When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 143

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 143

Avery did not want to see Elliot at all.

The Rolls-Roice she saw at the school that morning was not the same one from four years ago.

He would not be driving the same car for four years, after all.

However, the driver was the same one as before.

What was Elliot doing at a special needs school?

Could it be that he was an investor at the academy?

Even so, it was unlikely that he would bother to check in on the school’s operations.

After all, the Sterling Group alone was enough to keep him busy.

Chad noticed Elliot’s somber expression at lunch, so he tried to cheer him up.

“Sir, Professor Hough might have a long list of students, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find who we’re looking for in no time.”

“Avery’s back,” Elliot stated.

His voice was bleak and dull.

It sounded completely void of emotion, but it also had a deep undercurrent that was rich with feeling.

Chad was stunned, then snapped back to reality and asked, “Did she contact you?”

“No, but she will soon,” Elliot said, finally picking up his fork to eat. “She wants a divorce, but I told her lawyer to inform her that she’ll only get one if she meets me herself.”

“What if she doesn’t come to see you? It doesn’t look like the divorce has much of an impact on your lives after all.”

Elliot fired an icy glare at Chad, instantly shutting his assistant up.

Ben ordered a bottle of wine, then turned to Elliot and said, “How do you feel about her now? I’d hate her if I were you, but I have a feeling you don’t hate her at all. It actually looks like you kind of want to see her…”

When the wine arrived, Elliot poured himself a glass.

He took a sip of wine, then said, “I won’t go as far as to say I hate her, but there’s certainly no love left.”

If Elliot was still in love with Avery, he would have signed the divorce papers a long time ago and granted her freedom.

He had given her everything in his power to give four years ago. Whether it was his money, his heart, or his soul, he had handed all of it to her unconditionally.

In the end, Avery threw him aside like he was nothing.

That was the first time Elliot had ever truly felt what it was like to get his heart torn into a million pieces.

Everyone had the right to their privacy, but Avery insisted on laying all of his personal matters out on the table.

If he had the courage and ability to open up, he would not have had to suffer from depression.

She had told him that she loved him and made him feel like he owned the world, then turned around and took it all away from him.

Elliot swore that he would never again love another woman, especially not Avery Tate.

“That’s good. I thought Avery was different from other women, but I never expected her to hurt you more than anyone,” Ben said, then picked up his glass of wine and gave a toast, “Chad and I will always have your back.”

Once the glasses clinked together, a thought suddenly popped into Chad’s mind.

“By the way, Sir, your property manager told me earlier today that someone was interested in buying Tate Tower.”

“Who was it?” Elliot said as he tightened his grip around his wine glass. His fingers were white with the tightness of his grip.

“I looked into it. It was Tate Industries’ former HR manager.”

“Are you sure he can afford it?” Elliot mocked.

Chad had yet to look into the man’s finances.

He had to first confirm if Elliot was willing to sell or not.

“I can meet with him if you’re interested in selling. How much are you thinking of asking for?”

Elliot’s eyes flickered right before his body stiffened.

Ben guessed his friend’s thoughts when he saw the change in Elliot’s gaze.

“You’re not thinking that the one who’s trying to buy Tate Tower is-”

“Did you reveal your identity?” Elliot asked Chad, interrupting Ben.

Chad shook his head and said, “Not yet. They only know your property manager.”

“Get the property manager to ask the buyer for his proof of assets,” Elliot ordered. “If he’s not the one buying, get him to ask the real buyer for a meeting.”