ideas.

Angela Special Needs Academy was the most elite special needs school in Aryadelle.

The school’s exorbitant fees meant only the top one percent of families in the city could afford to send their children there.

Moreover, the academy’s admissions followed a referral system.

Avery only managed to get a spot thanks to her connections.

Their cab arrived in front of Angela Special Needs Academy, and Avery and Hayden walked over to register themselves at the front gates.

Avery turned around once she was done with the registration, and she caught sight of a black Rolls-Roice that was nearing the school’s exit.