When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 147

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 147

“She hasn’t changed much. She’s still young and beautiful, but there was something very different about her temperament.”

Chad reported to Elliot what had transpired when he had met Avery.

“She’s a lot more composed than she used to be. She has the air of someone who has made it. I wonder how she has managed to make that much money in a few short years.”

Ben pulled out a stack of files, then said, “I looked into it and found out that she had started a company called Alpha Technologies with a business partner three years ago. The company mainly sells drones. I’m guessing she used the program that her father had left behind. I heard that the program itself wasn’t complete, so she probably found someone to perfect it for her. Otherwise, sales wouldn’t be through the roof.”

“She’s no longer the same helpless, little Avery Tate from four years ago.”

“I never found her to be helpless. She might not have had much money four years ago, but she had a mind of her own. How did you think she managed to drive the boss insane?” Chad mused.

“That’s true,” Ben agreed. “She’s pretty impressive now! Even with the asking price of a hundred and fifty million, I’m sure she will be able to afford it.”

Chad glanced at Elliot, who had been silent the entire time, and asked, “Will you sell, Sir? She’s very interested.”

Elliot shifted his gaze from his laptop screen, then responded coldly, “I’ll wait for her to come to me.”


That afternoon, a man and a woman were sitting by the window of a high-end restaurant.

The man was Cole Foster, and the young woman was the daughter of one of the city’s top financial groups.

“My uncle is Elliot Foster. I see him every week, and he’s really close to my father,” Cole said, lying through his teeth. “I’ll take you to meet him if we start dating.”

“Why won’t you work at your uncle’s company, then? Sterling Group, wasn’t it?” asked the woman.

“I don’t want to depend on him. I want to make a name for myself.”

“I see. How many girlfriends have you had before?”

“Just two,” answered Cole. “One in college, then one after I graduated. I haven’t dated in the last four years because work’s been busy.”

“Do you stay in touch with your exes?” asked the woman.

“Not since we broke up. I don’t like getting entangled in past relationships. We became strangers after we broke up. I wouldn’t give them another look even if they came back begging on their knees.”

The woman nodded at Cole’s answer, seemingly satisfied with what she heard.

At that moment, a tiny hand reached out and grabbed ahold of Cole’s sleeve.

“Daddy… Do you not want Mommy and me anymore? This lady isn’t as pretty as Mommy, and Mommy’s younger than she is. Do you like this lady for her money? Daddy! Please don’t leave Mommy and me!”

Cole felt like he had just been shocked by electricity.

He was about to push away the little girl who had mistaken him for her father, but his eyes landed on Layla’s adorable crying face, and his heart melted!

What a beautiful little girl!

Under her doll-like haircut and wispy bangs were a pair of sparkling, wide eyes.

Cole felt his heart skip a beat every time those eyes blinked.

“What the h**l? You have a daughter? You sc*mbag!”

The young woman threw her drink at Cole’s face, then picked up her bag and stormed out.

Cole wiped the tea from his face and got up to run after her.

Layla burst into a wailing sob and cried, “Daddy! Don’t go! Don’t leave me, Daddy!”

Her heart-wrenching howl attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

Cole was defeated.

“You got the wrong guy! I’m not your Daddy! I’m not even married! How could I have a daughter as big as you? Please don’t cry! I’m begging you! Stop crying, please!”

When Layla saw from the corner of her eye that the young woman had sped off in her car, her tears came to a halt.

“You don’t look like my Daddy. My Daddy wouldn’t leave me.”

Layla sniffled, then reached out her hand and asked, “Could I borrow your phone, Sir? I lost my Daddy.”

Cole clenched his teeth, but pulled out his phone and gave it to her anyway.

Five minutes later, Layla walked out of the restaurant.

With one hand covering the bluetooth earpiece in her ear, she said delightedly, “I did what you told me to do, Hayden. I have infected his phone with the Trojan horse!”